school of unnatural

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16 year old boy jace gets sent to a new school for blowing up his old school but everything is normal right?...

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1: new school

I rolled me eyes as i woke up to go to my new school,you are probably wondering why i am going to a new school,well I'l tell you why,in my previous school i blew up the cafeteria,you are probably thinking how?I'l also tell you so my principal A.K.A Mr iam loner, so he wanted to make patties as his anniversary with his wife,i put the ingrediants on the list with a few more ingrediants like gunpowder ice and soda,well then you know what happened

Anyway my name is jace and i'm 16,I have blonde curly hair,green eyes with an addidas t-shirt,i know nothing about my new school a letter came randomly came in my house yesterday saying that i am selected in this school.
"jace your gonna be late" my mum said shouting
"coming i hate going school"i mumbled as i woke up
I took a granola bar and dashed out. as i walked out a black and red bus stood infront of me.
"the fuck"i said confused
a man came out of the bus and approched me
"are you jace hallows?" he asked in a deep voice
"yes i am" i said confused
"come inside my bus it lt takes you to nu larutan school" he said smiling
"okay" i said as i stepped in the bus
all eyes were on me,i could tell they were confused to why i am here i mean like we are all going to the same school,so why are they looking at me like that i thought
"out of the way kid" said a voice behind me
"kid,your a kid" i replied back as i turned around
there stood a guy with red hair,red eyes and a 8 pack
"you saying something punk" he replied back in anger
"yeah i did,can't you hear" i said back unbothered
"SHUT UP you idiots" said a guy dressed in black
from his face you could tell he was in charge here so we obeid his command and sat down.I thought in my head is everyone like this if they are then this day is gonna be a pain.
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