The Moon & The Star

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Dreams Turn To Nightmares

Where was I? I didn't know, I was engulfed by sheer darkness. I wanted to scream for help, but I couldn't. My voice wouldn't leave my mouth. How strange, what was this? I continued to walk, only forward. It was as if something was leading me somewhere. I was utterly alone in deep darkness.

Then suddenly the darkness melted away and sound returned, though I could only hear the sound of my shoes on the concrete floor. I was in ruins of some kind. The walls were burnt, the floor was cracked and the entire ceiling was gone.

It felt like a castle from long ago and I was some sort of Princess. How stupid it felt, but I found myself smiling like a fool when I saw myself in a cream white ball gown. My hair in a sophisticated updo. I saw myself without using a mirror, I looked so graceful then my beauty turned to disgust when my clothes wilted and burned before my eyes.

In an instant I knew I was in danger. The dark corpse like creatures standing behind me confirmed my worry. Tall like beings that looked like decaying skeletons in gray clock's. A whole army of them, charging forward to devour my soul, there I was standing motionless on the spot. Paralysed by fear, there was nothing I could do but watch as my death neared me, as these demons sucked out the light and feed on my flesh…

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