The Moon & The Star

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The Moon & The Star part 2

It was hours after Nicholas left, I was at the meet & eat it was after 4 already, my shift had ended already but the manager asked me to work the night shift because my coworker called in sick.

I hated nights at the meet & eat, the crowds here got too wild. Already there was a group of miscreants ordering beers on demand. Oddly no one civil came here during the night.

I stood by the red counter staring at the black and red painted walls and the red leather seats that teens and adults lounged on. The crowd was only getting bigger and louder. A couple walked through the door and I sighed. Shane and Cherry… again.

Cherry as usual was smiling she had her arm looped around Shane's arm. Shane was dressed in dark leather, his hair looked slightly more blonde. I wanted to let Daisy-my coworker- take this one but she was occupied with another group.

“Welcome to the meet & eat, follow me to your table.” I repeated the words I'd been saying all night.

Cherry giggled then opened her mouth to say, “oh Avalon you're still working the waitress job. Suits you right babe?” She turned to Shane who stared me in the eye.

“Could we get a table for two Fluke.” He said in a jaded tone.

I took them to a table for two and left them to go through their menus. On my way back to the counter two guys slapped my ass. My face was burning red. Why did I put up with this job?

After serving, greeting and smiling, I decided to take a seat. The restaurant was so full there was hardly anymore space for people. I was so thankful. The band was starting to set up.

The Red Hazels, were the band getting ready to perfom. The lead singer was a girl with honey blonde hair and a tiny waist. She wore a green dress that exposed her thighs. The rest of the band consisted of a drummer, a guitarist, and a supporting singer.

“Hey, Avalon your friend's here and she's pretty drunk you might want to get a hold of her before one of these guys do.” Daisy came behind the counter, I immediately knew who she meant.

Cassidy was stumbling all over the place and the guys were openly welcoming her falls. They were helping her up as excuse to touch her. I had to pry her away from some guy with white contact lenses and short umber hair, he hissed at me.

“Cass… what are you doing here?!” I draped her arm around my shoulders and hauled her behind the counter.

“I came to see you.” She smelled badly of alcohol. “Frankie says I'm only good for giving blowjobs.” She mopped, but two seconds later she was giggling.

I layed her down on the floor, but she refused to stay put.

“What are you talking about? Did you have a fight?”I asked. Cass laughed sinically, “it doesn't matter she's a bitch! And I want a drink! We all want drinks!” Cass yelled and the crowd cheered her on.

The band's music began and the cheers got louder, the more I struggled to keep hold of Cassidy.

“Cass!” I gasped as she stumbled from the counter and into the massive hyped up crowd.

“Oh how am I going to get her out of there now?” I said to myself. Loud ragging music bounced off the glass windows and very excited people jumped up and down. It was as if there was an earthquake in here.

She was grinding her body on some man when I found her, his drink in her hand. I pulled her away from him, she pushed me away.

“You're drunk!” I yelled. “Shut up! I'm trying to have fun! Leave me alone.” She ran off again.

“Gosh damn it!”I stamp at the ground. I pulled out my phone and quickly dialed Frankie’s number. I had to slip into the kicthen to hear her clearly.

“Are you at a party without me?!”She gasped.

“No I'm at work! Cassidy’s here and she's drunk. Please come get her.” The cook wasn't in here neither were any of his helpers.

“No! Cassidy’s a big girl she's made it clear that she can take care of herself.”

“Frankie these guys are animals she could get hurt I need your help. Please!” I begged. The ragging party was getting even more violent. Two men were having a fight and ended up breaking all the plates and cups on the table.

“I'm not cleaning that up.” I said forgetting I was still on the phone.

“Fine, it sounds like you need all the help you can get.” Frankie said. I was so grateful.

Now to get Cassidy away from this wild bunch.

“Need help Fluke?” Shane came out of no where. His sudden appearance nearly scared me out of my skin.

“No thank you!” He chuckled. “You're not going to get her that way you know how your friend is.”

“Why would you help me?” I snapped.

“Do you want to get your friend away from these men or not?”

I stared at my intoxicated friend grind herself on junkies and drunk old men. She could get hurt. The men were eyeing her like a piece of stake already.

I nodded to Shane and he waded through the crowd and reached Cass. Without even asking he picked her up and dragged her over to a more secluded part of the restaurant. As secluded as it could get.

“Thanks,” I breathed. He nodded.

“I told you to leave me alone!” Cass whined. She was exhausted, I felt bad for her. Such a beautiful girl, but she was slowly killing herself. She was constantly drowning herself in alcohol.

“I need to get her home.” I said. “Where's your car?” Shane asked.

“I took the bus.” Yeah, old SUV decided not to start today.

I didn't hear what Shane said next, because I spotted Frankie in the crowd. I called her but she couldn't hear me, but eventually she saw us.

She pushed people on her way, in her sweatpants and ponytail. She took one look at Cass who'd passed out and sighed.

“Let's get her home.”

Shane reached for her, but was stopped when another fight broke out. Gosh more glass for me to clean up.

Three buff men had gotten into an argument with single man, but soon called for reinforcements. That's when punches were thrown and tables broken.

We should really get a bouncer. Shane picked Cass up in his arms. The fight was escalating more people were getting involved, the music kept on going. The band kept playing as if nothing was going on.

