Light of the Seven Gods

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Life should not be measured by time, but by the steps taken as times moves forward in perpetuity. Each step taken must encompass worth and fervor capitalizing on teachable moments. Walk with Caspian Raistlin, a recent college graduate as he learns about his hidden gifts and abilities. Walk with him as he experiences some of life’s traumatic unpleasantries. How well can he recover from these circumstances. Caspian has an ethereal encounter with Sh’uri and becomes overwhelmed by his lust for energy after his last intimate encounter with his girlfriend, Senna. He learns that he is the descendant of O’duma, another ancient being that is Sh’uri’s equal but how will he achieve balance after broken trust? Will Caspian discover that being a good person is still wise? Will he have the strength to evolve or regress, only Caspian can determine the outcome.

Fantasy / Romance
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Caspian the Innocent

Caspian The Innocent

“What are you doing Senna?” “I am ready.”, Senna replied. With hesitation in his voice, Caspian retorted, “I thought we were waiting?” “I am ready, and I want you right now”, as she pulled him upstairs. Even more puzzled, Caspian paused and told her he didn’t have protection. Quietly, she turned on a song, “Skin by Rihanna, One of her favorite music artists,” Caspian thought to himself. As she placed it on repeat, Caspian braced himself for what was going to take place that night. She caressed his beard she whispered, “No more questions, tonight you don’t have any need for it, I will be yours and you will be mine. You’ve been so good to me all this time.

Despite how I have treated you, you never changed.” Caught off guard by this sudden shift in their relationship he blurts out, “I love you.” Tears began to fill her eyes, “Don’t ever change Caspian”, she replied as she pulled down his pants and pulled him on top. Again, she whispered, “Don’t ever change, Caspian.” They both gasped as she pulled him inside of her. Now embraced in passionate sex, Caspian is now officially Senna’s man, at last, this was the real thing, Caspian became the counterpart she desired. The energy, the love, the connection between him and Senna finally happened. He never felt the inner warmth of a woman like this, it was always empty encounters with other women that didn’t care to know him. This was different, it was like a raging fire of love and passion yet, something still felt off to him.

The fire felt strange, foreign; it was almost like she was someone different, she kissed him before and he remembered the feeling it gave him. Something still felt different, but the push and pull of their bodies intertwined created shockwaves up his spine every time he went deeper. The way Senna locked her legs around him proved that she loved every moment of it. So, he kept going, every thrust became more electrifying until he heard it. A persistent ringing sound in his ears that grew with every stroke of passion. The deeper he went, the louder it became, he no longer heard her moans of ecstasy but started having flashes and flickers of another woman’s eyes.

Caspian became entranced by what he was seeing, his senses were going haywire the faster he went. He saw flashes of a finger rubbing around a glass in harmony to the persistent ringing, and then the piercing eyes of a strange woman. “Keep going,” he said within himself. He interlocked his hands with Senna’s as he pushed deeper, trying to achieve the most heightened orgasm he ever experienced. Then he heard Senna’s muffled voice saying “Deeper Caspian! Please go Deeper!” Then the strange woman repeated Senna’s words “Yes Caspian! Go Deeper!”, as if she was the voyeur of Caspian’s embrace with Senna. Now enraptured with the voice of the strange woman, he grabbed Senna by her hips encouraging her to arch her back as he sped up his rhythm. “Yes, Caspian!” Senna moaned. “Yes Caspian”, the strange woman also replied. Her fingers ran around her wine glass making the ringing in Caspian’s ears grow louder as it synchronized with his movements.

Further amused, the strange woman said “Caspian, set her soul on fire!” It was at that moment Caspian caught a clear view of the strange woman. Her eyes were glowing with a yellow hue, her silky skin beamed of mahogany, and her seductive smile was enclosed by her thick scarlet-colored lips. As she stood up from her throne, she slowly sashayed over to him while he was still intertwined with Senna. For a few moments, she watched the undulation of his hips as he made love to Senna. She ran her finger over her lips and then downwards to caress her nipple, rolling her hips as she stared directly into Caspian’s eyes.

