The Moon & The Star

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The Eagle & The Second Sight

I slept the entire night, I slept the entire night, but couldn't keep Mom's story from creeping into my mind. Unsurprisingly, my dad was there. It was a strange dream, mystifying even. We were walking in a golden garden full of decaying apple trees. Dad was walking me down a path explaining a story to me. Although, I couldn't understand him.

Above us, night walkers were flying scooping low and trying to grab me.

“Don't worry, little apple tree they can't touch you.” His voice came out in a deep echo. For the first time I noticed he was glowing in and out of focus.

“Where are we?” I asked, my voice echoing as well. “You're dream… the only place you'll remember me.” Like magic he disappeared and my world turned to chaos. The trees had died and the gold turned to dirt and the night walkers attacked and an all too familiar serpent slithered towards me.

It's incredible how feeling seem so real and images appear so lifelike even though when you wake up you remember them in blurry vision. The last thing I saw before I woke up was Shane…


I climbed out of bed, it was a foot in the air. The sun was shining through the curtains. I slept in late again. There was this weird fog stuck to my window. The sun was shining on it.

I got up to examine it, the temperature in my room dropped the closer I got to the window. I was wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a vest. I wanted to reach out and run my fingers down the window.

Before I could an invisible finger started drawing a circle on the fog. I jumped back in horror. The invisible finger drew a circle then stopped suddenly, then drew a stick on top of the circle and then a leaf. The imperfect image of an apple glimmered on the window.

Apple tree… “Dad?!” I called out. “Are you here?” He visited me in my dream, was he trying to tell me something?

Shane barged through the door with a drop of sweat on his forehead. “Are you okay?” He breathed out.

I looked at him quizzically then I became aware that my legs were exposed. Well it was too late to cover up now so I said, “I'm fine, geez don't you knock? I'm a lady.” I slowly crawled to my bed.

“Wasn't exactly the thank you I was expecting after saving your life.”

“What are you talking about Shane?”

Then I remembered what Andrea told me about the Hunter's abilities. Then I gasped, “you were in my dreams!” He didn't say anything. “How often do you do that? My dreams are private!” When I thought about it Shane was the last thing I saw before I woke up.

Shane didn't seem the least embarrassed or remorseful in fact he looked annoyed as if I were being silly.

“That wasn't just a dream, night walkers attacked you and could have done serious damage if not for…”

“If not for you…” I finished for him and he nodded. “What about the snake I keep dreaming about?” I asked, remembering it's slippery yellow coat.

Shane ran a hand down his face and said, “I honestly don’t know. Get dressed and come to the living room, we’ve got news.” Shane said then walked out of my room.

I was getting really insecure by the second, I wasn't sure if this place was as safe as they made it out to be. Grandma’s planting herbs for extra protection, but are The Star just more powerful than I thought? I got dressed as quickly as I could so that I could hear the news. I doubted they would wait for me to start. I was right, I found them half way through the meeting.

Nicholas and Juliet were having an argument, Willow sat staring into nothingness, Mom sat at the head of the table, Grandma sat next to her watching Nicholas and Juliet go at it. I'm guessing those two don't get on so well. Shane did nothing but watch, Eagle had his face down as if pondering something very important.

I didn't stop and make myself known to them, I moved passed them quickly and sat next to Shane. I didn't bother ask what was going on, I'd catch up.

“It's too dangerous for you Juliet, why don't you understand?” Nick said, this time more gently.

“Come on Nick I'm braver than you think. Just because I'm a medium doesn't mean I can't protect myself.”

“You're so fucking stubborn! Can't you hear what they're saying.” Nick asked.

“Maybe you should hear yourself.” Juliet snapped.

“Enough!” Mom yelled, grabbing the attention of everyone at the table.

“You're both right,” Mom said, I saw Grandma roll her eyes.

“I'd be more at ease if you were here Juliet-”

“While the rest of you stick your necks out!” Juliet cut her off.

“We can handle this mission without you. My mother will negotiate with the werewolves to allow our passage through the forests to Rome. We don't intend on fighting.” Mom said, calmly.

“This is bullshit!” Juliet yelled.

“You're staying here that's an order.” Mom said, with an air if finality. “Last I checked you aren't the Guardian around here.”

“Juliet!” Nicholas cautioned. “You shut up.” She said then stormed out of the dining room. Nicholas thought about following her for a moment then gave in and did.

Mom and Grandma got up from the table, probably to get ready for their mission. If they were facing werewolves they needed all the help they can get.

“Relationships! Lots of drama.” Eagle said, getting up from the table. Relationship? Nicholas and Juliet… I didn't know how I felt about that. It didn't feel good. I could barely stand the guy a month ago. I shouldn't feel anything about his relationship, he and I weren't even friends he could do whatever he wanted.

“Come on Will, let's go teach you how to play the guitar.” Eagle said. Willow didn't look like she was ever gazing at anything. When she spoke she stared at the ground.

