The Moon & The Star

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The Moon

The last few months were like a nightmare, a horrible nightmare that came true. My life had turned upside down, I officially dropped out of college, never went back to work and moved back in with my mom and grandma.

I was a complete wreck for a couple of days, I had nightmares of nightwalkers and of Rider being cursed for days. My friends came to see my regularly, they were a reminder of what I went through. The ordeal I survived. I was grateful to have them around though. Nick didn't come to see me as much I understood him. Willow told me he was still mourning Juliet's death.

When the shock faded I realised there was a life out there for me to live, and I realised I still didn't know what to do with my own. I was back home living with my mom and a college drop out, and that wasn't the worst of it.

It was a slow day on a seemingly average Thursday. Grandma had left on a trip to Germany, Mom was working in her restaurant again, she owned all of it now that Scarlet was gone. Things seemed to be going back to normal.

I sighed heavily, I failed at reading a novel on Kindle. I tossed the tablet aside and knew what I wanted to dothat aaftenoon. I grabbed my jacket and headed out the door. I stopped at a flower store and within minutes I arrived at the local cemetery.

It didn't take me long to find her, but there she was resting besides her father. There were fresh roses on both graves, different types on Frankie's grave. Mrs Lohan was undoubtedly here.

I layed my single rose on Frankie's grave and sat beside her. I picked at the grass long enough until I found the right words.

“I'm sorry… I feel so lost right now, Frankie. You wouldn't believe me if I told you what I've been through. Well most of it was pretty scary, some of it cool but…” I sniffled unable to talk anymore.

This was the first time I came to see her since her death. So I sat there tracing my fingers in the grass until the breeze sent me packing.

I saw something moving in the trees and nearly took off running, it was just a squirrel playing in the trees. I was still a little jumpy.

After I left the cemetery I got a text from Eagle, he wanted us to meet at Moon Hideout it was officially ours again. So I stopped by Starbucks to get some coffee.

I was taking the bus, my car was nothing but parts. When I exited the Starbucks I saw a familiar Silver Subaru. Cass, she laughed with some girls in her car. Her blonde hair shone in the sun, her red lipstick brightened up her smile. Same old Cassidy.

She got out of the car with her friends, they laughed and talked as they made they're way into Starbucks. She didn't even notice me. Still I managed to smile.

“Take care of yourself Cass.”


The next day Mom informed me that the new Guardians came to a decision. Since half of them were killed, Mrs Lohan retired. They feared the Star would raise again, I had my own doubts about Julius’ but mom assured me that Julius was gone.

I was scared I still felt vulnerable but as long as there was light, the Moon shining in the sky and something on the other side I knew I would be safe.

Shane, Nick, Eagle, Willow and I meet at Star Palace along with a young white witch. She'd help cast the spell. Julius said I was a witch but I had no idea how to use my powers. Unfortunately Jace couldn't be here he finally took up his position as a gatekeeper, he now protected the Book of Destiny.

My heart still ached for him, but it was the path he was give and there was nothing I could do.

“Could we hurry up this place give me the creeps even during broad daylight.” Shane said. I laughed.

“Scared Norman?” I teased.

“Hunters fear nothing Fluke.”

“I'm with Shane on this one.” Eagle whined.

The young witch turned to us with an eager smile. She was ready to begin so I looked at Nick. “You sure you're okay with this?” I asked.

He hesitated but answered me, “yeah, let's begin.”

“Since the old curse had been broken the spirits crossed over. We'll have to call new spirits. Juliet and many fallen soldiers will be our new protectors that's if they choose to accept the task.” She explained.

I saw the pain in his eyes, but he knew this was the only way to keep SilverLake safe from the Star.

“Alright, let's begin so we can leave.” Shane moaned.

The witch started chanting the spell calling on the spirits. As the young witch went deeper into her chanting Willow caught our attention.

“Guys… he's not dead.” I stared into her pale set of eyes as a chill ran up my spine.

It's not over.

The End

It might be the end but it's not over. Book 2 in the series is The Moon & The Island of Lost Souls.
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