The Moon & The Star

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Avalon Carmichael was a normal girl who found out she didn't have a normal life and she wasn't as normal as she thought. After an innocent girls night goes horribly wrong and she's almost killed. She learns about the powerful dark forces lingering in SilverLake that are after her family. Avalon is thrust into a world of chaos and danger. She joins The Moon a secret organization that protects the world. The Moon is at war with The Star, who want Avalon captured. Each side want the power inside her, but The Star are evil and seek to destroy the world as she knows it. Avalon and her elite new group of friends must now share the burden of saving the world. Though, will they when all the good guys seem to be dropping like flies and the Star seems to be growing in power? Book 1 in the Moon and The Star

Fantasy / Adventure
Julia Johnson
Age Rating:

The Moon


The Moon was out and my soul was aching to be freed. To be let out to bask in the deep bright moonlight, and walk the same paths as the night dwellers.

It was a late Friday night in my one bedroom apartment, I was hanging out with my two best friends Cassidy and Frankie. We were going out to some expensive night club called the Pentagon.

It's been an immensely stressing week, and a night out with the girls would ease my nerves of the past week. I had a 4 to 6 hour job to keep up with my college lifestyle, and my classes at the college were getting more and more demanding. It was only my first year of college and I was ready to quit.

My girlfriends thought it would be a good idea to go out and get drunk in an expensive nightclub.

“I can't find my blue mascara, has anyone seen it?” Cass asked. I didn't carry around much makeup, though Frankie did.

We decided to go with short tight skirts and colorful crop tops. I wore the pink one with a black skirt, Cass wore a red long sleeve crop top with a blue skirt. Frankie wore a black skirt and red crop top.

I was super excited, it was my first time going to the Pentagon. It was the biggest club in SilverLake and the second most lavish in the world and not just anyone can get in.

“Here use mine, it makes your eyes pop out more anyways.” Frankie said, handing the stick to her. Frankie was a makeup wizard or witch. She did my makeup all the time.

“You're the best Frankie,” Cass replied.

Cassidy’s a regular member at the Pentagon because of who her father is… he's an ex-politician turned global businessman. She and Frankie would go out together in high school.

My mom was overprotective of me in high school and throughout most of my life… she still is but not so much now that I've moved out of her house.

I'm going to be honest I'm enjoying my new life and independence, but sometimes I miss her. This life gets too much for me to handle. I kind of left home on a bad note, we had a huge argument about college and I just packed up and left. I stayed with my boyfriend until the new school year started. It makes me sad to think about it.

“Let's go ladies!” Cass said loudly out the window, her scream echoing in the empty streets of SilverLake.

“Wait, do I look okay? Do I look… too exclusive?” I said, momentarily glancing at the mirror.

Cass and Frankie stopped and stared at me.

“I think you look fine,” Cass said and started for the door.

I sighed, feeling the nerves in my stomach.

“You look sexy babe. Now let's go we need a night out.” Frankie sighed.

“Let's go bitches!” Cass yelled from the hall.

Gosh, what do my neighbors think?

She parked her grey Subaru Impreza on the sidewalk of my building. It looked majestic and super expensive under the street lights. My rundown second hand car was parked three cars ahead of hers.

I couldn't wait to get the night started.

“I'm so ready. One night with my girls, no bullshit, no school and no boyfriends!!” Frankie yelled, grinning as she turned up the volume in the car.

Cass screamed in delight I just smiled at them.

“I can't relate to most of your problems Frankie, but yeah tonight's not for any bullshit so turn off your phones please. We don't need Scooter calling us tonight.” Cass said taking a turn off Johnson street.

Frankie sighed and turned away. “That means you too in the back seat. We don't need Rider calling asking where you are either.”

I laughed thinking about it, “oh please Rider isn't like that Cass.” Rider and I have been dating for a year now, we began dating in our last year of high school. Something I keep a secret from my family.

“Well I know someone who does…” she whispered. She was talking about Scooter… he's not the most ideal person who'd want anyone you know to date. He's a jerk and spoiled child.

“Oh my gosh do you think Matt Leo will be at the Pentagon tonight I heard there was going to be a surprise guest.” Frankie said, trying to change the subject and lift the mood.

I was happy to cooperate. “Surprise guest?” I asked.

Cass drove down the oddly quiet streets, it was weird it was only nine o'clock on a Friday night. Which was abnormal for SilverLake, it was like Vegas sometimes.

“Yeah, Val. It's the Pentagon! They're trying to break into top spot so they've got celebrities doing surprise shows every Friday. Last week it was Usher.” Cass said.

“I've always wanted to meet Matt Leo he's so cute. Do you think we can meet him Cass?” Frankie sounded like a really excited child.

Cass and I laughed. Cass has met celebrities before that's why she's massive on instagram and was the most popular girl in high school.

Cass drove passed a red light but that didn't matter much at night especially in SilverLake. There's always some creep lurking about, ready to do just about anything. She got onto the highway and drove at 100 miles per hour.

So the Pentagon is on a mountain, but not just any mountain it's on top of a cursed mountain. I know it sounds like a load of nonsense, but that's what the people of SilverLake believe. I personally don't believe in cursed mountains or anything like that but I was getting a bit nervous there were so many rumors about Barren Mountain, the mountain where roses never bloom.

So many deaths, then again it could all be coincidental, it's a massive mountain ancient and creepy, but not enough to be cursed. It was always dark up there all the trees were tall and hallow, grass never grew on its soils.

