MYRTH the god's daughter

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chapter 1

Myrth’s POV

“Run! Thalassa run!“,I heard.I looked back but I saw nothing but darkness.“Run!Thalassa run!“,said the voice.I looked again and squinted my eyes to see clearly.But all I saw were shadows were moving about on the stone path.The only light came from a dim street lamp on the other side of the road.

“Run!Filia mea run!“said the voice again.I did not know where the voice was coming from or who was the owner of the voice but I ran as fast as I could towards the light.As I came into the light,I looked back only to see darkness following me.I was confused and scared all at the same time.

The shadows kept coming closer and closer while consuming the light.I looked around for a direction to run to but the shadows had already surrounded me in something like a circle. There was some sort of scent in the air.It smelled like the sea a scent I loved but it also had some sort of disgusting smell like rotten fish which made me feel like throwing up.

The darkness kept coming closer consuming the dim light.I tried to scream but no voice could come out of my throat.It became pitch black.Darkness surrounded me.I could feel the coldness of the darkness on my skin up to my spine.I closed my eyes and waited for the inevitable.

Suddenly,I could no longer feel the darkness.I opened my eyes.I saw a beautiful woman in a white room holding a newborn baby in her arms.The baby was corverd so I could not see it.I could only hear the cries.

The woman looked lovingly at the child and started singing softly to the newborn.I recognised the song as a lullaby in a language i could not understand.

O dulcis venerunt pueri

O veni puella

Oceanum est vocant ad vos

hilarior tunes accumbe in jucuditate

nos ludere,feralis et liberi

In aqua natant

apud nos fabula piscis

esto animo

After the song the surroundings changed .I was back on the street with the dim streetlamp.

I came across two people at the doorstep of a house arguing.“I can not let you do this Sakra”,one of them said.Judging by his voice i knew it was a man.“what choice do we have?If we do not do this he will find her and kill her or worse”,the other with a feminine voice said.I recognised the voice from the woman,the woman who was telling me to run ,the one who was singing. I saw that they had a basket.My basket.The one which I was found in.

The woman put the basket down,rang the bell and they both started running away.“Wait!Wait!Wait!“,I screamed while running after them.“Wait!Wait!Please don’t leave me!Please!“I cried”Don’t leave me here!please”.They didn’t here me .they just left .“please!“i screamed and cried.

I wake up, drenched in sweat.In wreathing pain.Gasping.Longing.A longing so strong it hurt.I have been having this dream for a while now.Hearing the same voice and lullaby ,Seeing the same darkness swallow the same light,seeing the same two people run away and it always ends up with me trying to call out to them.I sit up in bed trying to catch my breath.

Without looking at the clock,I know that it is three am in the morning.I crawl off the bed to the window and slowly push the curtains aside.

The moonlight pours in and bathes everything in its silvery glow.My room is facing the street outside.The same lamp in my dream is where it was still shining dimly.

There’s sudden movement of shadows in the light under the streetlamp and I stagger back simultaneously letting the curtains fall close.

There’s nothing there.There’s nothing there.There’s nothing there′ i tell myself ‘it’s just your imagination’.I have a wild imagination. I do. My dad says so.I sit back on my bed,hugging and rocking myself.

The dreams started the one week ago.And it has occured to me at least four times.At first I thought it was just a one time thing but as days go by it has started occurring to me more frequently.

The voice in my dreams,I frown as i tried to remember the woman’s name.I remember her voice,her face but not her name.Every time I wake up, I forget her name.“Thalassa....“,she called me.Only thalassa isn’t my name.Is it?


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