The Moon & The Star

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Broken Tools

Around midnight when the moon still stood heavy in the night sky, and the stars twinkled like diamonds in the clear sky. I was woken from a not so deep sleep, by my mother who insisted we had to leave.

She didn't even let me shower that told me this was serious. I didn't dream that night.

When I got downstairs everyone was already up. Juliet and Willow were standing inside a huge circle of salt burning some herbs.

“Sarai and Ingrid you'll go with the other Hunters. Now.” Nicholas ordered.

Mom looked at me apologetically. But she didn't protest her and Grandma were led out my two unfamiliar Hunters.

“Are you girls done?” Nicholas pressed Willow and Juliet.

Willow pale body stood in the circle that was slowly being blown by the wind.

“It won't hold.” Juliet said, hopelessly. “It's no use we have to get out of here they're coming.” Her nearly white eyes saw evil arriving.

Nick was trying to keep to a calm face, but deep down I knew he was panicking.

People were leaving the hideout, all the guards who stood watch were loading into huge black cars and leaving the hideout.

“Nick,” Shane said, then stared at me. Nick nodded.

“Come on, Avalon.” I followed nervously yet not reluctantly.

Before we left Nick made sure to load everyone in a car. Juliet, Willow and Eagle drove in one car, Jace, Shane Nick and I got into one black Range Rover and drove into the night, leaving the Moon hideout behind.

I sat in the back seat, breathing heavily. I knew something bad was about to happen, it was standing on top of my head.

“Calm down, Fluke.” Shane said, but I couldn't. Eagle's and Willow's car was right in front of us. It drove steady, it was a fair distance ahead of us.

“I can't. Shane-” I gasped out when their car was caught and it drove off the road into a ditch.

“Juliet!” Nick screamed and hit the breaks. We jerked forward. The car rolled over a couple times and landed on it's head.

“Shit,” Jace kicked the door open and ran out to the flaming car.

“Juliet!” Nick yelled, trying to get the door open. Willow and Eagle were trapped inside. Shane and Jace broke the windshield and tried to pull them out.

I just stood there motionless, I could hear Eagle assuring Willow that everything will be okay, but no. It was only just the beginning. Out of the forest came several men and women charging at us. We were out numbered.

“Umm,Nick?” I backed up slowly as the darkly dressed men and women eyed us maliciously. Nick was too busy trying to save the others in the car.

“Ahh Shane,” I fell backwards. I didn't know what we were dealing with. Vampires, werewolves, agents of darkness? Probably all three!

“Guys damn it!” I yelled that got their attention and soon we were being charged at.

“Shit!” Jace cured, they'd managed to get Willow out, but Juliet and Eagle were still inside.

“Get them quickly,” Shane barked his dagger was out rapidly. He through me another one and jumped at the crowd of evil creatures.

“What am I supposed to do with this Shane?!” I panicked.

“Hold them off as best as you can. We're out numbered.” He said as he sliced and punched agents of darkness single handedly.

What was I supposed to do? I certainly couldn't do what Shane was doing, I'd get my head cut off!

Sensing how paralysed I was Jacecame to my aid. He pushed me out if the way, I landed on the ground. “Hide!” He demanded as he fought of people with fangs.

I crawled behind on my knees through the muck behind a tree where I hugged my knees tightly. Every punch and grunt that came from behind scared the hell out of me. There were five of them and nearly five hundred of them.

My heart ached when I thought about poor blind Willow they'll wrip her apart in seconds. Come on Avalon you're the keeper of light there has to be something you can do.

“I don't know how to control my powers.” I concentrated on my energy, I thought only about the light, but each time I was frightened by the sound of my friends grunts. “Think only about the light.” I formed a fist of my hand and suddenly it sparksed.

I gasped, jumped out of my hiding spot. I scrambled back into the forest but this time with an unfortunate view of my friends getting hurt.

“Eagle fly Willow out of here quickly.”Nick ordered. What about Avalon?”Eagle argued.

“Get out of here I'll find her.” Eagle grabbed Willow around her waist. Big majestic eagle wings sprung from his back and seconds later he soared into the sky.

