MYRTH the god's daughter

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chapter 3

Myrth’s POV

“Myrth, let’s go! If you are not down here in ten minutes, you are going to be late for school!”

So, what’s the problem with that?

Why, can’t they let a girl get some sleep? Considering the fact I haven’t slept throughout the night. I don’t even like school. Isn’t that surprising! A nerd not liking school, bearing in mind that I get straight A+ in all of my classes.

“Five more minutes”, I mumble rolling over.

“Come on, lazy bones! You need to eat before school”. My fifteen year old sister, Natalie pulls the covers over my head.

Eat! That means food.

That is all it takes to make me hop out of my bed.

“I knew that would get you up! Lazy lady! Its mom’s orders,” She says her voice laced with amusement. “and by the way happy birthday”. Oh right today is the day i was brought into this goddamn world.The ring around her head is a dull yellow. Its bright yellow when she is happy, calm or just around me and dull yellow when she is angry, sad and other negative emotions.

Does she keep a ring around her head that shows her emotions?

The hell it is not! Since I was born I could see people’s auras. At first I thought everyone could see them. But I realized it was only me when I was called crazy in the second grade. Since then I learned to keep things to myself.

And no I do not have telekinesis and I can’t read people’s mind but that would have been so cool.

Natalie is my favorite sister. Actually, she is my only sister who does not hate me with a burning passion. So that a plus.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize why she is sad. Today is her dad’s death anniversary.

“Catherine is already down stairs rambling about how she kicked your ass in volleyball yesterday in school.”

“So, let her shine,” I tell her, making my way towards the bathroom. Natalie giggles in response.She knows i can take her down but lucky for her i really don’t give shit. She is the only one who knows the real me. My best friend is an exception obviously. So let me rephrase that the only member in my family who knows the real me.

Natalie looks badass as always. She is wearing black yoga pants, a black V-neck and a black leather jacket to match. Her dark brown hair is pulled back in a high ponytail.

“You look better with your hair down,” I tease.

“Oh please!” She rolls her eyes. I am surprised they have not already fallen out of their sockets. “I’ll look good even if I shaved my head bald”.

Natalie is queen conceited. Always and forever!

The thing is that she is right. But I will never tell her that it will only boost her already massive ego.

“Uh huh, Yeah right. Whatever floats your boat,” I tell her while brushing my teeth.

“You know I’m right. You’re just jealous.”

“Me? Jealous of you? Ha! Keep on dreaming wanna be,” I tease.

“By the way here is your birthday gift”,she said while rolling her eyes from my previous comment. It was a brand new set of paint that i wanted and a set of brushes along side. i hug her and tell her that she is the best sister ever.” you know i am”,she replies.

After her comment she mumbles a ‘see ya’ and leaves my room climbing down the ladder. I know what you are thinking. Does the freak living in a tree house? I wish! I live in the motherfucking attic.

“Hurry up! You are driving your sister to school,” my sweet considerate kind caring mother shouts from down stairs. Sike! Mrs. Cooper is anything but sweet, considerate, kind or caring. Especially when I’m in the picture.′ Since when did I become Natalie’s fucking chauffeur?′ I wanted to shout back but I kept my sarcastic mouth shut. Not wanting to deal with her lectures and complaints this early in the morning.

I hastily get ready for school throwing on a pair of light blue jeans and a black V-neck of my own. I try not to dress up since my clothes will be ruined before the day ends. My waist length, green hair is tangled as usual. But a little water and brush does the trick every time.

I braid my hair into a thick braid and then stuff it in my black beanie. I wash my face with a little bit of water. The tub looks very tempting but I rather not keep my mother dearest waiting. Not wanting an earful, I take a moment to look at myself in the mirror. My thick my eyebrows are arched as usual and my green eyes -almost the same color as my hair- look duller than usual.

Once I’m ready I grab my black fluffy sweater and put my finished assignments and others in my backpack. I throw on my black high-tops. Before I climb down the ladder I look around my room.

Sketches of my weird dreams are scattered around my desk. Paintings and murals are on the walls giving my room a splash of color. The unopened letter is stuck under my bed next to my baby blanket or rather the remains of it.

I subconsciously bring my hand to the necklace that lies in the middle of my chest.

Since I had worn it I had never taken it off. It is the only thing I have that reminds me of the place I came from.

The smell of buttermilk, sweet cream butter and hot maple syrup hits me hard and strong. The maid Mrs. rife made pancakes again. Yuuuummmyyyyyyy! The best creation in the entire world. My favorite food that I can have for breakfast, lunch and supper.

“Good morning Myrth! Glad that you could finally join us,” Greets Mrs. Rife cheerfully.“happy birthday!“,she adds while placing a plate stacked with pancakes drenched in thick maple syrup with blue berries on top down in front of me.

“Thank you” I say quickly before I dive right in to my pancakes. Hmmmmm! They are so good!

“Where is Cathy,” asks Natalie, taking a bite into her pancakes as well. I swear, she just moaned from the taste.

“She already left for school. Like the good daughter she is,” says mother dearest. The aura around her is bright red showing that she is proud of her eldest daughter. “Unlike some people here who can’t even seem to wake up in the morning” she adds looking straight at me with a look of disdain plastered on her face.

News flash bitch! I don’t give a flying fuck. Never have, never will.

Natalie rolls her eyes and mutters under her breath. “She only went early to get some in the closet like the slut she is.”

Mrs. Cooper whips her head so fast, she almost gives herself whiplash. “What did you say,” she says.

“Nothing mother.”

Mother dearest looks at her clearly not believing her but she brushes it off.

“Oh happy birthday Myrth,“Mrs. Cooper adds. The only reason she remembers is because today is the day Mr. Cooper died. I can’t help but feel guilty for his death.“i will give you your gift after school”.

That’s new.


After breakfast, I got into my black mustang that was given to me. Yeah right, it was a hand me down from Catherine when she got a new red Mercedes Benz for her seventeenth birthday. Yes we are the same mother fucking age. Excuse my French.

Madison got in and I started the engine.

Of to the hell hole disguised as a school we go.


Sorry for not updating. Hopefully i will update more oftenly.

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