MYRTH the god's daughter

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chapter 2

Myrth’s POV

I’m an outcast.

I’m the girl who is the freak of the whole school. Scratch that I am the freak the whole town. Maybe even the freak of the whole country.

My name is Myrth Mona Cooper. I am the ‘daughter’ of the vice mayor of this town, who happens to be the sister of the vice president of this country. Yes! I have connections.



Those connections do not apply to me at ALL!

They only apply to the cooper family. I know you’re wondering ‘what is this freak show saying? Her last name is literally Cooper’. Well you guys are wroooong!


On the papers I am a cooper. But in the real world I am just the girl who was found on the doorstep of the cooper family.

Yes, I am adopted.

My mother’s adviser or as I call her Mrs. Cooper, was advised that adopting a child would look great in the public.

I was found in a basket wrapped in nothing but a blue blanket. There was also a note.

This is Myrth Mona our child. You seem like a nice family so I am leaving her in your care. Please accept her for who she is. Love, MG, BG, SG

The letter also had a picture with a letter and a silver chain which had an emerald at the center a diamond that reminds me of the moon and a ruby as red as blood on the other side that was supposed to be given to me when I reached a certain age. Luckily for me, I was given the moment I learned to read. Note the sarcasm.

I didn’t open it.

So there it lies untouched, under my bed till the day that I’ll find the courage to open it. Which might just be... never?

Actually I am a very bold and courageous my head that is. I only speak when spoken to. I never complain, even when things are far from fair. I am the perfect little daughter.

I used to be loved once upon a time by one of the three people who didn’t treat me like trash. Mr. Cooper. He believed that everyone should be treated equally and should not be discriminated for just the way they look.

He had the heart of a leader, brave and loyal. His smile could light up a room and his soul was as gentle as his touch. Not in the creepy way though but in a fatherly kind of way.

Mr.Cooper was given to the heavens on the same day that was my tenth birthday .OnMay 11, 2034,he gave his last breath, saving mine. I am forever grateful .Mylife went south on that fateful day

I was blamed for his death. Everyone said that I should have been the one to die in that car crash. The look in Mrs. Cooper eyes when my birthday arrives says it all. My birthday will haunt her forever. It shall haunt me forever.

My life is shit.

Just shit.










Do you get it? It’s pure shit.

Every day of my pathetic existence I wish that I was the one who died in the car crash. I lost the only person who truly cared about me and truly valued my worth.

Enough about that let us focus on something else shall we.

My mother, siblings and cousins all look alike. My entire family look alike, well everyone but me.

I am an outcast.

When everyone in my family looks very normal with brown and hazel eyes, brown hair and tanned skin, I stick out like a sore thumb.

I have biggest most unnatural shade of mint green eyes, sickly pale skin and when I hit puberty I became very curvy with very long legs. And the last but certainly not least is my green with a touch of blue waist length hair. And no I did not dye it. It is my natural hair color.

I have been bullied because of that every single day of my life.

Why hasn’t this bitch dyed it yet?

Is she crazy, stupid or dumb?

First of all i am neither stupid nor dumb okay!I might be a tiny bit crazy but that is very much irrelevant at this point.

Actually......... on my birthday,the day he died, Mr. Cooper told me to never change for others but to remain true to myself.

Come to think of it, it sounds like a motivational poster that you would find in a therapist’s office.Just saying.

Any way he said that it reminded he said it reminded him of the sea. That is the only reason I keep it natural. It also annoys my mom so that’s a plus.

Everyday I wonder to myself why wasn’t i born normal?. Why wasn’t i born in a family in a family who would care for me, protect me and love me for just the way i am? sometimes i just wish i was a normal teen girl.But the wise man said if wishes were mother fucking unicorns beggars would climb on their sparkly backs shitting rainbows and fly into the sunset.

It doesn’t go like that but you get the point.

i have considered committing suicide so that i can finally be free and escape this prison called earth, but i decided against it.

you wanna know why? I’ll tell you why!

i will never give those bullies the satisfaction of seeing me dead.I will never give them the satisfaction of them knowing that they have gotten to me. So that is why i face each day with a big wide watermelon smile.

And each and every night i go to sleep with one thing in mind...

I will make each and everyone of them pay. I don’t know when and i most definitely don’t know how, but i swear on my pathetic existence that i will.


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I forgot to tell you that this book will be filled with with a lot of cursing, violence and other stuff. So if you are not comfortable with that you know what to do.

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