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Broken Heart Strings

“There you are!” Nick yelled. Just what I needed to be screamed at. I paid no attention and walked passed him. I allowed him to take out his anger on the others.

“I'm talking to you Avalon.” I don't care. I tried to run up the stairs then realised that everyone was watching me. Mom looked like she was about to have a heart attack. I stopped and stared at her with my blood shot eyes. She wrapped her arms around me tightly and didn't utter a word.

“Where did the four of you go?I was worried sick!” Nick went on.

“No, I was worried sick.” Mom corrected. As Nick went on scolding us and reprimanding us over and over filling my head with nonsense.

All I could think about was them, I asked myself how long had they been doing this? I couldn't take it anymore, I ran up the stairs and ignored the people calling me back

I slammed the door shut and locked it. I wanted to be alone and yell.

The last thing I saw before I slammed the door on the world was Willow racing down the stairs as carefully as a blind girl could, yelling at Juliet to help her with a protector spell.


I hadn't been alone in the privacy of my own room for twenty minutes when someone came knocking on my door. The first thought that came into mind was to send them away. My heart was broken and all logic had escaped me. I clung to my pillow so tightly and sobbed into it, how useless I felt. How can one give so much love and receive betrayal in return? Cassidy, it would have been bitter if she just spat in my face.

Her words echoed in my head, I'll give Rider a kiss for you when I see him.

“Go away!” I through my pillow at the door. The cracked open and Jace appeared in the doorway.

“I want to be alone,” I sobbed.

He sighed, “I know, but I thought you might need an ice pack for your hand.” He held a blue ice pack in his hands.

I stared at my hand, it was red and throbbing that punch hurt me more than it hurt him. The pain hadn't occurred to me until now.

I nodded, “yeah. I guess so.”

He shut the door with his foot and sat down on the edge of my bed. He handed me the ice pack and I placed it on my weak knuckles.

“Thanks,” I said.

He shrugged, “he's an idiot.”

I shook my head, “no maybe I'm the idiot for loving him so much.” Then I remembered that Mom and grandma didn't know about Rider and that Shane, Jace and Eagle probably told them everything.

They were probably surprised and disappointed in me for not telling them. At that moment I didn't seem to care much what they felt.

“Did you tell my mother what happened?” I asked.

Jace nodded, “she was surprised. Shane told her to give you a moment.”

“I'll have to thank him later.” I cried my eyes with the back of my hand.

Jace chuckled, catching me off guard, “don't cry. A keeper of light is stronger than that.” He pulled a checked handkerchief out of his back pocket and gave it to me.

I couldn't shake his memory out of my head, he cut me open and ripped out my insides.

“I'm sorry I've never felt so vulnerable before, so stupid.”

“You're not stupid, Avalon.”

I shook my head, what did he know? He certainly didn't know me. He gazed at me with concerned green eyes and pale face. We sat so close now and I hadn't realised it. His hands were so big they could have done more harm to Rider's face than me.

“I've never cheated before.”


“I never wanted to hurt him.”

“What are going to do now?”

“I wish I could get back at him… at them both.” I could hear my own words but in a dazed whisper. My eyes were puffy and my nose was probably blood red. No doubt my cheeks were hot red too.

“You don't have to do that… you're beautiful and one day you'll find a guy who values you just don't miss him.” He said.

He dried my tears with his thumb and ran circles around my cheek, a familiar gesture. All of a sudden he leaned in and kissed me close to my mouth. I was startled but grasped the opportunity. I kissed him back, I didn't know what it felt like to kiss another man. It felt… wrong, but really came from following the rules?

I pulled away I couldn't do it. I was a coward.

“I'm so sorry.” I breathed.

He smiled, “don't be.”

Just then the door opened again and Shane stood on the door way with another blue ice pack in his hands.

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