“I'd rather play with a deck of to cards.” She carefully got up from the table and navigated herself around the table and around the furniture until she made it to the stairs. I watched her with caution, I was scared she'd trip on something laying carelessly on the stairs and come tumbling down, though to my relief she made it to the top.

“You're ditching me for a deck of cards.” Eagle yelled at the stairs.

Shane got up too, I suspected as much that he was going with them. I didn't know how I felt about staying here with Juliet.

“Eagle try not to lose her while we're away.” Shane said before he turned away. “You underestimate me Norman.” Eagle grinned.

“Come on let's go shoot junk from the garage.” Eagle said, a little less eager about shooting junk with me than teaching Willow how to play the guitar.

Nevertheless I followed him to the garage through the kitchen where we meet Juliet struggling to put on her left boot.

“What do you think you're doing?” Eagle yelled. “Shhh, I'm going with them. Just in case. Sarai is being naive never trust a werewolf.” She said bitterly.

I felt the strong urge to defend my mother's decision. “I'm sure she knows what she's doing.”

“No offence, but I've been in this job way longer than you little girl. Trusting a werewolf is like handing a killer a knife.”

Little girl? She said no more and scurried out of the kitchen.

“Don't listen to her, she's just crazy. She's got a lot on her shoulders. Don't mind her.” Eagle assured me.

Eagle reminded me of Cassidy my friend who was struggling to cope with the death of our best friend. Cassidy always put up a tough girl facade but inside she was a nervous wreck. Frankie's death was the water that showed the cracks.

How was she doing this morning? Did she cry herself to sleep last night? I felt terrible. I was here going through boxes with a guy I barely knew, looking for junk to blast while my best friend lay in a room, crying her eyes out. Was it worse because she didn't remember what happened? Did she feel horrible because they fought and Cass never got to say ‘I'm sorry’?

“Damn it, can't find my gun.” Eagle muttered. My shoulders slumped. “Listen, Eagle I'm sorry. I can't.” I said.

“What you've never used a gun before? Well it's easy.” He smiled. “No, it's not that. My best friend is struggling a lot right now and I feel I should be with her and not… here”

He put the box down and thought through it quickly and lightened up again. “I understand, at least you're ditching me for a good reason.”

I chuckled, “you could help me cheer her up. You seem like you're good at that.” I said, and he seemed delighted.

Eagle knew all about what happened to us before we got here. He knew who Frankie was and Cassidy too. I felt clueless at times in this house.

We heard a ruckus coming from the living room and my blood ran cold and I took a few steps back. I didn't want to go in there, what if the Star were here. Great! Juliet was gone, Shane too! I didn't know if Eagle was fully trained to protect me.

What if it was a wild animal! Eagle heard the noise too and cautioned me to stay behind him. He didn't appear armed. Gosh, we were so screwed if an agent of darkness was on the other side of the wall.

“Well she doesn't seem that bummed to me.”Eagle sighed with relief when we finally stumbled into the living room. It was Cassidy, rummaging around the room. She was restlessly searching for something.

“Cass what are you looking for?”

“Val… oh hi. I need a drink.” Cass grinned her eyes glimmering desperately. I knew better than to let her get drunk.

“There doesn't seem to be a single drink in this fucking house.” She was pissed. If I didn't get her a drink soon there was no telling what tantrum she'd pull.

“Sorry to inform you. Alcohol is forbidden at the Moon hideout.” Eagle said. Just then I saw Willow make it down the stairs carefully.

Cassidy sighed in frustration, “fuck it.” She bounced slightly on her heels. She seriously needed a shot of vodka. She was going to demand one of us go out and buy her a bottle. I didn't think going out was a good idea.

“Something wrong?” Willow asked. Cassidy's eyes fell on Willow.

“Oh nothing we're just planning on doing shots.”Eagle laid himself on the white couch.

“You know alcohol isn't allowed here Eagle.” Willow said, I could see Cas was amused by Willow's appearance.

Eagle shrugged, but she didn't see it instead Cass said, “damn who's the ghost?” Cass said and instantly I felt embarrassed.

“Cass!” I screamed. “I need a drink and I'm going to get one.” She smiled, mischievously and impatiently.

“Where the hell are you going?” I said. “The Pentagon, where else?” She yelled.

“You can't leave.”Willow pipped up. Cass ignored her.

“What are you doing, didn't you hear what Willow said you can't go out. It's dangerous.” I pleaded.

“I'm not going to take advice from a ghost Val. I'll be back by six anyway, probably.” She chuckled.

“Cass… You don't get it-” I began.

“I'll be sure to give Rider a kiss for you when I see him.” Cass started for the door.

“Cass! Cassidy!”

She walked out of the door and slammed it behind her.

“Cassidy!” I panicked. “Damn it!”

What was I going to do?

“This isn't good.” Willow turned toward the decaying brown garden as if she could see it. She sensed something terrible was about to happen. I could see it as death washed over the gardens.

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