Now engaged eye to eye in what seemed otherworldly, she leaned over to his ear and asked him, “Ātashé del-am, what is my name?” A dull swirling pulse of energy from within Caspian began to throb in his lower abdomen, almost as if his muscles began to convulse involuntarily. Caspian’s heartrate rapidly increased with every pulse, then everything suddenly grew silent as he said, “S-, Sh’uri!” “Sh’uri!” As Caspian spoke her name for the third time she touched the middle of his forehead and said to him, “Awaken, Ātashé del-am.” Suddenly, a great pulse of orange light shot up his body, a long white snake made of lightning coiled up his spine and touched Sh’uri’s finger through Caspian’s forehead.

His body became rigid as if he was electrocuted, as he climaxed, uncontrollable tears ran down Caspian’s face. For that moment time stopped and he was left in a deafening stupor. Coming back to his physical senses he felt Senna’s legs locked around his waist keeping him inside her as she orgasmed continuously for the next few moments. Unaware of what was happening to Caspian, Senna dug her nails into Caspian’s back for her last and most intense orgasm as her body went limp afterward. Completely exhausted, Caspian rolled off to the side as Senna attempted to regain her composure barely making it to the bathroom afterward.

Sitting on the side of the sweat-soaked bed Caspian waited his turn. Mystified by what happened to him, he thought to himself, “Holy Shit, that was the best sex I have ever had”, but then he had a sudden flash of Sh’uri’s face, her lips, her voluptuous breasts, and hips. “Who the fuck is Sh’uri?” Then he saw her lips as she spoke to him “Ātashé del-am”. Suddenly, a fingerprint lit up in the middle of Caspian’s forehead, his eyes rolled back into his head, and his body collapsed instantly. As he reopened his eyes, Caspian saw himself floating above his own body. He saw Senna come back into the room to see his body lifeless on the floor.

Her moment of laughter turned to fright once she realized he was unresponsive, Senna’s frantic actions began to slow down as Caspian realized that he was no longer on a physical plane. Frozen in time, Sh’uri interrupted, “She does not truly love you, ” she whispered, “Her heart belongs to another, my dear Caspian”. “What?!” Caspian replied, “You’re Lying!” “Who are you??” “What the hell just happened to me!!?” Calmly Sh’uri replied, “Calm your spirit and look closer”. As Caspian looked back at Senna while she was in distress, he noticed a small white glowing ball emanating from her womb. “No…Did I?”. “I just-”. “DON’T BE SO NAÏVE!!!”.

Sh’uri yelled grabbing his chin and pointed back at Senna, “Look Closer, search your spirit”, with determination Caspian looked even closer at the small light glowing from within Senna. In an instant, he knew that the life created and now forming within Senna was not from him. “The essence of this creation is from another, not of you Caspian. You have been deceived.” As the reality of this deception began to sink into Caspian’s consciousness, the swirling orange pulse of energy began to increase in size and voracity.

Despair and anger started to overwhelm Caspian, as Sh’uri tried to console him he let out a scream. A scream that sounded like the roar of a thousand tidal waves, his ethereal body was now enshrouded by the orange swirl of light that was merely pulsating before. The snake that was slithering up and down his spine rested in the orange orb of energy emanating from Caspian. His anger was so devastating that his physical body rose in temperature and began to shake uncontrollably. Senna’s point of view was filled with hysteria and panic as she was searched for her cell phone to dial the paramedics.

With a sly smile, Sh’uri sashayed back over to Caspian, “Now my love, show her despair and shame”, “I will be the only one who can love you as deeply as you have loved her. No one else but me.” The orange inferno around Caspian subsided as he looked back into the eyes of Sh’uri. As he smiled, she saw his incisors regrow back its’ normal length appearing more like fangs than regular teeth, a darker side of Caspian began to integrate itself with his spirit. Looking back at his body,

Caspian snapped his fingers and his physical body stopped and went limp once again. Satisfied with his new behavior, Sh’uri asked “Now you see the true power you never knew you had.” With a sly smile, Caspian ran his tongue across his fangs, then with a flash grabbed Sh’uri and manifested new surroundings. With his mind, he created a large room with a bed placed in the center. He intuitively fashioned it anciently, styled with silk linen colored with gold and scarlet.

