The Moon & The Star

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The Chains

It was just the two of us standing there. Thank the heavens for this barrier or else I was going to strangle him.

“Let me out!” I slammed the invisible barrier.

He chuckled, “how can you ask me to do that?”

“You traitor. You said you loved me.”

“I know what I said.” He avoided eye contact.

“Was that a lie, Rider? Gosh, of course it was.”

“I don't know.” The nerve of this boy! How could he tell me he didn't know when all those nights he sounded so sure.

“What else have you been lying to me about? And I can't believe you're Julius’ son! You do know he's…”

“He's not my Dad. My mom married him when I was a kid.”

My feelings for him overpowered me every time. I loved him. I hated that I wanted him. But he was a lying bastard.

“Why are you doing this? Rider you're not a bad guy.”

“You think I wanted this! I was a kid when Julius sold my soul to punish my mom.”

I gasped. Julius was pure evil.

“You're a level A agent.”

“I'm more than that. I'm the Horseman, a demon.”

I had to sit down, everything had been a lie. My whole life had been a complete lie. Now there I was a prisoner in the ruins of Star Palace. No one would come looking for me. No one would search for my dead body after it was done.

“What if there was a way out…” I suddenly had an idea.

“What do you mean?”

“If we could get your soul back!” He shook his head and turned away.

“This isn't your parent's fucking love story! He'll kill me if I betray him. You don't get it.”

“You won't even try.” Julius’ loud booming voice echoed the halls. Rider gave me and apologetic look and disappeared. Back with his serpent wife and their army of night walkers, he grinned at me.

“The Moon is out and so are the stars.” In his gloved hands he had an old dusty book.

“Tonight we push the Moon out of the sky.” Vampires and agents marched into the room all of them keeping a significant distance from us.

Julius and Charlie were dressed in black. Julius in a black turtle neck and black gloves, his wife in a tight black leather dress.

“What are you doing?” I begged
“We're going to break the curse.” He grinned. If they did that monsters from all over the world would wind up inSilveLake, ready to take orders to destroy the world. I envisioned hideous sirens haunting the lakes, demons from hell coming out of the shadows. Worst of all the deaths of the remains of my family.

“You can't do this!” I yelled.

“Of course I can't do this alone. You'll help me like a good little niece.” He wasn't playing, but if I knew he needed me to break this curse I would rather die.

“I'll never help you! I'll die first.” I said. He chuckled.

“You'll sacrifice yourself for people you barely know, how noble.”

“I won't let you destroy the world.”

“Alright, if death is your wish. I don't need you I only need your powers.”

He waved his hand over the barrier and I felt it come down. I didn't mean it literally! There was no where to run each corner a night walker was ready to jump at me. Julius started mumbling to himself and suddenly I felt my energy leaving me. He was draining me, the nightwalkers advanced, pushing me back toward the open ledge of the palace. I few more steps and I'd fall to my definite death.

“Stop…” I begged as I stumbled backwards. When he was done taking my powers these demons would feed on my soul.

Julius grinned at me I could feel him getting stroner with my power, but he wouldn't get my power. At least not yet, if it was for rock that caught him above the eye that interpreted his spell. I regained some of my strength just as I was about to fall off the ledge.

“Ava run!” Rider yelled. Run where? The vampires were ready to charge but Charlie's firm hand stopped them.

Rider was engulfed by flames, I jumped back in horror but he was only transforming. He turned into the Horseman, dressed in dark leather and flaming red eyes and hair as dark as the night sky. He attacked the night walkers that sought to kill me again. Then turned on his step father.

He picked Julius up with both his hands and launched him at the wall, it fell ontop of him. Charlie ran passed her son and over to her husband. Agents and vampires looked at each other puzzled. Rider killed their leader, they were torn on whether to attack or bow to their new master.

But it wasn't so from under the rubble Julius rose, groaning and growling.

“You've waited a long time for that haven't you boy?”

“I'm not a boy anymore Julius.” Rider seemed paralysed he knew from the moment he betrayed Julius there was going to be hell to pay. I held my breath as Julius lifted up his hand, chocking Rider from a distance, his feet in the air, dangling. Not once did Julius look at Charlie who stood there idly.

“I curse you Horseman to wander the earth for eternity.”

Rider landed on his feet, seconded later a black midnight horse appeared next to him to take him away.

“No!” I yelled. He turned on it and rode into the night, to set out on his journey to forever wander the earth.

Now what was I to do? It's up to you now kid, Nicholas isn't here to protect you, well in the end at least they can say she didn't go down without a fight.

