MYRTH the god's daughter

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Myrth is your typical average girl.Good grades,teachers pet and a die hard crazily ambitious best friend.See just your typical normal sixteen year old girl,right?WRONG Myrth is everything but normal or average. She has been bullied as long she can remember. Because of her big green eyes and green with a touch of blue hair,all hate ,teases and pranks were all directed to the green haired freak. Since she was found at the door step of some family in New Zealand,she has always been labeled as the adopted green haired freak hated by everyone including the family that took her in. The one who never complains,the one who always gets the sloppy seconds and hand me downs,the one who never gets any money spent on her and the one who deserves to be last. but what happens when she realise that she is a one of a kind hybrid born yo either save the world or bring it to its downfall.

Fantasy / Other
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~cast & rambling~

Hi to whomever is reading this. This is my first ever written story.

Since its my first please do not expect much
Please give me the motivation to continue with this story
I am 15 so this might be very immature.
Anyway I really don’t care if you read this or not.
JK I really care about your opinion....... not☺☺😂😁😇

I am really excited to show you the inner workings of Myrth’s mind.To the few people reading this.............I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

This are the characters i have chosen

This is Myrth

this is Alaric






mrs cooper

You can totally picture anyone but these are the people i choose to be my characters.

comment,vote and do not forget to enjoy or don’t (i do not control you)

Much love,


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