MYRTH the god's daughter

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chapter 5

Myrth’s POV

“cringggggg”, the tardy bell rings. Everyone in the hall snap out of their daze. They leave running to the direction of their classes. Soon after the halls were empty leaving Eva, the two guys and I staring at each other.

My eyes are still fixated on the guy that I haven’t even noticed them walking to our direction. “The two gods are coming this way!” Eva whisper shouts in my ear and I am pretty sure the guys have heard her judging by the cocky smirks attached on their faces.

He is a very gorgeous man that looked like he was carved out by Greek Gods themselves. Scratch that he is a Greek God. His smell invaded my nose. Oh my goodness! It is so mouth watering. It is a mixture of sandalwood, mulberry and expensive perfume.

Close your mouth you’re drooling. My subconscious yelled at me.

My breath is caught in my throat.

He has straight hair as black as the midnight sky. It is cut short on one side a few strands fall on his face. I just want to run my fingers through it. His skin is a sun-kissed tan, showing me that he spends most of the time outside.

He has a very strong and muscular demeanor; his back muscles would flex slightly when he moves. His chest is strong, and his rock hard abs struggle against the grey cotton shirt he is wearing. His skin looks very soft; I imagine it would feel like silk stretched over metal.

My eyes travel across his face. He has high cheekbones and the most full luscious pink lips. I lick my lips thinking of all the things he could do with that mouth and tongue.

Woah! Woah! Woah! Hold up! Since when did I become such a horny hormonal teenager? That’s Eva’s job.

His jawline sharp. An aristocratic nose in the middle of his face, making him look Royal in some way. His eyes are guarded by thick long eyelashes.

I think I stopped breathing.

From afar it looks plain silver and blue. But in a close range I notice that I was sorely mistaken. His eyes were the color of the Caribbean Sea; a sea that would look beautiful even if there’s bad weather. A sea that I would love to drown in.

A touch a green is present too.

It was in the center of the eyes, representing the kelp that would decorate the oceans bottom. It is like an explosion of color around the pupil.

The outer ring of the eyes is a dark blue then silver; a color of the storm.

Then it clicks inside of my head.

He is looking at me.

I closed my mouth and took a big breath in. A smirk formed on his lips.

I feel something warm on my cheeks.

I am blushing.

“Stop eye fucking the new guy hoe”, Eva says with an amused look on her face. Her comment only makes my blush to intensify. I am a hundred percent sure that my face looks like a ripe tomato.

“Hey, are you going to keep staring at me like a bitch in heat at me or are you going to say hi?” a guys says

His voice was deep and melodic like a lovely tune with no music.

I snap out of my daze realizing what he said was offensive. “Are you deaf or something” he adds.

Oh God, Why are the hottest ones always the most rude and cocky.

I can’t seem to produce any words so I stand there glaring at him. I swear if looks could kill he’ll be six feet under. My body busses with anger. I can’t decide if I want to hit him or kiss him.

“If I were you, I would stare at us too”, this time it is the other guy that said it.

One rude guy is enough, but two. Seriously! Can these guys become more self-absorbed? Their egos are bigger than the whole continent of Africa.

I look at Eva who is staring at moss eyes.

Yes I named him moss eyes and the other can be ocean eyes. I am not the most creative person when it comes to the department of name making. Trust me I know.

Eva’s and green eyes auras are in sync as if they were just meant to be near each other. And they are shining with so much intensity, I am afraid I will go blind by just staring at them.

Eva is shooting daggers at him with her eyes but her pupils were dilated telling me she finds him super attractive.

Don’t judge me; I took a psychology class online at one point. What can I say I’m Wikipedia smart.

“Don’t flatter yourselves, I have seen pigs more handsome than you”, I state. I am a bad bitch.

With that I grab Eva’s arm and we head to class leaving the two guys in the hallway.

When we get to our history class, Mr. wilder is in front the class facing the board writing some stuff on it. “This is a one in a million chance; we can sneak in and pretend we were in before the bell rang”,Eva whispers to me. I nod and she starts making gestures. She points to the door with two fingers. Then she rolls on the ground to the other side. What did I say earlier? Oh yes a flare for dramatics.

I roll my eyes and crawl on the floor to her side making sure no one sees me through the small window on the door.

I grab the door handle and turn it slowly and leave it open enough for us to walk in. We crawl in Eva leading the way once she makes it to her seat she gestures for me to do the same. Easy for her to say she sits near the door. You see Mr. Wilder arranged us to seat alphabetically. While she seats near the door I seat at the back.

