MYRTH the god's daughter

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chapter 4

Myrth’s POV

I drop my binder.

This is bound to happen when you have been tripped on your way to your locker. I crash on the floor. My notes and assignments scatter on the hallway floor.

I swear I am not the clumsy type. I tripped because of a fucking foot that was in my mother fucking way.

I try to ignore the laughter and comments of me as I crawl around the floor trying to pick up my shit. But that’s kind of hard when you have ears like mine but over the years i have learned to tune them out.

People passing by kick my papers further and further away from my reach. Walking over my papers leaving dirty shoe prints on them.

This people are really getting on my nerves.

My anger starts rise. My vision tints from red to yellow to black but I calm myself down chanting my mantra.

They are not worth it.

They are not worth it.

Your time and energy is way too valuable to waste on these pathetic excuses of human beings.

This will end.

Just one more year of this bullshit then you are out of this hell hole of a prison. I reach for my A+ Biology project that I worked so hard on, a sparkly red designer six inch high heel is placed on top of it.

“Well hello there greeny,“she said with a smirk.

Really?! Greeny she could not come up with a better insult.

I gritted my teeth, my papers crumpling in my clenched fists. I ignore the buzzing going through my entire being.

“Hello, Catherine.”

Her manicured hand grabbed my hat and threw it across the hall. She then grabbed my hair forcing me to stand up. She then twisted her hand making me drop my binder and everything in it once again due to the immense pain shooting through my scalp.

I smirked. “What’s wrong Catherine? You still hate the name mommy gave you?“I cooed at her.

She glared at me, and twisted my head. This only let me stare into her cold, brown eyes. The maroon ring around her head was glowing showing me that she was actually enjoying making me suffer.

“I never knew this is how you show sisterly affection.”

She came closer to me letting me smell her disgusting expensive perfume of roses. My green eyes looked through my clear rimmed glasses and onto her own. “You’re not my sister. Even if you were my sibling do you even consider yourself a girl.”

At the final word, she let go of my hair making me crash on the floor, landing on my butt.My glasses fall off. I winced at the pain. I did my best to stand up but she knocked me on the ground again by shoving me down.

I wanted to give a sarcastic come back but I decided against it. I have learned if you keep your mouth shut. The faster they get bored and the faster they leave me alone.

“Be sure to stay where you are.” She growls at me lowly before adding, “At the bottom along with the dirt and trash that you are.”

So what bitch your opinions don’t matter especially to me.

She started laughing with her friends.

“I rather be trash at least the trash is ten times more attractive than your skinny and smelly ass you fucking slut,” my best friend Eva comes to my rescue.

She did not reply.

Eve raised her eyebrow. “What’s wrong? Can’t come up with ay comebacks lately, Catherine?”

Catherine just sized her up but didn’t say anything.

“Cat got your tongue or the all the dicks you have been sucking have finally gotten to your voice box? But it’s most definitely the latter,” Eva says.

Now that’s my girl. I held back a snicker of oohs and aahs erupted from the crowd that had begun to surround us. Eva couldn’t help but smirk at the reaction she was getting.

“Whatever,” was Catherine’s response.She stomped on my glasses shattering them completely.Good thing i don’t need them.i have perfect vision some will say too perfect. I just wear them to hide how unusually green my eyes actually are.

She turned and sashayed down the hallway with her two brainless bimbos Emily & Vanessa following behind her with their heels clicking.

The crowd parted like the red sea not wanting to be caught in the three musketeers’ wrath.After the musketeers left, the crowd followed suit going back to whatever they were doing.

“WHY DIDN’T YOU DEFEND YOURSELF FROM THE BROWN SNAKE?!“, Eva whisper shouts in my ear while helping me pick up my stuff”YOU COULD HAVE TOTALLY TAKEN HER DOWN”. I continue picking up my torn and ruined papers and shoving it in my bag.Note to self keep your stuff in your bag.

i ignore her and we make our way to my locker, carefully avoiding every pair of shoe. Once at my locker i start taking the ruined papers making a mental to throw them away later.“Happy birthday bitch”, Eva says while handing me a black box.