Nick thought I was a coward and abandoned them. Shane and Jace had fought and were now beaten and bruised. They all looked at each other hopelessly, Juliet was bleeding and holding her side. She had obviously fought along side the guys while I watched in the background.

“Think light…” I muttered againt feeling more desperate this time knowing that my friends would die if I didn't do anything soon.

Agents of darkness crept toward them while they coward in a dark corner with no where to run. Think light.”

At any moment they would pounce and tare at their flesh. Concentrate.

I marched out of my hiding spot and held my hands in the air, for a moment I felt stupid and hopeless I knew they'd notice me and come after me next. Then an enormous burst of light shot out of my core. It wasn't like anything I've ever felt before but I was thrown backwards.

Every agent of darkness was burning before my eyes, screaming and running as their limbs went up in flames. My heart was beating so fast I thought I'd lose it. Through all the chaos I couldn't see my friends I feared I'd hit them.

Only after the fire died down, leaving behind chard bodies, did I see my friends curled up next to some trees.

“What happened?” Jace asked.

I couldn't believe I did all this and still managed not to kill my friends.

“Avalon happened.” Shane got up and surprised me by pulling me into his arms. I held him tight.

“That was awful.” I said into his shoulder.

“Juliet?” Nick said, his breath was visible because of the cold. Juliet layed in his arms, bullied and beaten.

“Nick…” she struggled.

“We need to get out of here! Come on!” He carried her in his arms, frantically looking her down as she shivered and bled in his arms.

Our car was wrecked beyond repair and Eagle was gone. We were stranded and it was cold. Juliet was hurt and so were the other guys. I didn't know what to do, I was desperate, but there was nothing or anyone around to help.

“What do we do?” I breathed out. Shane was blank.

“Maybe Eagle will be back?” He suggested. “I don't think so.” Jace replied.

He gazed around the dark engulfed forest, trees with eyes watched us. Creatures preyed and stalked us from the shadows, yet when I looked at the cloudless sky. I saw the moon, beaming down on us providing with light, vanquishing the darkness.

I watched Jace as he withdrew a dagger from his belt. It had a huge crest on it of a moon and two crossed swords. I was thinking about what he was doing until he walked over to a tree and waved his dagger over it like a wand.

I found it very strange until the crest started glowing. Its blue light was beautiful, within seconds the tree Jace was working on started to light up. A huge round and brown crest light up, with the image of a huge oak tree in the centre and several roots encircling it. I was mesmerised.

When I looked at Nicholas I saw a man with real desperation in his eyes. Juliet had completely passed out in his arms and he didn't
know what to do.

“What the hell are you doing?” Shane muttered.

“Calling for help,” Jace replied. The glowing has since stopped and Jace returned his dagger to his belt.

I was exhausted, I wanted nothing more than to collapse right there, but then a tiny glistening light started moving hurriedly toward us. It's speed scared me and hang on to Shane tighter.

“Guys…?” I started then the light came to a stop for a split second then it burst. It was so beautiful, a thousand fireflies scattered around the forest, dancing in the moon light.

To my shock! A girl stood on the spot of the beautiful explosion. Holly shit.

She was gorgeous, too beautiful to be human. Of course she wasn't human, she had glowing skin, her blonde hair literally fell down to her ankles. She stood in bare feet, her ankles were decorated with bracelets and tattoos.

She literally wore very little clothing, very revealing. She wore a silky green bar and shorts, but her arms were kind of covered with tattoos and bracelets. Oh, yeah and she had huge white wings on her back. I felt faint. Yeah, she's a fairy.

“What happened around here! You made a real mess around here Jace.” She said, in a high pitch tone.

“Nice to see you again Shay Shay, but I didn't summon you for a reunion. I need your help.” Jace said.

“I figured,” she rolled her eyes. Then she softened when she took a more serious look around the place and when her eyes landed on the injured Juliet.

“What do you need?” She finally asked.

“We need a lift,” Jace said.

“Wait, where are we going?” I asked.


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