The Moon & The Star

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Part 3-- The Star

How does one explain teleportation? I was skeptical at first but with the way things were going I didn't want to say anything. I was afraid they might get pissed and leave me stranded.

But it was quick, I felt light as a feather and heard absolutely no sound, but still felt Shane's hand around my wait.

The landing wasn't pretty that's for sure. I landed on my ass at least a feet away from everyone else.

Shay Shay apologised for the bad landing and vanished seconds later. Where were we?

I got to my feet only to see two young men running in to assist Nicholas with Juliet. He followed the closely behind.

Jace helped me up, “you okay?”

“I'm fine.”

“Thanks… we were dead meat back there. How'd you do that?”

I shrugged, I was still puzzled, but I'm glad I did, otherwise my friends would be dead.

“Avalon!” Said mom, rushing out of some hallway, wearing the same outfit I last saw her in.
“Oh honey we know what you did. But right now I'm just so glad your safe.” She stroked my hair.

“I had to mom, or else everyone would be dead.” I said.

“You were very strong.” She hugged me tightly once more. I felt like collapsing in her arms again, but I also wanted to know how Juliet was.

Though, instead I was separated from the others and taken down a hallway lit with candles hanging on the walls, magnificent landscapes hanging on the walls and portraits of strong and beautiful nameless face. The floor was concrete I knew that, it was covered with a faded blue rug. We reached a metal staircase that took us down into a basement that I soon discovered was the first floor if this building.

Mom was quiet by my side, guiding me to my destination.

“Where are we Mom?” I asked.

“We're in Moon Castle, in Rome. It's the safest place ever.”

How did she get here to quickly then? Did they use a fairy like us? Or a crystal ball? I heard those are good for teleportation too. We got to a wooden front door with the same crest as Jace's dagger. A full moon with two crossed swords on it.

We walked in without knocking, interruptions a conversation with several people in the room. I assumed they were the Guardians. Grandma was present sipping on a cup of tea. The room fell silent when I walked in, until…

“You! How dare you abandon Cassidy! You got your other friend killed now you want to finish off the other?” Andrea stomped toward, raising her manicured hand to strike me. I lifted up my arms to defend myself but my mom caught her hand before it made contact.

“Don't you ever raise you hand to touch my child ever again, Andrea.” Mom warned, but Andrea wasn't backing down.

“She's already responsible for the death of one young girl!...”

“You won't pin Frankie's death on Avalon.”

“She abandoned Cassidy, my daughter could have been killed!”

Not that I wouldn't mind.

“Enough!” An old man with snow white hair and a hunchback said. He was probably the oldest man in the room. “You will never touch Avalon.” He commanded.

“I'm sure Avalon had her reasons for what she did.” Grandma said.

Frankie's parents were in the room too. Mr and Mrs Lohan stood next to each other, Mr Lohan had a loving arm around his wife's waist. I hadn't seen her since Skylar died.

I bet they hated me. Andrea was right I was responsible for her death.

“No, reason is justifiable for leaving a defenceless girl on the street!” Andrea mumbled. I fumed, Cassidy put herself in that situation after I told her not to leave the hideout! She put herself in danger.

“She wasn't defenceless!” I burst out then a dark skinned man rose from his chair on the round table.

“I'm sure the young lady will have time to explain her side of the story, but it is time for our side of the story.” He said.

He stood and walked out of the room. I blinked at my mom.

“Follow him,” she whispered to me. I scurried after him, he was way ahead of me already.

I walked beside quietly, he took me to his study. A big room with a hug glass window that had a beautiful view of the garden below. He had an entire book shelf behind his desk. There was no time, to marvel at the beauty and expense of the room. I was ushered into the a secret passage way.

The man, I'd yet to learn his name, pushed a button on the side of his fireplace and it opened revealing a set of stairs and candlelight.

I didn't know this man, but the laugh lines on his face made me trust him.

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