The Moon & The Star

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Dark Sky

I was in deep shit! It had been twenty minutes since Cassidy left the Moon hideout. I paced up and down trying to come up with a solution. All solutions evaded me.

At any moment the other keepers and hunters would return and I would have to explain to them how I let Cassidy get away. I could avoid telling them all together and hope she'll be back soon… That's a bad idea.

At the rate I was going I wouldn't have any finger nails. Eagle wasn't as worried about thus. Willow seemed troubled but didn't voice out her thoughts. She stared at the windows for a long period of time.

“I can't think of anything! We need a solution.” I burst out, startling Eagle as well.

“Chill girl! She'll be back.” Eagle said, nonchalantly.

“She doesn't know what kind of danger she's in.” I said.

Before Eagle could comment Willow spoke, “She's right, Eagle. I have a very bad feeling about this. There's a chill that keeps going up and down my spine. I'm going to read more cards and maybe meditate.” Willow said, then walked carefully around furniture and up the stairs, gripping the handrail tightly.

“I got a bad feeling too.” Eagle said.

“What is it?” I asked, getting more worried. “The others are back.”

I started to panic, I was hyperventilating and felt my sweaty palms. I wondered how their mission went. If it went badly then they'd be mad, but if it went okay then, well, there was still a chance Nicholas would be mad.

“What do we do?” I whispered. “Hide.” Eagle whispered back. He obviously wasn't taking this as seriously at all.

We didn't hide, we listened to the shouting that was coming from the hall instead. I guessed they didn't get what they wanted.

“You could have seriously compromised us Juliet.” Nick scolded. “Will you give it a rest.” She replied.

“He's right you know. You were given strict orders to remain here and you went and disobeyed them! I have half a mind to suspend you Juliet. Since when did you become a hunter?” I heard my pissed Grandma say. Things definitely didn't go well.

“I was only be cautious… I didn't think it was safe for you to negotiate with the werewolves.” Juliet said calmly.

“Heck! You think I wanted to? We had no choice but we have to take risks. Prophet and the other Guardians are worried we've lost almost half of our army and now you want to go and get yourself killed?” Grandma spoke to Mom that way a couple of times -angry but full of concern.

Juliet mumbled an apology and Grandma marched away. Nicholas eyed her for a couple of seconds then took her into his arms. “I'm just glad you're okay.”She returned his embraced and they kissed softly on the lips. Eagle gagged, but they didn't acknowledge us.

After they took each other by the arm and walked out of the living room I turned go Eagle and asked, “is that true? Have you lost half of your army?” I wondered what the possibilities of winning this war were.

He shrugged, “yeah, well we might be smarter and train almost every single day of our lives, but they are just stronger than us.”

“How? Don't Keepers and Hunters have powers?” I asked.

“No, some are just ordinary human beings.” I was flabbergasted, and I felt responsible but didn't dare utter a word about it. “Expect me of course. I am one of the few extraordinary Keepers.” Eagle grinned.

I couldn't help but smile, “are you really?”

“Yes, they don't call me Eagle for nothing. I have the wings of the mighty Eagle, so did my father and his great grandfather and I am also the protector of sacred and ancient temples… well at least until the curtain keeper dies.” He said the last part disappointedly.

As much as I was beginning to enjoy Eagle's company I still needed to get Cass back here. Before I could tell Eagle my plan two masculine men marched angrily into the living room where Eagle and I stood.

“I didn't expect a thank you from you… not just because you're a Hunter. You're just an arrogant ass.”The one with brunette hair and green eyes said to Shane. I laughed, catching their attention.

“We were perfectly fine Keeper.” Shane scrawled. Same old Shane.

“Jace!” Eagle exclaimed and gave him a bear hug. Shane seemed equally as happy to see Eagle.

“Good to see you too.” He smiled, he was kinda cute… but that doesn't matter I have a hot boyfriend.

Jace eyed me up and down and snapped his fingers and pointed at me, “Avalon?” Shane and Eagle nodded.

“Hi,” I managed. I had to get out of here, the guys were occupied with each other expect Shane who was only partly paying attention to their conversation. Maybe I could just slip away and be back with her before night time. I knew she was going to the Pentagon, but how do I get there? It's on top of a mountain, a cursed mountain as as a matter of fact.

I couldn't climb it. This wasn't going to work. I wish I had eagle wings too at that moment.

“So Ava what are we going to do about your whole friend situation?” Eagle turned to me so suddenly and I cringed. Now Shane knew what was going on.

“I was working on it Eagle.” I said through clenched teeth.

“Cassidy's left hasn't she?” Shane asked me, eyes intense and arms crossed.





Shane knew that we couldn't leave her there by the end of the night she'd be too drunk to go anywhere on her own. She always needed a ride home after a party and Frankie was always there for her.

I just hope Cass is okay, or else I'll never forgive myself for letting both my best friends die.

Eagle and Shane sat in the front, Shane was driving and Jace sat in the back with me. Only because Shane insisted on not having him in the front seat next to him.

He scrutinised me and it made terribly uncomfortable. I felt his eyes all over my body from my bare shoulders to my leggings. Some how he reminded me of my boyfriend. I wandered what he was thinking, I disappeared without a trace. I haven't texted or called. He must be seriously worried about me.

“What?” I asked when I couldn't take his eyes on me anymore. Jace shrugged, “you're different than I expected.”

I was surprised, then the corners of his lips curved into a smile. “You're younger than I expected too.”

“I'm eighteen.” I said. Shane glanced back at us momentarily. I looked up at the windscreen and noticed we had arrived at Barren Mountain and the sun was lowly setting. The others have probably already noticed our disappearance by now.

I was returning back to where it all began. I wasn't as scared as I thought I would be because now I had to save my friend. Unsurprisingly, the place was packed with vehicles there were a couple of men and young girls standing by their cars with alcohol.