I crawl to my seat then stand up crouching over to make myself as small as possible. I glance at Mr. Wilder every two seconds to make sure he is still writing on the board.

I am about fifty centimeters away from my seat. I let out a breath of relief. I can’t believe Eva’s plan actually worked. I am so going to text her a cute gif expressing my gratitude.

My celebration is cut short by Mr. Wilder. “What do you think you’re doing miss cooper?,” he asks.

Oh Shit!

I turn back to see him still writing on the board.

What the fuck! How does he do that? Does he have super powers?

I ran the scenarios in my head and finally settle on the most reasonable one. He was hit with a huge stick on the head as a child, went into a coma and woke up with enhanced hearing abilities. Not to brag but I am really light on my feet.

After he finishes writing whatever on the board, he turns and looks at me. I try to figure out his feelings through his aura but it is constantly the same shade of brown. He is one of the few people who seem to have only one shade that doesn’t change.

His expression is blank as he looks. ” I.....uhh.....ummmm......“, I stammer not knowing what to say in this situation.

He opens his mouth to say something but is cut off by the door opening. Ocean eyes and Moss, eyes from earlier, strut in looking like they own the place.

What is this? Some kind of run away?

They hand something to Mr. Wilder. He scans quickly through it and looks up to me and says “you may sit down but don’t think this is over”.

I take my seat and he continues talking. “These are our new students. I hope you will welcome them accordingly. Do either of you want to say something?“, he asks them his voice slightly quivering. Wait is Mr. wilder scared of the new guys? Ocean eyes shakes his head, an amused expression on his face.

“Okay then, we seat in alphabetical order so Nicholas you will be sitting next to Myrth and Farah you will be sitting next to Eva”, he says.

Whispers pass across the class like the flu. I take my time to listen with my ‘super’ hearing.

“The girls are so lucky”

“I wish I was them”

“Nicholas is so hot”

“No Farah is hotter”

“I’ll have them both”

“I can’t believe they got stuck with the freak and the freaks sidekick”

The last comment kind of hurts me but I shrug it off. Ocean eyes starts walking towards me.

So his name is Nicholas. Nah ocean eyes suits him more.

He plops down to the empty seat next time. I am a lone wolf that is why I sit alone. Sike! My partner transferred from this class apparently even sitting next to me makes you unpopular.

I look around the class. The girls are fixing themselves up and sending flirty looks to the guys. I can’t help but roll my eyes them.

The class continues but I can’t focus on what the teacher is saying because of the intoxicating mouth watering smell of sandalwood, mulberry and expensive perfume coming from the hot but cocky guy next to me.

God he smells so good!

I can’t help but lean in closer to have a whiff of his smell.

During the rest of the lesson I try to focus. I can’t. Good thing I am ahead in all of my classes. I feel someone staring at me. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who it is. I bite my bottom lip struggling not to look at the sex god next to me.

The bell rings and I let out a breath of relief. Finally I can get away from this guy. It’s taking every fiber in me to not jump his bones right now. Ugh! Why did God have to create such a perfect specimen?

I grab my things and go to the door where Eva is waiting for me.

“Cooper, summers are you forgetting something?” Mr. wilder asks. He has a thing of calling people with their surnames. We turn around and I see ocean eyes I mean Nicholas and Farah standing beside him.

“Yes Mr. Wilder?” we say simultaneously with the most innocent smiles plastered across our faces.

“Don’t think I have forgotten about the stunt you pulled earlier. But since you are among my best students I will let this slide,” Mr. Wilder says.

What’s the catch! There is always a catch with this guy.

“What’s the catch? “Eva asks while folding her arm across her chest.

“Ah you know me so well miss summers. As the partners Night and Smither you will be their guides and since your schedules are almost the same you will be escorting them to class,” he says.

“what if we refuse?” I ask. “The other option is detention for a month,” he says.

My eyes are as wide as saucers. A MONTH! IS THIS MAN OUT OF HIS MIND?

“Sidebar?” Eva asks. “Yeah sure but make it quick,” he says. We turn around and hunch over. “I don’t know about you but I think we should take the offer. I mean a few days showing these two around is better than a whole month of doing god knows what in detention,” I state looking at Eva expectantly. “Okay fine. The only reason I am agreeing to this is because they hot as hell! I mean have you seen Farah’s jaw line. He is my type of flavor. I can’t wait for a taste.”

And the boy crazed hormonal psycho is back. I give you Eva Summers!

We turn around and I say yes. The two cocky bastards walk right past us out the door. “You coming?” Farah asks. “Sometime today,” Nicholas adds.

Oh my apple syrup covered pancakes! WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO!


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