The Moon & The Star

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Part 2

I'd never felt so numb before, so broken. Nothing mattered anymore, Frankie was gone. I cried big ugly tears in front if Shane and didn't even care. I didn't even think about how Cassidy would react would she woke up.

I passed out in the car, Shane was driving us around in circles. He was shaken too I felt it before I passed out. He didn't try to console me in fact he said nothing.

The situation was surreal. Frankie wasn't supposed to die this way, so soon. She was supposed to become a successful doctor, get married preferably not to Scooter, find true love and raise a family. We were supposed grow old together and look back on our drunken party days, and popular high school days. Now all we have is this nightmare to reflect on.

Cherry killed her! I blasted her across the street, I hoped she was dead too. She's a vampire and I'm sure they're not killed so easily. Did Shane know he was dating a vampire bitch?

I blinked several times, trying to adjust my eyes to the lights in the car. We'd stopped. Shane's side door was wide open and he wasn't there. I sat suddenly, glancing at the back seat where Cassidy would be passed out drunk. Only she wasn't there.

Where was I? I was still half asleep, but my head was pounding. I felt hangover, but I hadn't even been drinking. The horrible events of the past few hours came flooding back to and I felt the ocean of tears raging.

My eyes focused on the windscreen of Shane's SUV. We were at a house, a mansion to be exact. I'd never been to Shane's house before nor did I know if his family were wealthy enough to afford such a place. The front door was wide open and a largely built man walked out of the house.

That wasn't Shane and this probably was not his house. Had he sold me to the devil and run away with my best friend? I was slowly shrinking in my seat. The face of the man quickly approaching was barely visible.

I locked my door, and turned off the light above me even though that didn't do me any good he already knew I was there. The driver's door remained wide open. I was panicking, taking deep heavy breaths. I struggled to unbuckle my seatbelt by the time I reached the door the man grabbed the door and yanked it open.

I screamed, feeling my lungs hurt.

“Calm down, it's me.” My breathing calmed down, I was shocked to see the face of the man who'd nearly given me a heart attack.

Nicholas was bent over his body half inside the car part of it lingering in the darkness. He held one hand up to show me he posed me no harm. I was sceptical.

“Where am I? Why am I here? Do you know what I've just been through. Nicholas?” I pestered him as we walked the halls of the mansion. It was painted white. It's walls were covered with landscapes and portraits, there wasn't even a speck of dust lingering anywhere.

The white marble floors seemed to go on forever, they were so clean they sparkled like diamonds. Similar to the massive diamond chandeliers that hung in the massive living room.

I was so mesmerised by the interior of the mansion. I hadn't realised where Nick was taking me.

In the living room, which had white furniture, were four people two I didn't know and two I did. My grandmother Ingrid and Frankie's father, Gabriel. The pain in his pale blue eyes told me that he'd learned of his daughters death. He was struggling to maintain his composure, he wouldn't be able to keep the tears at bay for much longer.

If I had any tears left to cry I'd be weeping on the floor like a complete wreck.

There was a girl with thin white and pale grey eyes. She was short and had the palest skin I'd ever seen. She stared out the window and never acknowledged me. There was a man, he was African American. Tall, board shoulder and rock hard chest. He was probably in his early twenties like Nicholas.

Shane wasn't in the room. I was relieved to see my grandmother here. Surprised to see Frankie's father.

“What's going on? Where's Cassidy?” I asked more urgently.

“Where are at Moon Hideout. We're still in SilverLake.” Grandma stood.

I was aware of how close Nicholas was to me now, our shoulders brushed against one another.

“It's not safe anymore. You'll half to stay here until we get in touch with headquarters and come up with a plan.” Nicholas said.

“It's never been safe out there Nicholas!” Mr. Lohan screamed out. I was taken aback and couldn't prevent the gasp that escaped my lips.

“You shouldn't have left her on the streets for so long damn it! Now look at what's happened? My daughter is dead.” Mr. Lohan's voice cracked.

His composure broke, and the tears fell and I felt he didn't care anymore. His only child had been taken by the night. How was he involved in this?

“You know full well this wasn't my decision. I was only told to protect her. You've got concerns talk to headquarters about it.” Nicholas said firmly.

He took my arm and led me away from the living room and up a lift of stairs. I glanced at my grandmother and she only nodded. Telling me that it was okay.

Where were they keeping Cassidy? Somewhere behind these clean white doors facing each other. Nicholas stopped just in front of a half open door. He nodded for me to go ahead.

“What?” I said, very hesitant.

“It's okay your mother's in there. She doesn't know your here. I'll check on you in a little while, okay?” He placed his hand on my shoulder and looked into my eyes for the briefest moment. Then he turned away.

Mom I hadn't seen her in so long. I missed her so much. I missed her hugs, her cooking and her constant need for my attention. I hadn't realised just how much I really missed her. I opened the door slowly so not to startle her. She wasn't alone though she was talking to another familiar face. I was shocked to see the girl who lived in mom's apartment building. The redhead who always wore heels and smoked out in the streets.

I leaned in suddenly and the door creaked. The redhead was on her feet in an instant her dagger in her hand. My mother's sweet warm eyes fell on me.

“It's okay Juliet. Put it down she's my daughter.” Mom smiled and filled the distance between us and took me in her arms. I closed my eyes and savoured the moment.

“Why did you leave

me?” I unknowingly accused. Her hug made me realise just how exhausted I was. The past few hours had been the worst hours I'd ever lived through. I'd watched my best friend bleed to death on a side, placed her dead body in the back of an SUV without even a blanket to keep her warm.

I'd found out Vampires are real and was almost killed by one. I'd seen men and women die at the hands of those monsters. The screaming and panic of those poor people came back to me and I just broke down in my mother's arms.

“Mom… Mom… Fran… Frankie's dead!” I cried for not just tonight, but from the night this all started. The night at the Pentagon. When the first attack had been launched.

I'll never leave you Avalon again.” Mom said with so much emotion, but I already felt deserted… again.

I collapsed in her arms, I didn't care that a complete stranger saw me at my worst. I was at my lowest point. I passed out from extreme exhaustion

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