Cass started up the road to the Pentagon, the road was rocky and dusty. Cass drove at 90 miles per hour, the car shook violently, throwing me from side to side.

“Damn Cass you drive like a maniac!” Frankie said, holding on to her seat.

“A maniac that got us here in one piece,” Cass smiled to herself.

I felt like a child in front of a toy store for some reason. There was a bouncer that stood in front of the open double doors, under the massive Pentagon shape sign that welcomed all night owls.

It was a massive three story building, ancient looking, but still classy and rich. It was painted a deep brown color, and huge Victorian windows from the top to the bottom floor. The lights were all on in each floor.

It kind of looked like a hotel or a mansion, but the huge Pentagon shape sign side otherwise. The place felt oddly too open, there were cars everywhere, but there was no fence or brick wall to protect them from outsiders. The Pentagon was surrounded by a thick forest, that sent chills throughout my body.

We walked up to the entrance ,“Cassidy,” the bouncer said as we stepped inside. I thought he'd give us some trouble for a minute there.

There was another door after the long hallway we'd walked through that was open and lead to a spiral staircase that took us down to the Pentagon. The loud music raged from the room to come. The Pentagon was full of people filthy rich people and bodyguards lurking in the corners. Strippers who danced- barely dressed- on long silver poles in heels. I was amazed, I'd never been in a place like this.

Waitresses pranced around in black and red bikinis, serving old men in suits. There was a massive stage I guess that was for these surprise guest performances. Right now there was a band performing some heavy metal song.

“This is not all of it though!” Cass yelled through the loud music. “There's more?!” I yelled back.

“So much more! To the bar!” Cass yelled through her hand in the air. “Indeed!” Frankie agreed.

“Three vodka shots!” Cass ordered. The male bartender with pale blue eyes and pitch black hair nodded. He wore a decent suit, buttoned up.

“And the bottle please!” I added.

The guy came back with three small glasses and the whole vodka bottle. We drowned the shots in seconds.

“Woo,” I said. That went down quickly, it burned my throat on its way down.

“You'll get used to it,” Frankie whispered to me. She knew I wasn't accustomed to drinking. I'd only gotten drunk once in my entire life, and my mother almost did a backflip.

After hours of throwing up and stupid words, she helped me sober up and when I did. She slapped me across the face for being so reckless and foolish. She warned me about ever taking alcohol again and about going out with Cassidy. She tried to break up our friendship at one point but that didn't work.

Cass and Frankie were my everything they were my two best friends, as I sat there by the bar watching them take more shots and giggle. I thought about how we'd been friends since we were kids and how far we'd come. When my dad vanished, they were my support system.

“Val we're here to get drunk! Grab your shot and meet us on the dance floor.” Frankie’s loud voice pulled me out of my thoughts. Cass was pulling her by the arm all the way to the dance floor.

I swayed to the music, dancing with my girls to a song called Without you by Gems, the soft slow song streamed through the speakers. The band was gone now and the Dj had taken over. I was actually having a good time, dancing and giggling.

I wanted another drink and slipped past grinding bodies to the front of the bar. I noticed a familiar face and I grimaced. Shane Norman. No, he's not my ex, I doubt I'd ever get together with him.

He and I are enemies and will be until the end of time. The girls and I used to make fun of him as kids, but were just stupid little girls who didn't know better and he was and odd kid. So as revenge he made my life hell, not so much Frankie or Cass but me in particular. I was the more vulnerable one of the group, I guess I still am.

He looked different actually, cleaner and more masculine than high school. He'd dyed his hair silver and had gained some muscle. He's piercing blue eyes locked with mine and a cheeky smile spread across his face. I tore my eyes away from him.

“I don't even have to talk to him.” I said to myself.

Several drinks later I was feeling very light and free, we'd lost Cassidy to a group of men a few minutes ago. It was just Frankie and I now surrounded by some suspicious looking guys and females. I felt a little awkward since I had a boyfriend, but Frankie didn't seem to care because she let the guys get awfully close to her.

“I'm going to use the bathroom Frankie!” I said. She continued to spin around. She'd more drinks than me.

I bummed people on the way to the bathroom which was up another set of spiral stairs. There were one or two people lingering the bathroom area smoking or making out. I was struggling to stay on my feet, maybe I did have a lot to drink.

When I stumbled out of the toilet there was a single man standing outside the toilet stall. I almost bumped into him.

“I'm sorry,” I murmured. He just stood firm, blocking my exit.

“If I could just get through…” I said, instead his massive gloved hand collided with my face and I landed on the tiled restroom floor.

It was so cold, I gasped, my cheek throbbed. I braced myself for more impact when the huge man march toward me. He had an eyepatch over his left eye and was covered in black leather clothing.

He picked me up by my arm. Was he going to kill me?! I screamed for help he only slammed his fist into my face again. I cried out in pain, cries no one could hear with all the loud music.

“Shut up Avalon!” He demanded. I wondered how he knew my name, but what I was really concerned about was whether I was going to make it out alive.

He had a good kick out of me slamming me hard against the floor and drawing blood from my face. I was in so much pain and I wanted it all to end, I felt a surging force inside my gut. It burned and I screamed just before the man could punch me again a quick bright light manifested from nowhere and zapped the man.

I heard a loud thud and grunt and the man was laying motionless on the restroom floor.

“What was that?” I winced as I tried to get up. I expected someone to answer me but no one did.

He looked dead, his one good eye was staring into nothingness and his mouth ajar. Goosebumps spread across my body and my blood turned cold.

There was no one in the room but me.

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