The Moon & The Star

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The Horsemen

“What the hell are you doing here?!” I yelled.

“Shh…” He pulled me away from my apartment.

“Let me go,” I yanked my arm away, I stared up at him. Damn those cursed green eyes. I loved them so much. What was he doing here trying to beg me for another chance? I won't have any of that shit.

“I want to talk to you.” He said in a low tone.

“What's there to say Rider? You betrayed me with my best friend! You both hurt me that's what makes it worse. Gosh, and you even pretended to hate her and meanwhile you were screwing her!” I sobbed. I told myself if I ever saw him again, I would yell or cry in front of him, but how do you keep all the hurt inside when you've given yourself to the guy?

I felt so downgraded and vulnerable, I had to know why he did this. Was it all a lie from the start? I was probably just a dare to begin with, why would Rider go for me in the first place when Cassidy and Frankie were ten times more prettier than me. I was the only virgin, the geek, the inexperienced one.

“I never pretended not to like her. I never liked her! I still don't.” He crossed his arms. He wore that gray jersey I liked, he probably did that on purpose.

“How long?” I demanded.


“How long Rider?!”

“Shit… a couple of times, but she came on to me-”

“You piece of shit! You are supposed to be responsible for your own actions! You knew you had a girlfriend.”

“I know! I'm sorry. After it happened the first time she never left it alone. I'm sorry for everything I've ever done to you, Ava.”

I wiped away my tears and stared at him, I was done with Rider, I would move on eventually.

“Goodbye Rider, have a nice life. I sure hope no one hurts you like you did to me.” I was hurting inside but I found the courage to walk away. He stared at me apologetically the whole time I swear I almost believed him.

“Come on Ava! Like you weren't playing me on the side!”

My head snapped back at him. “How dare you!-”

“Just don't. Where have you been this entire time? Running around with different men.”

My jaw dropped, “you've got some nerve-”

“What to make of a girl who's running around with three different guys or should we make that four but Eagle has a thing for Willow.”


“I always hated Norman, I knew he had a thing for you in high school. He always hated me things only got worse when we started going out. Now I'm suspicious of Nicholas, your Keeper. His girlfriend is dead now, do you think you have a chance? Tell me babe.”

How did he know all that stuff? I ran for the door and called for Nicholas but Ride stopped me, he pinned me against the wall and cupped my mouth.

“Shut up, don't make a sound. At some point I had feelings for you but in this business you can't afford to have those. This won't hurt a bit.”

The last thing I saw before we were engulfed by a thick black mist was Rider's malicious green eyes, looking like a deadly storm. A look of hate and satisfaction was plastered on his face. I could barely believe what was happening.


My cheek was cold as if I was left out in the winter. I didn't know where I was and for a few seconds my memory was scrambled. When I came round, I was on the floor, laying flat on cracked concrete.

“Look who's finally awake,” A feminine voice said. I struggled to lift myself off the ground. Gosh I felt so heavy. I only managed to lift my head, to look up at my assailant. Instead of one I saw two.

“Just like her mother but she's daddy's eyes.” The man said. He had salt and pepper hair, broad shoulders and light brown eyes. He smiled at me as if he knew me, something inside me wanted to return the smile because he looked so much like my dad. The woman standing seductively next to him reminded me of the serpent in my dreams. Her green eyes and blood red lipstick, fancy yellow silk dress that hugged her nicely, showing off all the curves a woman should have, told me she was a high class woman during the day. By night the serpent in my nightmares.

Her and her nightwalkers tried to kill me more than once. My anger gave me strength to stand up. When I did I wished I had just stayed down. There was an army of nightwalks standing behind me, vampires and agents of darkness sneering at me.

I'd been here before this was the castle in my dreams. Well it's a bunch of ruins now, the entire roof was gone, the walls had fallen, yet it was still a majestic piece of art.

“They won't hurt you Avalon,” Julius spoke. That was funny all the vampires and demons staring at me looked hungry for my blood and soul.

I looked at the greened eyed lady and said, “she tried to kill me.”

“I'd never let her harm you,” he took a step forward and I took a huge step back.

“At least not until you get what you want!” I barked.

“She's so feisty like that mother of yours,” the lady said. “I can see why my son liked you.” She added.

“Son?” I gasped. “Your son?”

“Our son,” she hooked her arm around Julius’ arm and kissed his cheek. Julius didn't react.

I scanned the crowd searching for her son, the guy that ripped out my heart and keeps on doing it.

“The Horseman,” Julius said.

“What?” Out of the shadows he appeared and stood behind his mom, his arms folded. His earlier expression of satisfaction had vanished it was replaced with regret and annoyance.

“You're disgusting!” I spat, he avoid my gaze.

Julius ordered his goons to be gone because he wanted to talk to me in private. The night walkers turned to black ash, the vampires jumped off the ledges, the nasty demons vanished before my very eyes. I felt sick to my stomach. They had me, I felt hopeless. He was going to kill me.

“Star Palace might not be the beauty it was a few decades ago but even you must admit she still is enchanting.” Julius circled me like hawk.

“Your father and I grew up here with our parents. My mother was a witch and the emperor's whore. The Moon killed my parents, did you know that? They killed your grandparents, my parents. They took away my brother.” He went on.

“Their reasons are justifiable.”

“If you say so. That doesn't mean I'm not going to destroy them.”

“You already have. There's nothing left.” I sounded broken and hopeless.

“They're not all dead, they never are. The Gatekeepers catacombs remain intact. Every power and religious item remian in their possession. As long as they have that power my empire is not safe.”

“Your scared of them…” I trailed. Rider and his mother stood silently watching us.

“I fear nothing! I am the man that single handedly destroyed the Moon. I destroyed their bloody hideout and ceased their castle. I slaughtered each and every hunter and and keeper. I killed their young and now I'm going to break the curse that keeps my empire at bay. I'll restore the glory of Star Palace and drive each and every last member of the Moon into hiding.”

His mad rant made me fearful for last remaining members of the Moon. My mom and grandmother and friends. He was mad and he wanted revenge. His quest had already began. There had to be something I could do! I had powers, that I had no idea of to use.

But I could blast his evil ass of the ledge of the palace.

“I know your guessing where you fall in my little scheme.” He spoke directly in my ear, I flinched at his hot breath on my ear.

“You want to unleash the light and destory the book of destiny.” I said, staring him dead in the eye.

He laughed and nodded, “the light. Yes the light.” He looked at his wife and she just rolled her eyes.

“Your little charm worked Charlie,” he said, surprised.

“I hate it when you doubt me Julius.” I looked at him for some sort of interpretation.

“You see the Moon hid your keepers mark from us. They knew we would want a power as strong as yours. But they don’t understand genetics, you see.”

“I don't even understand what you're saying.” He chuckled and moved to where his wife and son stood. Oh my gosh I slept with my cousin.

“You're a witch too, Avalon. My mother was a powerful witch. Anyways, I won't let you in on my little plan just yet.” He winked at walked out of the room. Before I could Charlie held her hand up and an invisible wall blocked my path.

She smiled and followed her husband out. I was trapped.

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