Pausing for a moment Caspian tried to grasp how he was able to manifest surrounding with his mind. As he waved his hand, seven flames of orange fire provided the sources of light for what was about to take place. Fascinated, Sh’uri asked, “Where did you learn of this place?” Walking slowly with her, he picked her up and replied, “the blood of my past. You are a stranger to me yet so familiar”. Then he tossed her on the bed only to see her smile back at him, fully aware of what was happening she slowly opened her legs and invited him to the bed. In an energy flash, Caspian appeared on top of Sh’uri and attempted to place himself inside of her, Sh’uri slapped him. He felt nothing and pulled her back, as he moved forward Sh’uri flipped him over and mounted him effortlessly. As he tried to sit up she slapped him again and pushed him back down to the bed. Then she sliced her nails across his chest leaving four scars in a move to pin his hands to the bed. With her fiery eyes, she spoke to Caspian and said “Try…If you dare my love”. They then engaged in a ferocious sexual encounter feeding off of the ecstasy they gave one another.

They wrestled from one side of the bed-chamber to the other, Caspian thought he finally had the upper hand until Sh’uri slammed him up against a wall. They pushed and pulled at each other trying to take control, seeing who will orgasm first. Placing one her legs in the bend of his arm, Caspian arrogantly whispered into her left ear, “I finally have you.”, with several thrusts Caspian began to glow bright orange again. As Sh’uri’s eyes rolled backward in ecstasy until a burst of energy threw Caspian backward to the bed.

Fixing her gaze, with a smile full of lust and excitement she jumped on top of him forcing all of the air out his body, “I am not that easy to tame…”. At this moment, Caspian was overtaken with the sensation of pain and pleasure, loving every second of it. Outside of his body time stopped, it felt like he was spending an eternity with her, enthralled in passion and desire to unite himself unknowingly with an ancient goddess. As she slowly ran her hand up Caspian’s chest, Sh’uri whispered to him “Until we meet again Ātashé del-am”. Her hips slowly descended upon his nature once again, the rhythm of her hips sliding back and forth on top of him became more and more aggressive. Caspian attempted to sit up but she slammed him back down once again, only this time her hands stayed around his neck.

Still thrusting down on him Caspian tried to remove her hands from his throat but he could not resist the overwhelming pleasure he felt, so he let go as her grip tightened. Although they were in a different realm, the sensation of breathing fades as energy shoots through every vein in his body. His body now glowing again with the orange hue, he smiles back at her in silent submission and licks his fangs.

Taken to a heightened place of arousal Caspian never experienced, the ringing in his ears began again. A muffled, dull voice began to intrude, “He stopped breathing…”. Caspian’s vision of Sh’uri began to blur. In an attempt to focus on her Caspian reached for her face. “His body is stiff…”, Senna said. Simultaneously, in the astral realm, Sh’uri kissed his hand. The dull voice becomes clearer, “Come back Cas! Please come back”, Senna screamed. Sh’uri continued to ride him aggressively and sucking feverishly on his finger, Senna’s dull voice broke through to him. “Cas! Cas!”, his eyes roll back into his head with the last few moments she uttered, “No one!-“ “Will ever!-“ “LOVE YOU!-” “LIKE!-” “I!!”, almost at the point of her orgasm a white flash struck them and Caspian was gone.

Caspian began falling, but his descent was gradual like a snowflake as it swayed to the ground. More occurrences happened during his descent, flashes of memories, and people he never met before. As he was thrusted into one of these memories, Caspian felt himself running through a field completely exhausted from being chased. The sound of dogs in the distance increased, “they found me”, Caspian said. Resuming his run through the expansive field, the barking of the dogs became louder. Fear and panic began to pervade his mind as he tried to push his body to go faster. Stopping again to catch his breath one of the massive hounds pounced him, then the second hound that came bit down on his arm forcing him to the ground.

With a tremendous gasp, Caspian jumped up from his catatonic state. Still unable to control his erratic breathing Caspian started weeping uncontrollably. “He’s awake! He’s back!” Senna exclaimed to the emergency operator. “Yes, he’s breathing again! Thank God he’s breathing again! Caspian are you okay? Still shaking, Caspian was still unable to speak while his spirit was still in the stages of reconnecting with his body. Several minutes passed by since the ambulance came to check on Caspian’s vital signs. They administered oxygen and wrapped him in a blanket to bring his body temperature back to normal. By this time, he stopped shaking but his eyes were blank as he stared off into the distance. He was still processing everything that had happened to him, still trying to deal with the hidden truth that was revealed to him by his ancient love.

