The Moon & The Star

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The Rush

“I'm just not feeling well today,” I said into the phone.

“What is it the flu?” Rider replied. “No it's not the flu.”I sighed. “Then what is it babe?” How do I get him to understand my paranoia without sounding like a lune?

It was early the next day after my weird episode, I was laying in my bed with the sheets up to my chest and the sun seeping into my bedroom. It was fairly late so late that I'd missed my first two classes of the morning. So Rider called to interrogate me.

“I'm just… tired.”I said. I knew he wasn't buying it he knew me too well. I love him and all but this just felt too… strange to tell. It was probably just stress… yeah that sound reasonable.

“Babe I'm just stressed you know with school andd work and family. Nothing too serious please don't worry.” I said.

“I don't see how that's possible… but I'll come see you just to make sure you're okay. You didn't go out to the Pentagon with Cassidy again, did you?”

I rolled my eyes, “no! Rider again with that?” I really wasn't in the mood to argue about my best friend again.

“I was just making sure. What do you want me to bring you, huh?” He asked. I smiled, he was so sweet, making sure I was okay.

“Just yourself and some strawberry yogurt please.”

“That's all? No fresh packet of condoms?”

“Oh yeah that too I'm all out.”

“I'll see you later.” I hang up and willed myself to get out of bed, I needed bath and some fresh air, but I wasn't in the mood to walk the streets of SilverLake I still felt as if someone was watching me from somewhere. I'd closed my curtains and left my windows open.

When I left home I took very few things with me, just my clothes, my art supplies, and a painting. It was a medium-sized portrait of a golden apple tree in an enchanted garden. The tree's leaves were made of gold and its branches were honey yellow. My dad got me this painting when I was a little girl, it always reminded me of him. He always called me his little apple tree.

He was a good dad at least before he left. So today I was wearing sky blue boyfriend jeans and a black hoodie. I wasn't going into work today and had no classes left today so I had nothing to do… Rider was coming by but it would be a while until then.

I picked up my phone and went on instagram. I went on to Cassidy and Frankie’s pages. I laughed, but it came out spiteful… those two went out without me! There on my screen was a picture of Cass and Frankie with tequila shots at the Pentagon! Unbelievable.

Frankie should be in class at this hour, she went to the best med school in SilverLake, her parents really wanted her to be a doctor. It wasn't her dream, but it would make her family proud. Cassidy was… well Cass just went with the wind and it usually landed her in a bar. My dear friend decided she would not go to college and that she would rather party than read another text book.

She lives off her parents money, her parents are divorced and she's their only child so she gets whatever she wants. It isn't a lavish life, I admire her passion for life, but that's often overshadowed by her extreme lust and excessive drinking.

I'd make them pay for going out without me later. I decided I'd draw for a while just to occupy my mind. I went through my scrap book for inspiration, I drew landscapes, fruit, people and one self portrait.

Maybe I could try to draw my bedroom window with the curtains blowing in the wind? Nah… I saw some double exposure photos online, they were beautiful. I could try that, but it would take a while to draw.

Thirty minutes of erasing and sketching, all I came up with was a girls head and a few strands of hair. I wanted to draw an enchanted forest inside her head and some tiny leaves inside her eyes.

A knock at the door distracted me. I took it as a sign that I needed a break. When I opened the front door I was greeted by the most wonderful man in the world.

“Hey,”Rider said as he pulled me in for a kiss.

“I'm so glad you're here I needed a break.” I said between kisses. He kicked the door shut and proceed to kiss me until the couch.

“What were you doing?”


“Of course.” He smiled. “I brought your yogurt and… something else.” He said, holding out a blue box of condoms.

“How ‘bout we go try them out?” He grinned mischievously. “Mmm… lets go.” I giggled as he picked me up and carried my to my room.

“What are you doing?” Rider asked me when I rolled of the bed and went to the kicthen for a spoon.

“Want some?” I offered him some of my yogurt. His mischievous look faded away now he just look mad. It made me giggle.

“It's really good, strawberry my favorite.” I said. I wanted to tease him for a bit, and it seemed to be working.

He grabbed the yogurt away from and it ended up landing all over my hoodie and bed. Half the tub was gone!

“Damn it Rider! My yogurt.” I whined.

“Serves you right,” he grinned, then ripped of my hoodie...


I was satisfied and also covered in strawberry yogurt, and it was all Rider’s fault. After spilling yogurt maybe by accident, he purposefully covered my breasts in yogurt so he could lick it off. Goodness did it feel good to have his tongue on my skin.

Now we lay naked in my bed, hot and sweating. I felt sticky, but good. The mid afternoon sun was seeping through my curtains, my tummy was telling me I'd missed lunch, buy I didn't care. I could stay here in his arms forever where I felt safe and loved.

“Wanna take a shower together?” He asked. “Of course.” I smiled into his broad hairless chest.

After our long unproductive shower we walked out of the bathroom, feeling more satisfied than before. I dried my hair with an extra towel, Rider came up behind me and placed soft kisses on my shoulders.

Then my phone beeped with a message and ruined the moment.

Do you have time for dinner? There's something I wanted to talk to you about. It's important. -Mom

I cringed, what could be so important? I hope she and Nicholas are not getting married. Gosh no Val it's too soon for that! Or is it? Who knows how long they've been together.

“Something wrong babe?” Rider snapped me out of my absurd thinking.

“No, nothing. Nothing important at least.” I put the phone down, unsure of what to answer my mom.

He eyed me for a minute then shrugged, he sat next to me and started placing kisses on my shoulders again. My phone beeped with notifications that came from my Instagram page. Cassidy tagged me in a picture of the both of them at the Pentagon. Where were you Val?

Haha very funny.

“Where you at the Pentagon again? After what happened?” Rider asked, he sounded shocked.

“Of course not, Cass and Frankie went out last night and they didn't even tell me.” I clarified.

“I really don't want you going there.” He got off the bed started searching for his pants.

“Don't get pissed, please.”

“I just don't want my girlfriend slutting around that's all.”

“Slutting around?” I raised a brow and put my phone down. “Is that what you think I'm doing!”

“I'm just saying I don't want you presenting yourself the way Cassidy does.”

“You basically called her a slut.” I snapped. He was getting dressed quickly now.

“Drop it Ava, I don't want to fight because of her.”

“No! What is your problem? She's my best friend-”

“I know that!... she didn't even listen to you when you were attacked. It wouldn't hurt you just to put some distance.” He was kicking around for his belt.

“Do you have something against Frankie too.” I folded my arms against my chest.

“Avalon I'm your boyfriend I'm only trying to look out for you.” He stood in front of me shirtless.

“Look out for me it's just Cass, is there something I should know?” I asked. He stepped back a little as if stunned.

“Of course not. I'm only… looking out for you. I've got things to do. I'm leaving.”

“Fine.” I yelled. He finished getting dressed, I stared at the window away from him. I knew he hesitated before leaving my room.

I heard the front door close and screamed into my pillow.

“Damn it!”

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