I summoned up all my strength, I was ready to fight him and his army. Julius knew I would cooperate.

“You have no other choice Avalon! You have nothing left. Pretty soon I'm going to erase the Moon right out of existence. Your mother and everyone you ever cared about will be gone. Join me or die with them.”

“Never,” I said.

“Oh well don't say dear uncle Julius didn't give you one last chance at life.”

He started draining the power from me again, this time it was working much faster, my energy was leaving me. I felt so weak, I crumbled to the floor. That wasn't much of a fight.

My vision was blurry, a sign I would pass out soon, but it good enough for me to see a figure fly over Julius’ head and knock him off balance. The spell stopped and some of my energy returned to me.


He growled and ordered his goons to attack him, but Eagle wasn't alone he brought back up. I was shocked to see a massive army come running into the ruined palace. I thought everyone was dead. At the forefront was Nicholas, his eyes full of anger.

“You okay?” Shane asked. He ran off before I could answer. I couldn't have been more relieved. He tossed me a dagger before slashing off the end of an agent of darkness.

“What do I do?” I yelled. No reply. Of course. I had to defend myself as best as possible, that meant dodging fists, landing fatal blows of my own and hiding from Julius who watched me like a hawk.

“Enough of this!” Charlie yelled. Then whispered in my ear, “you cost me my son.”

“Agents of the moon drop you weapons, or watch as the light of the moon dies out.” She had her arm wrapped around my neck with a knife at my back. I didn't see her coming.

Everyone dropped their weapons.

“You're wrong Charlotte! The light of the moon will never die.” My mom stood tall in battle armer.

“This is wonderful! I never thought I'd see you again Sarai. Give her to me.” He demanded. His wife pushed me into his arms.

“You look helpless Sarai.” He said.

“You monster! She's your brother daughter!”

“Of course you should be scared she'll turn out like me.” He grinned against my cheek.
I felt tears.

“No! You're nothing like him Avalon! You're powerful and you can defeat him remember what your grandmother said.”

“Enough Sarai! The light will be mine and all her power too. I bet you never saw this coming.”

What did my grandmother say? She says so much nonesense. “... the light is yours not just to protect…” It was mine to control.

As Julius rumbled on I knew I had to act quickly or else I'd witness another massacre. I knew what I had to do without thinking.

“I unleash the light within me,” It came out as simple whisper, but the burst of power that came out of my chest was an incredible thunder.

“You fool!” Julius jumped back.

“Leave no shadow untouched, in Star Palace, no corner left in darkness. Vanquish every element of darkness.” I commanded.

The enormous ball of light went around the Palace consuming every single agent of darkness within its distance.

“Get away from it!” Mom warned the others.

It was a wild untameable thing that went around destroying the already ruined palace. I tried to hide but it was never far, the screams of its victims being burned were terrifying I just wanted it to end, but I didn't know how.

“Mom how do I take it back?” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

“You can't take it back it'll kill you!” She replied. “It won't stop until you tell it to.”

I rushed out of hiding probably before it's job was done, I yelled with the most authority I had and commanded it to stop. It stopped it's surge of mass destruction and headed towards me. My mom yelled, I ducked and it simply went passed me.

I got my feet and turned to see where it had gone. It just vanished. Before I could move I was grabbed suddenly from behind.

“Are you okay? Damn it girl! We were apart for twenty minutes and you go get yourself caught!” Eagle raved. I held my hand over my heart.

“You scared the shit out of me!” I yelled at him, but I was actually very happy to see him.

“After the creepy lightbulb almost killed us, I scared the shit out of you?”

“Dude,” Nick pushed him aside and stood infront of me. There was something in his eyes I couldn't read.

“I'm so sorry,” he said. I wanted to assure him there was nothing to forgive but my mom came rushing into my arms.

“My princess. I'm so sorry.” She held me tightly in her arms, I clung to her like a baby, still holding back those tears.

“We have to get out of here. The light broke the curse we put up this isn't over.” She added. I gasped.

“I'm sorry I didn't know what else to do… I-”

“That doesn't matter you saved us all.” Nick said, he sounded proud of me. It felt good.

“You did pretty good Fluke. Remind me to teach you how to use a dagger when the dust settles.” Shane said as we walked out of the Palace ruins.

“I'm pretty sure I don't ever wanna see another knife again.”

The last thing I saw before leaving that retched place was Charlie's charred body and wondered why Julius’ was among the millions of black skeletons scattered on the cracked floot.

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