The paramedics couldn’t explain to her exactly what happened to Caspian, they could only surmise that Caspian was severely dehydrated needing fluids and electrolytes. One of the paramedics asked, “Has he had a history of this?”. “No, not that I am aware of”, Senna replied. “Ma’am how are you holding up?”, as the other paramedic monitored Caspian’s vitals. Before they left they checked on her as well, making sure she was okay from such a traumatic situation, soon after, they packed up their things and left. Still uneasy about Caspian’s demeanor she called out to him “Caspian?“, “Cas? Can you hear me?“. She tried to reach out to him to touch his face, but he pulled away. Still staring off in a blank expression, tears began to roll down Caspian’s face again. “Cas are you okay? Talk to me Cas?” She grabbed his hand to see if he would respond, but his hand remained limp.

To keep him from pulling away a second time, she wrapped her arms around him and pressed her head on his shoulder. Senna was clueless about what to do next, this was all she could do until he came around. ” Ātashé del-am… “, his eyes slowly panned over to the window setting his gaze upon the half-moon. “I can still hear her”, he thought to himself, then he looked over at Senna, clothed in some of his pajamas with her head on his shoulder fast asleep with her arms still holding on to him. Gently, he laid her back down on the bed so she could sleep properly. Still physically weak, he slowly got up to walk to the bathroom, Senna slowly opened her eyes and watched him in silence. Now knowing the truth of his embrace with whom he thought loved him, Caspian slowly became cold and grew apathetic to Senna’s concerns and feelings. As he looked into the mirror, he lifted his upper lip to conclude what happened to him during his out of body experience. He was still trying to grasp if it was real, or a manifestation from the spiritual plane to the physical? His incisors had grown back significantly longer than before, what happened to him was real as well as the deception from Senna.

Caspian’s Childhood

Caspian continued to examine himself, upon touching his teeth an old memory was triggered, he started hearing voices from his childhood, “Werewolf! Vampire!” You’re a vampire! Caspian had an awkward childhood, he developed a large set of incisors while he was a child. Most of the children around him didn’t understand why he was different in this way. Although he would laugh and smile he did his best to hide his teeth to avoid being made fun of.

As a child, Caspian enjoyed watching horror movies with his parents, at least the ones that his parents thought would be acceptable for a seven-year-old child. “Once bitten” and “Teen Wolf” became one of his favorites because it had bits and pieces of comedy in it, not to mention Jim Carrey and Michael J. Fox were pretty good actors. He was able to identify with the main characters because they were overlooked and awkward as well. However, movies such as the “Lost Boys” and “The Howling” were a bit extreme, naturally his parents made sure to cover his eyes over the parts that were gory and violent. One day, while Caspian was brushing his teeth, he looked in the mirror in amazement. staring at them for a while rubbing fingers over them, wondering why they look larger than his parents and other siblings. “Mom! Dad!” Caspian exclaimed. “Can you come to the bathroom please?” They both responded to him asking if everything was okay.

Placing them to his left and right, he asked them to smile. “Why aren’t my teeth like yours?” He asked. “If your teeth were like ours, then you wouldn’t be a unique person son”, his father replied. “Each person will carry with them something extraordinary from their ancestors Caspian.” “Maybe this is one of those things.” His mother added, kissing him on his forehead. While impressionable, Caspian was at that age he started asking himself if he was a vampire completely forgetting the conversation he had with his parents.

Nonetheless, his imagination burgeoned with more active thoughts and scenarios. Never really scared of the dark he was fascinated by the phases of the moon and the beautiful constellations that he would see at night. Luckily for him, the windows of his room were big enough to see all the phases from the backyard. Every time the full moon occurred he would talk to it like a great friend, and listened attentively for responses in his mind. Although he received no verbal responses, there was always one constellation that would twinkle brighter than all the others when he finished talking.

