The Moon & The Star

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Apple Tree

“Who did that?... Hello?... Anyone out there?” I cried out, I half expected my hero to walk of the shadows, but nothing happened. There was no one in sight, not a car passing by. My head throbbed as I approached the motionless body of my asselant. Oh my gosh this is just like the man at the Pentagon. He lay on the cold floor faced down, his eyes popped wide open staring into nothingness. I jumped back. He was dead.

“Not again,” I ran my hands through my hair.

“Scarface? Where are you sick little bastard? I told you not to leave without me. Bloody fool.” A loud growl came from deep in the darkness from which a large white male emerged.

I gasped ready to run, but it was too late. His eyes landed immediately on the man laying dead on the floor then murderously on me.

“Scarface? Scarface?” He shook the body vigorously.

“What'd you do to him you little bitch?”

“N-no nothing. I didn't do anything just leave me alone.”

“I'm going to kill you little snake,” he pulled out a blade from his side and charged at me.

I held my hands and unexpectedly a flash of light blasted him in the face. His head lit up in flames right before my very eyes. His horrific screams filled up the silent night. My blood ran cold. I made a mad dash away from the scene, leaving behind all the horrors I'd seen.

I ran to my mom's apartment, I ignored the aching in my sides, the throbbing of my head. I banged on the door like a madman, some of the neighbours even popped their heads out of their doors.

“My goodness what the hell- Avalon?-"

I ran right in and closed the door behind me. “What's going on?” Nicholas’ commanding voice came from the kitchen followed by grandma. “Holy mother of Jesus, Avalon why do you look… well you don't look good.”

I panted for a little bit. Everyone watched me nervously until I managed to get my breathing in order.

“For heavens sake Avalon what happened to you?” Mom begged. I was covered in dirt and her cake.

“I got attacked…” I breathed out.

They all glanced at each other momentarily, their faces grim.

“Are you hurt baby?” Mom came round and embraced me tightly. I winced. “I'm sorry, dear.”

“Did they take something?” Nicholas asked.

“No,” I shook my head.

“Damn it, did you get a glimpse of their faces.”

“I don't know!” I snapped. How could I forget that long scar spread across his face. “I need you to think Avalon.”

Who did he think he was?

“One of them had a scar on his face the other had a thick British accent.” I explained.

“Scarface,” Nicholas spat. “Did they do anything else?”

“Nicholas, now is not the time.” Mom snapped. Nicholas cursed and stormed out of the living room.

“This getting out of hand.” Mom whispered loud enough for me to hear.

“Avalon…?” Grandma crossed the room. I looked up at her. “How did you escape?”

You're a murderer Avalon, you burned a man alive. You're a freak. What are people going to think when they find out balls of light just burst right out of you. They'll call you a monster, especially when they find out what you've done.

My eyes popped open. I hadn't realised I feel asleep. I must have fallen asleep after I got off the phone with Rider. I sat up in my old bed, in my old bedroom- mom wouldn't let me go home. I was all sweaty and dehydrated, another bad dream…

It was strange how everyone was acting yesterday. Nicholas was pissed, he kept on walking out of the apartment to make mysterious calls, Grandma tried to sway to give her any details particularly about how I escaped. Mom just stressed and worried, nothing strange there. They all agreed on one thing that I don't go to the police about it. I wasn't protesting. I left those two men dead, one burned to death and the other stunned to death. What was wrong with me?

My bedroom door swang open and my grandmother walked in with a tray of breakfast. “Rise and shine, apple tree! I figured you wouldn't be joining us for breakfast at the table.” Grandma smiled, she wore black leather pants and a white cotton t-shirt. She let her creamy white hair drop to her shoulders.

“What time is it?” I scrambled around for my phone.

“Ten in the morning,” Grandma sat the tray on my bed. I found my phone buried deep inside my blankets.

“Shit… I missed my classes again.”

“You've been missing classes, Avalon?” Grandma crossed her legs and stared at me. Me and my big mouth.

“Not regularly…” One missed call from Cassidy, Frankie and Rider each. I hadn't told Rider about what happened last night. I couldn't, he'd get too upset. I talked to Frankie on the other, who was worried as hell. She must have told Cassidy about it this morning. She was out last night and it's very difficult to get a hold of her when she's out drinking.

“What have you been upto then? Partying? Well of course you're out dancing the night away. Have you been to that hip night club up on Barren Mountain… what's it called again?” Grandma smoothed out her already smooth shit with her boney fingers.

“The Pentagon?...” I swallowed hard.

“Yes, that one. Have you ever been there?” Her gaze was getting deeper, it was as if she was trying to penetrate my mind and discover all my dirty secrets.

“No… no it's not really my thing.” I laughed awkwardly.

“Well sure. Avalon about last night-”

“Grandma, I'm fine.”

“Is there something you want to tell?” I added. I recalled my mother's worried gaze and her words “this is getting out of hand.” But what was getting out of hand?

“There's always something to tell.” Grandma smiled at me. “Finish up and come to the lounge.” Grandma walked out the room, leaving me to my thoughts.

I ate half of my breakfast and called my girlfriends back in a three way call. They were so mad at me.

“Damn it Val don't you ever answer the damned phone.” Cass scolded.

“We were so worried about you. If Cass hadn't been a million miles away getting drunk I would have so come to see you.”

“It's a sign that you need to get your drivers licence.”

“Oh whatever. Have you gone to the hospital?”

“Are you going to the police?”

“No, no guys. No hospital. No police.” I cut in.

“Oh why not Val? You're too old to be afraid of the doctors. I'm not a certified doctor yet, but I can check you out.”

“I'd think carefully about that one Val. When you do become certified you'll only put the world in danger.”

We all burst into laughter. My girls had the power to lighten up my darkest days. To bring color to a grey surface. The only people I knew who actually believed you could drink your worries away and drink yourself to happiness.

I took a hot shower and got dressed in some old clothes I left here. They smelled overstayed. I had no chioce but to wear them. I then joined mom and grandma in the lounge, where I found mom entertaining a guest. They both stood to address me. The woman who sat at the dinning table with my mom enjoying a cup of coffee smiled at me.

She was a beautiful with long silky red hair that hung over her shoulder. Her teeth were straight, but yellowish, her eyes were green. She was very familiar. She extended her hand out to me and I shook it.

“Avalon, I'm sure you remember Scarlet.” Mom said. Of course Scarlet. She's mom's business partner. Scarlet owns half of the restaurant.

“It's been so long, goodness you've grown so much.” She smiled revealing all her yellowish teeth.

“It's nice to see you again, Scarlet.” I then realised that she was still holding on to my hand. I gently pulled away.

“I'll be in touch Sarai.” She spoke smoothly and never took her eyes off me. I wasn't shaken, I just found her weird.

Mom walked her to the door and I noticed something off in their coffee mugs. Tea leaves at the bottom of the cup. We never used tea leaves, never. Tasseography? I glanced back at the door, wondering why they'd be doing that. Mom wasn't a believer in the supernatural. The supernatural… the thought lingered in my mind for a while. Could that be what was happening to me. Still didn't explain the light the came out of me yesterday. Never mind that's just crazy. I can't believe I was entertaining such thoughts.

I need to get out and get some air.

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