I shivered, I should have taken a jersey.

“Okay what's the plan Shane?” Jace asked.

Shane put the car in park and said, “get in find Cassidy and drug her out. Don't speak to anyone and don't get carried away, I'm looking at you Eagle.”

Eagle gave him a, what, look. We all got out of the car and tried to look as natural as possible. We got inside without that many stares. Jace got a few from girls but he didn't acknowledge them in the slightest. He turned serious all of a sudden.

I couldn't wait to get out of here, the loud music and trench of alcohol reminded me too muchor the meet & eat. I scanned the crowds for Cass, but she was no where in sight. A local artist was on stage, he wasn't bad, he had the crowd pumped and I thought she'd be close to the stage but no. I motioned for the guys to follow me to the bar, I hoped she was there so we could get out of there quickly. Just my luck… nothing.

“Upstairs lounge?” Jace asked. “Good idea let's split up, but if we don't find her after twenty minutes let's meet back here.” Shane ordered. We agreed to meet back at the bar in twenty minutes.

I took the upstairs bathroom, why on earth would I venture up there again? I didn't know. My heart was racing with every step I took up the stairs, but I knew I had to go on. When I got there I feared at any moment another rugged looking man would jump out of no where and attack her.

“She's obviously not here.” I whispered to myself, rubbing my bare shoulders. The VIP lounge! I thought, they'd never let me in but it was a try, right?

On my way down the stairs I bumped people and scanned faces to make sure I didn't miss her. Half of my mind and heart were looking to see if Rider was around. The urge to see him was becoming dire.

The need to kiss him was so severe it was eating me up inside like a deadly disease. Poison by Rita Ora was bursting through the speakers. I pushed my way to the VIP lounge and called out Cassidy's name to no avail.

“Cass…” I stopped and breathed a sigh of relief when I saw her. There she was just as I suspect, but she was on top of some guy they were kissing ravenously.

So passionately it looked dangerous the way he yanked on her blonde hair and squeezed her butt. It made me uncomfortable to watch, but we needed to get out of here.

“Cass…?” I called again as I got closer to her, avoiding the glares from the bodyguards. We seriously had to get of here.

I opened my mouth to call again, but my voice vanished and my body weakened. My body seemed to stop functioning when I realized who she was partly fucking.

"Rider?" I managed and backed into someone. In the blur of Pentagon lights, my blood ran cold as my eye sight failed me.

I watched with tears in my eyes. That bastard! The hands that caressed me at night ran over the ass of another girl. Not just any girl! My freaking best friend! Cassidy grinned on top of him probably making him more horny.

Cass how could you do this?

I gasped out suddenly when he pulled her closer. Rider let her go and something happened and our eyes met. Caught in the act he pushed Cassidy off of him. I couldn't stand it. Cass fell to the floor, a shocked look on her face she began yelling at Rider. Though his eyes we're locked on me. How could he do this to me?

I can't believe that I came all the way here, I risked getting killed for her and she betrays me like this. I pushed people harder than needed but all I wantedIwas to get to the bar and go home as soon as the boys returned.

I loved him with all that I had, all my being. He was my heart and that meant nothing to him. I never thought he could betrayal me so coldly. He cheated on me with my best friend… a girl I thought as my best friend. Why? Why? Did all those I love you mean nothing! They've all just been washed down the drain.

I hated him! Hated her! Screw her, but I couldn't… I couldn't hate them. They were all I had left.

At this point I wasn't stopping the tears I felt like a fool, a heart broken fool crying in the club. I heard Rider yelling my name but I wouldn't stop for him not now not ever.

The boys were already at the bar, Shane obviously irritated with not having found her, but I had to. I had to find her in the worst of ways.

“Did you find her?” Shane asked.

“Let's go,” I said, cold and angry.

“What? We came all this way…” Eagle started.

“I don't care! Forget about her!” I sobbed. I looked like a loon to them, crying for no reason.

“What's wrong?” Jace asked, he took a step to me and put a hand on my shoulder I brushed it aside.

Before we could leave, a frantic Rider pushed passed people and through himself infront of me.

“It's not what it seems…” he said.

“Is that all you have to say?”

“Ava…” he's the only one who ever called me that now he didn't even have the right. Looking into those green eyes I fell in love with I clenched my hand into a fist and slammed into a jaw. He groaned and stumbled back.

I hurt myself in the end, and it did little to relieve me of any anger.

“Okay I deserved that. Can we talk-” he looked at my company then said, “in private.”

“I don't want to talk to you ever again! Do you know that you just broke my heart? I hope you too are never happy.” I said and marched passed him but he grabbed my arm and yanked me back. Eagle was quick to free me though.

“She said she doesn't want to talk to you, buddy.” He said.

“Three against one hardly seems like a fair fight.” Shane said, he'd gladly smash in Rider's face, they've never liked each other.

"Stay out of this Norman, this is between me and my girlfriend. " Rider growled.

He grabbed my arm again, "get off me Rider! I'm not your girlfriend I ever want to see you again! " I cried and sobbed and hit him until Eagle pulled me away and embraced me. He stroked my hair willing me to cry some more.

"Touch her again and I'll break your hands, " Shane stepped forward.

"Not if I break your face first Norman! "

They met face to face, both of them ready to draw blood and honestly I wanted Rider to get hurt. Though Jace stepped between them shoving Shane harder probably because he didn't like him.

"Stop it this fight is going to happen just not today. We've got to leave we're drawing attention."

On the drive back to the Moon hideout, I felt anger, betrayal, sadness and alone. I thought of every conversation, every I love you and questioned all of it. It just didn't feel real. I felt as if a dark sky had was hanging over my head. Death and betrayal kept on following me.

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