Having an active imagination, he would talk to his imaginary friends and ask them if he was a vampire or something else strange. Of course, he got upset when he didn’t get any answers but that didn’t stop him from looking in the mirror every morning at his beautiful teeth. Until one day, he got a response from his friend, looking at him through the mirror she started giggling. “You’re just like me”, she smiled to reveal that her incisors were pronounced just like his. Together they shared a laugh, the young girl reached out and placed her hand on the mirror motioning for Caspian to do the same thing.

As Caspian placed his hand on the mirror with hers he feel the pulse of her hand, “I can hear yours, can you hear mine?”, the girl asked. Closing his eyes could hear the beat of her heartbeat, “Yes, I can feel yours too”, Caspian replied. “What’s your name?” Caspian continued. “My name is Sh-”, “Caspian!?” his father interrupted. “Who are you talking to in there?” he continued. “Just my friend”, Caspian replied. “Let your friend know you have school, and you need to be in the car fifteen minutes okay?” “Sure thing dad!” As Caspian turned back to the mirror his friend was no longer there.

Back at school, he did his best to remember what his parents told him as the taunting from his classmates continued. One day, the kids went too far, “Ewww…look at your teeth…. Wolfie!!” “You’re weird, I bet you could bite my arm off…”, Often picked on they would knock his books to the ground. “Pick your books up like a good boy”, looking back up Caspian saw the group of kids that pushed and shoved him constantly when he was going from one class to the next. “Are you a bat or a wolf!!”, “He’s a loser!!”, one kid exclaimed as the other kids laughed in the background.

He recalled the times they left crude pictures of bats on his desk, snickering at times when the teacher didn’t notice. One day Caspian had enough, as he was drawing in his sketchbook, a kid snatched his colored pencils and said “Hey wolfie wanna treat?”, throwing a milk bone at him. As quiet as Caspian was, his anger began to rise to the surface. “Caspian – “a voice whispered out of nowhere, turning abruptly he saw the strange young girl in the back of the classroom. When she looked at him, she smiled again revealing that she had fangs as well. Looking over at the boy that was teasing him she smashed her fist in the palm of her hand. Acknowledging her silent message, Caspian nodded and turned back around awaiting the right moment.

When the teacher left the classroom once again Caspian made a decisive move getting up from his desk and punched the bully square in the mouth. The whole room gasped as the kid fell to the floor, now with a bloody mouth. After the initial shock of the blow, the bully that previously made fun of him was now sobbing, trying to apologize over and over to Caspian for making fun of him. Quietly, Caspian knelt and caught some of the kid’s blood and licked it off of his finger. Instant fear swept across the rest of the room as children frantically scattered away. Now feeling empowered and mischievous Caspian hissed at everyone baring his teeth like the vampires he saw in the movies scaring everyone once again.

Walking back to his desk, Caspian slowly began to smile back at the girl who still seated, appeared unphased by what just happened, she showed her teeth too as a symbolic high five between the two of them. As the teacher came back to the room trying to sort out what happened, the little girl made the hush gesture before phasing out of Caspian’s sight before he turned back around. Bringing himself back to the present,

Caspian began to see short glimpses of Sh’uri’s face in the mirror, then he whispered to himself “My love –“. The door squeaked, out the corner of his eye he noticed the sliver of an opening in the doorway. Thinking nothing more of it he showered for several minutes before he returned to the bedroom. What Caspian didn’t know was that Senna was on the other side of the door observing his actions in the mirror.

Senna’s Concern
Although she fell asleep she reawakened still uneasy, distraught, and puzzled at what exactly happened from the time she washed up in the bathroom to the time she returned to the bedroom seeing him lying on the floor. “What is going on with his teeth?”, Senna thought while peeking through the crack in the door. She noticed that they were more pronounced than usual, it was one of the weird things that made him stick out to her when they first met. Now, he seemed even more entranced by them. Silently, she mouthed the words “Are you alright Cas?”, that’s when he turned around and noticed the crack in the door. Quickly, she stepped back out of his view and snuck into the bedroom.

