The Wolf's protection

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Everyone is looking for a soul mate, but finding it when you least expect it is not something that happens to anyone. Ian was doing his daily routine, nothing of the other world, he was only going to drink coffee but the destiny does not warn, nor is it something that can be planned, sometimes, only sometimes, if you are lucky enough, destiny makes your life get prettier, and Kayla was Ian's destiny.

Fantasy / Romance
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He had been following her since that day, the day everything changed for him, the day he got her scent and realized that she was the only one who had been waiting, she was his mate.

And yes, it may sound like he’s obsessed with her, just because he had been following her for the past two months, but he really wasn’t, all he wanted was to be there for her, so he could protect her in case she She needed help, because she knew, from that day on, that he would give his life for her if he had to.

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