I open it only to be met with a beautiful charm bracelet with three stones. an emerald, a diamond and a ruby.My eyes widened with surprise and awe. “it’s too expensive i can’t have it, “i say while trying to return it.” NO! keep it i’m loaded. besides it matches your necklace” “Oh! My1 God!Thank you so much!Your the best!“,i scream and bring her into a tight hug.” Can’t breathe”she manages to squeeze out.

Immediately i let her go.

“damn bitch are you sure your not secretly the hulk”,she says in a shaky breath. ” oh shut up” i retort.

Once she has regained her breath, Eva starts her daily gossip and updates while leaning on the locker next to mine. I think it is her obligated duty to inform me of everything that happens in this hellhole.“Did you hear of the two guys transferring to our school?”

Of course i did not. But i wont tell her that. She really hates it when someone interrupts her while she is talking about something she thinks is serious. and judging by the look on her face and the ring around her head it is pretty serious.

I simply nod my head. She gives me the i know-you-lying face but decided to continue anyway.” Anyway, i heard that they are eye candy. Legend has it if you look directly in their eyes you will be blinded by their god like beauty.”

Did i mention that Eva is boy crazy. She is so pretty with her rare beauty and exotic features. All the guys flock around her like a moth to flame. But she is only attracted to guys who are players and those who don’t give shit about anyone. or in other word badboys. i usually ask her ‘why’ and she always replies ‘i love a good challenge.’

“My point is they are HOOOOOT. I heard they are two of them so we can each have one”, she says with a suggestive voice.She nudges me with her elbow. I look at her and i see a smirk plastered across her face and an evil glint in her amber coloured eyes. Her ring was practically shining brighter than the stars in the sky. ” i know i can get one of them if not both, but i don’t even think they will even glance your way with that ugly face i’m pretty sure they will run for the hills,” i say with a smirk of my own.

At first she looks taken back. Her hand across her chest as if i had just shot her in the heart the other one on her forehead. “that hurt right here”, she says with a pout.

Did i mention that this girl has a flare for dramatics? apparently not.

Her grin was soon back on her face. ” Bitch please, no one can resist this “, Eva adds while gesturing to her body and face. She was dressed in black ripped jeans, and a white crop hoodie and a choker to match. Her long brown and golden hair cascading down her back in curls.

“We could both have boyfriends, go for double dates, have a joined wedding and even our kids will fall in love with each oth-“, i cut her off. ” are you seriously thinking about kids right now?” i ask her. ” you know you want to”, she replies the ear to ear grin never leaving her face. she wiggles her eyebrows in a suggestive manner or at least tries to. I couldn’t help but laugh at her.

“Hey! At least i made you laugh”, she said while gesturing to my face. I roll my eyes. Looks like natalie is rubbing on me.

I close my locker and almost immediately the first bell before the tardy bell rings.

The front doors open and every single person in the hallway turn and face the commotion. Two bulky figures came into view. “Daaaamn”, Eva says.

Damn indeed.

The two greek gods strut in. Every single soul in their way unabashedly gawk them. Frozen in awe of their unnatural beauty. The seemed to walk in slow motion walking long calculated strides. Their auras were so strong they seemed to overshadow the rest of the students. My eyes seemed to fixated on the guy on the right. His aura keeps on changing from silver and all the other shades of blue in the most hypnotizing way. The other guys aura also seems to change from green to yellow but it isn’t as strong or half as alluring as the other one. i couldn’t look away even if i tried.

Their eyes seem to move from every student. If i knew better i would say are searching for something or someone. Their eyes keep going back and forth.

Silver cerulean eyes snap to my emerald green ones.

My breath seems to be caught in my breath .The world seemed to stop and so did my heart.


cliffhangers, am right?

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It’s a bit long. I will try to make others as long. i said try.

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word count : 1750

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