Although he was showering, she came back to check on him making sure he didn’t have another episode. “I still can’t get my hands to stop shaking”, Senna thought to herself. The adrenaline rush from panicking had worn off and soreness started to have its’ effect on her body. Heading back into the bedroom Senna found melatonin pills on the dresser, Caspian used these when he had issues going to sleep. Rattling a pill into her hand she thought to herself, “Caspian, What is happening to you? How can I fix it?”. The flickering light from an incoming text message on her phone broke her thought process. It was from Terry:

Terry: Where are you Senna, I thought you were coming over tonight… (heart emoji)

Terry: Hit me back whenever fool…(smile emoji) LOL”.

Somehow this helped to break the anxiety she was dealing with, seeing Terry’s text was the perfect way to detach from the emotional roller coaster and return to a calm disposition. She smiled for a brief moment and attempted to send a reply until she heard Caspian cutting off the shower. Quickly, she turned off her screen and faced the wall, pretending to be asleep. Coming back from the room, Caspian saw her in the fetal position thinking she was still asleep. The light of the moon shined over her as he made his way to the bed. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the ambient light from her phone stopping his progress for a brief moment. A bit of suspicion grew in his observation when he noticed her breathing pattern was unusual for someone that should be asleep.

Causing a raised eyebrow as he observed her, his overthinking delayed further movement towards the bed. “A normal sleeping pattern is more rhythmic and slow. Looks like she’s out of breath.” Caspian thought to himself. Trying to dismiss this notion, he tried to place a comforter over her without waking her up and slept on the other side of the bed for the remainder of the night. As his weight compressed the mattress Senna shifted over closer to him. Turning around as if she was startled, she opened her eyes quietly to observe him as he fell asleep.

After a few moments passed, she looked up through the window to see the light of the moon shining over them. Caspian’s leg began twitching, thinking he was going into another episode Senna immediately started rubbing his shoulder hoping this would calm his mind. Her eyelids grew heavy once more, Senna, completely drained, finally fell asleep. Her phone buzzed again, causing Caspian’s ear to twitch opening his eyes to a blinking phone, in the moonlit room he fixed his gaze on Senna awaiting a reaction.

The Morning After

The next morning, Caspian arose still trying to sort out all the events of last night from his intimacy with Senna and then the encounter with Sh’uri. He peeked back into the bedroom to see if Senna was still sleeping, quietly closing the door, he proceeded downstairs to the kitchen. This was always his morning ritual, finding small moments of zen even in the simplest things like preparing a cup of tea. Stepping out on the back porch, he began observing the sunrise quietly while enjoying his morning tea. He tried as best as he could to recall every detail that took place while his spirit was still in the ethereal plane dealing with Sh’uri, the mysterious woman. “Clink!” His tooth chipped the side of his favorite cup, realizing this he ran his fingers across the top of his teeth and the fangs were still longer than usual.

This was more than a dream, ” Who am I, Blade now?“, he thought to himself. Still rubbing his fingers across his teeth, a slight smirk began to form. Rather than pouring his freshly brewed tea into a new glass, he flipped it around to the other side finishing the remainder. In his moment of stillness, a small breeze began to swirl around him. It was late August so the mornings were still warm enough to sit outside comfortably as the season began transitioning into autumn.

As the breeze grew in strength he could hear the rustling of the leaves from the tree branches in the distance, nature always had a way of singing to him and telling him that it was time to talk to the divine ones. Ever since he was a child he always spoke to the divine with two voices, one from his mouth and the other through his mind. To Caspian, this was a personal connection of divine duality, mimicking the method of communication he heard whenever the ancients talked to him. Caspian always hoped to hear back from someone once he finished, most of the time he felt as if he was having a one-sided conversation. Although he is an adult he remained eager to know that there was someone greater than himself that he could talk to and hear with his ears. He desired to hear a real voice that would provide comforting words when he needed it. “Time stops”, Caspian thought to himself. As he removed his slippers, he placed his tea down gently on the porch table and walked toward the middle of the backyard. The dew on the grass created a cooling sensation on the top of his feet while the soil absorbed his steps. In an instance of synchronicity, the breeze encompassed Caspian as he fixed his gaze east towards the rising sun. With a deep breath, he began:

“To the Creator of All, the Divine Intellect of the Omniverse, Nirguna Brahman, to the Supreme Elohim Agreeable and Disagreeable, to the Overseers of Yggdrasil, to the Ancient Ones, Ascended Beings, to the Neteru, and to the Great Spirits of Nature I give thanks to you all. I thank you for the brilliance of the Sun which recharges my soul every morning as it ascends over the horizon. I stand before you to give thanks for another day on this plane of existence. The cool comforting breeze of the morning always brings me to a place of gratitude. I give thanks to the birds of the air for being a witness to my private moments with you all.”