I didn't know what to do, Daisy wasn't anywhere to be seen in the sea of bodies. One man grabbed another and bit into his neck.

I screamed. He let him go and the man fell to the floor. I covered my mouth to stop the vomit. Blood was dripping from his mouth. I thought my eyes were deceiving me for a moment, the man had razor sharp fangs, that frightened every slightly sober man that saw them.

“Come on Avalon we have to go.” Shane insisted.

But Frankie and I were rooted to the spot. More fangs appeared in the crowd, what was going on? People screamed and ran for the exit, while a bloody war began.

I stumbled backwards and landed on my ass, my mind wasn't processing the horrifying scene. As men and women turned to horrifying monsters and feed on the blood of drunk and high customers. The band was now in the crowd draining people too.

What the hell was going on? I stumbled under a table and held my hands over my knees.

I wanted to cry, there was so much death and blood around me. I could feel my death coming any moment could be my last. Where was Frankie? Cass? I hugged my knees and hoped I would survive.

An icy cold hand grabbed my arm and pulled me out of under the table. I screamed.

“I told you get out.” Shane growled. Was he a vampire too? No, because he pulled out a knife from his belt and stabbed a vampire that was about to attack us.

That drew attention to us. “This isn't good.” Shane mumbled. Vicious red eyed monsters cornered us, our escape was narrow. Cassidy was slowing us down, Frankie had managed to get her awake but she was drunk out of reality.

We ran into the night, where we were less than safe, dozens of blood thirsty vampires chased us. Dread, fear and realization washed over me. This was all my fault they were likely here to get me, kill my friends and send me to my death.

Shane ushered us behind a worn out Toyota Corolla, like that would do much to protect us from seven angry vampires.

“Where the hell are you going?” I yelled.

“You can't leave us here with a defenseless drunkard.” Frankie ranted. The fear in her voice evident.

“I need you to stay here and be quit. Trust me.” Shane said before he ran back into the streets.

“We have to get out of here Avalon.” Frankie said. “Help me get her up.”

“We can't they'll catch us.” I grabbed her arm.

“They'll catch us even if we stay here! What are those things? What the hell is going on?”

I looked into her scared eyes and felt guilty for all this. I was the target, I shouldn't even have called her here. I put the lives of my two best friends at risk.

I heard several kicks and grunts and a body hit the pavement. I feared Shane was being ripped apartment and sucked dry, but I stayed put like a coward.

“Let's go.” Shane ordered. He picked up Cassidy easily despite his visible injuries.

“My car is just a few blocks away.” He added, but Frankie didn't follow.

“Frankie?” I nudged her. “I'm not going anywhere with him! What the hell just happened just

now?” She yelled. The vampires were far enough for now.

Shane and I exchanged looks. He was one of them… The Moon. Or was he part of something else?

“Well?! Will anyone tell me what just happened we almost died tonight…” Frankie was stopped but a familiar giggle that previously annoyed me, but now sent chills up my spine

There she stood her red hair shining brighter, her skin was flawless and glowing, her fangs were exposed and her eyes were locked on us.

“You're not making it out alive,” she hissed, within a blink of an eye she advanced, but Shane was on to her and blocked her attack. I hadn't noticed him put Cassidy behind another car. Cherry fell on her ass

“Now isn't a good time to fight, love.” Cherry got up and punched him in the jaw, he landed on his back but he grabbed Cherry’s leg and pulled her down.

“Go!” He ordered. He pulled Cherry by the leg and through her against a vehicle. We picked up Cass and headed the other direction. Though, we were too slow and she was too quick. I got a boot to the gut and dropped Cassidy and she landed on Frankie.

I watched in terror as Frankie tried to get away, but it was useless. Cherry bit into her next viciously, drawing a blood curdling scream from Frankie. Frankie dropped to the ground.

“I never liked you,” she spat blood next to Frankie's quivering body.

“No!” I screamed, unexpectedly a power serge escaped me and blasted Cherry across the street.

I ran to my best friends, “Frankie, Frankie? You're going to be okay.” I wanted to believe it but she was losing blood quickly. She held her wound, but blood still oozed out of it. I tried to put pressure on it.

“I don't want to die,”tears were falling down her cheeks. I saw fear that mirrored mine. The fear of dying.

“You're not going to die, Frankie.” I whispered.

I held her hand tightly, looking around for some sort of help but the streets were like the desert at night, cold and empty. I begged for someone to help me but I was met with silence and abandonment.

I watched her shake and silently cry as she met her end. I wouldn't allow it .

“Hold on Frankie, please.” I begged her. She was so swore to answer. Moments later Shane showed but clutching his arm. I thought he was dead too.

He got down on one knee and placed a hand on Frankie's cheek as she closed her eyes.

“We have to get out of here, Avalon.”He said.

“We have to get her to a hospital.” I said.

“There's nothing that can be done for her.”

“ There has to be something you can do,” I screamed with tears on my face.

“Listen to me,-" he put his hands on my shoulders,- “she's already dead. Unless you want us to be next we have to get out of here.”

I stared at her body laying lifeless with a pool of blood forming around her.

“We can't just leave her here.”

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