The Moon & The Star

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Snake in the grass

After a few hours of sleep I stirred awake in my bed, the midmorning sun seeping into my room. I was thankful they let me sleep in, I took a quick shower and got dressed in the clothes I found neatly folded on my bed. Black jeans and a white vest, casual.

I had a few bites of toast by myself, I stopped by the hospital room to check on Juliet. She was awake and talking to Nicholas who had probably spent the night by her bedside.

“I can't live like this Nicholas,” she said softly.

“I'm so sorry this was all my fault. I should have protected you better.” Nick spoke gently. He sounded apologetic and tired, I'd never seen him so broken.

“You couldn't have so don't blame yourself. This is my fault. I should have hid when you told me to but I was too stubborn. Now I'll never walk again.” I felt bad about ease dropping, I was about to turn and leave, but Juliet's words held me back.

“I'm better off dead-”

“Don't you ever say that! What am I without you?” Nick growled.

“What am I without my legs? We'll never run together again, our missions are over! Can't you see that?”

“We'll get through this baby. Don't give up on me.” His voice cracked and I felt tears roll down my cheeks.

“You don't know what it fells like Nick! I can't live like this…”

“I'm asking you not to give up on yourself.”

Remembering that conversation made my heart swell. I was walking down the Castle halls with Eagle. We were headed up to the third floor to have a meeting with the Guardians. We walked passed several young Keepers going to class carrying large text books and bags. It reminded me of high school.

When it was just me, Frankie and Cassidy, but now I was all alone.

“Do I have to go to the Keeper's academy?” I asked Eagle.

“Yeah! All Keepers go through the academy even me.” He replied.

“Even Jace?”

He bobbed his head, “yeah even though he's a Gatekeeper. He's been training since he was in diapers basically.”

“What about his parents?”

“Jace never had a family.”

We reached the third door and opened a large wooden door. All the Guardians were presents and my friends expect Juliet and Willow. Mom smiled at me immediately, giving me comfort.

This was a different room when we first arrived. This one had a long table taking up the entire room, a fireplace where a portrait of a blue moon hang.

Prophet sat at the head of the table, my grandmother to his right and my mom across from her. Nicholas sat next to Andrea who scrawled at me. To think she used to love me not so long ago. The old man with white hair from our first meeting was here, Mr and Mrs Lohan too and Shane and Scarlet, Jace as well. Scarlet sat next to an unknown woman with raven black hair. Everyone seemed to be waiting for us.

“I'll get right to it. After careful deliberation we have decided to return you to SilverLake.” Prophet gestured to the five young adults in the room.

I looked at Shane who sat across from me, I was panicking. They'd find me and I couldn't get away. Nicholas clench his fist, he didn't agree.

“With all due respect Prophet. It's not safe there anymore… all of our own have been slaughtered.” Nicholas said slowly.

Prophet sighed, I was getting sweaty and I felt I wasn't getting enough air. There was a glass of water set in front of each person and I nearly reached out and drank it.

“I understand your concern Nicholas. The white witches are going to work with Avalon for a few months to help mature her powers. They'll keep her in their sanctuary Julius will never set foot in their territory.” Prophet explained.

I wasn't sure how I felt about that. Living with a bunch of witches for a few months despite how good they were, it still didn't settle well with me.

“And when she learns to use her powers we will hand Avalon over to Julius-”

“What? Mom? He'll kill me!” I jumped up instantly.

“Calm down honey, we won't let that happen.” Mom tried to calm me down but it wasn't working, if he killed his brother what was his nuisance of a niece?

“Quiet!” The old man with a hunchback commanded and we settled back into our seats.

The old man leaned back into his chair, his old wrinkly face glared at us. He turned back to Prophet.

But before Prophet could speak the white witch who sat next to Scarlet spoke up first.

“If I may Prophet. Avalon's power is too powerful for us to handle.” Her words were final.

“What are you saying?” Grandma spoke up. The others gasped and spoke at the same time.

“We can't help you!” She snapped.

“You can't do this! Scarlet?” Mom yelled.

Scarlet turned away, everything was happening so fast and the last thing I saw before Willow burst through the door yelling “don't drink the water!” Was Prophet with his lips on the edge of the glass.

Mr. Lohan fell back in his chair struggling to catch his breath, his wife tried to help him but he was quickly turning blue.

“It's poisoned!” Nicholas smashed the glass cup.

“Treachery!” Prophet yelled.

There was a snake in the room.

Suddenly all eyes were on the raven haired witch who refused to help. Right before our every eyes her skin decayed and her eyes popped out.

“The white witches betrayed us!” Willow screamed.

Eagle was quick to his feet and draw out his wings to protect Willow when he saw the witch cast a spell at her. It deflected and hit the old man, who fell back and was engulfed by flames.

“Avalon go!” Nick ordered, ready for battle with the two witches.

“Where?” I screamed.

“Just leave!” Shane demanded. He stood by Jace who urged me to go, but not before I grabbed Willow.

There was no way I was letting her get hit with a stray spell.

“How did you know it was poisoned?” I asked as we ran down the hall.

“I got a vision of Scarlet and poison. We have to get out of here, they're working with the Star and they're coming.”

“We're out numbered.”


At this point I didn't know what the worst moment of my life was. Within the last few minutes we had been betrayed by white witches and I just witnessed the deaths of two elders.

All I knew was we had to get out, but I couldn't find it in me to abandon the others.

“We have to help Juliet,” Willow said. She stared right at me as if she could see me.

“We can't just leave her here she'll die. She can't defend herself as well as she used to.” Willow pleaded with me. Of course we couldn't leave her behind.

We made our way down to the medical room, we would figure of a plan when we got there. Though when we emerged from the staircase things just got a whole lot complicated.

Willow was right they were coming, now they're here. Standing outside the door of Juliet's room, were a couple of agents of darkness. Tall and muscular men with knives and scars and tattoos. They talked briefly about what they were going to do. Their plan was simply to cease the castle. I thought about all the poor young keepers in the castle, how on earth would they defend themselves?

The few times I encountered these men I barely got away.

I held Willow so not to give away our position. We waited and hoped they would leave, there was nothing valuable to them down here anyway. Thankfully, they left using the other staircase that led to the east wing. My mom and the others were in the west wing on thr first floor.

“Okay it's clear.” I said, rushing to open the door, but to my surprise it wouldn't budge.

“What?” Willow asked.

“It's locked.”

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