Caspian paused for a moment as another gentle breeze comes across his face, this was a bit different, it carried a subtle fragrance of lavender hidden behind the seasonal aroma of the late summer. “May all my fears and apprehension give way to courage and faith. All that I am comes from you, and all that I will be comes from what I choose to speak. Guide my words, guide my thoughts, guide my path. Open my eyes to that which is unseen and my ears to that which is unheard, keep my mind sober and sharp. I entreat you all this morning asking for clarity, wisdom, and understanding of all that I encountered overnight. If I may be so bold to petition an answer to questions that I have.

I embraced a strange woman in a way I never experienced before, this was done on a different plane outside of my physical body, it felt more like a dream but it felt very real. I felt as if I was connected to her all my life and possibly even before that. I’ve never felt a connection so strong, help me to understand what happened to me last night. I need a revelation of who Sh’uri is. While with her I felt no malice or ill will yet I was entangled by her, seduced by the sensations and pleasure she gave me.

In the midst of this, she revealed a secret to me that I would have not known otherwise. I felt no guilt or remorse during our embrace yet I am in a relationship with Senna. I ask once more for an answer to grasp the depth of this encounter. Reveal to me the understanding of this point in my path. May the health of my mind, body, and spirit flourish with life pursuing all that is righteous. So let it be written, so let it be done.” With a deep exhale, Caspian wiped his hands over his face and returned to the porch.

As a breeze escorts him back to the steps, he’s startled by a compressed pocket of air and the smell of lavender flowers once again. He paused to look around to see if he was visited by any of the beings that may have been listening to him. “Still nothing”, Caspian whispered to himself. So he paused one last time in silence, closing his eyes he turns again to feel the warmth of the sunlight. “See…See…” Caspian thinks to himself. Opening his eyes slowly, he saw a path lined with trees each with leaves that were turning a brilliant orange. Traveling down the path he saw a large river, floating above it stood a tall woman who appeared to be glowing with light. Dressed in white and silver garments, she glanced at Caspian for a moment but returned to observing the current of the river.

Unable to speak, Caspian could only observe her actions, in silence, she began spreading handfuls of orange leaves upon the fast-moving river. Suddenly, she faded away leaving Caspian puzzled. As he opened his eyes, the smell of lavender began to fade. Turning back towards the porch he still felt as if he was being watched. He searched again for a moment longer until his eyes settled on the back door of his neighbor’s house. It was Alicia, the next-door neighbor who stays to herself but, for a moment they shared eye contact until she looked away as if she had intruded upon Caspian’s private time.

Attempting to cut through the awkward moment, she opened the back door wider and spoke to him. “Good morning Caspian.” “Good Morning Ms. Charles” Caspian replied. “I saw the ambulance outside last night, is everyone alright?” “Yes Ms. Charles everyone is fine, nothing serious”, Caspian replied. “Alicia is fine, you don’t have to keep addressing me that way”, Alicia said. As Caspian turned around to reply he saw the middle of her silk robe slipping open revealing her cleavage. His eyes were now fixed on the fact that her red silk robe was loosely tied together but she caught it before it came loose. “Red, my favorite color”, Caspian thought to himself.

Alicia quickly covered her cleavage as he replied. “Sure thing Alicia, have a great morning.” Puzzled, Caspian noticed Alicia’s eye movements tracking downwards, studying his body. Attempting to wave goodbye, his half-smile expression turned into eye-widening panic as he felt blood rushing downwards creating an erection. “Shit!”, He thought to himself. Hoping she didn’t notice, he turned away as quickly as possible eager to never have this awkward moment again. As Caspian walked back towards the porch trying to cover himself, Alicia chuckled as she closed her door. He thought he covered up in time but it was too late, she saw Caspian’s nature rising before he noticed. “Great…just great, now I am a perv.” Caspian thought to himself. He takes a few more minutes to himself diverting his thoughts to something else before he stepped back inside.

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