Blood, Betrayal, and Bonds

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Book One of Revelation Series The Great Coming nearly destroyed the human & vampire races. The hatred they had for each other was astronomical. It took the werewolves and fae interference for them to agree to specific terms. Blood for protection. Protection for blood. A treaty was signed, and all was well for 700 years. After 700 years, some humans no longer want to give blood, and some vampires no longer wish to provide protection. Farsiris (human) and Archeron (vampire) are next in line for the throne. They meet for the first time at The Conference of Heirs. When they meet, the attraction between them is immediate. It's unheard of two races being involved with each other romantically. Some go as far as to say it's against tradition. Are they willing to tempt fate? Blood spills again. Betrayal comes from those least expected. Bonds will be tested, broken, and made. 18+ content included Adult language, sexual content, and violence Cover made by GetCovers

Fantasy / Romance
Rachel G
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The year was 3540, and there were six races in the world. The four major races consisted of the Faes, Humans, Werewolves, and Vampires. The minor race was the Witches. The witches liked to keep to themselves and would only fight if someone threatened their covens. The enforcers were elves. The Elf Nation held strong magic, were perfect archers, and conniving seducers.

The Great Coming of 3540 was a dark time for the races of the world. Fear, greed, and power ran rampant throughout all lands. The humans and vampires were enthralled in war. The werewolves and fae tried their best to restore peace.

To the vampires, it was quite simple. They wanted access to any human. They would drain the humans of all the blood they possibly could before leaving them a few feet from death's doorstep. They didn't see the value in human life. The only thing the vampires coveted was human blood—the very blood needed for the vampires to survive.

Humans saw the vampires as filth. In their minds, there was no need for them. They knew vampires were only a threat to humans. The best solution for them was staking every vampire. Humans often questioned if the vampires had a purpose for being amongst us.

As tensions grew, the Werewolves and Fae could no longer stand on the sideline. Too many needless and senseless deaths were transpiring. They knew something needed to change, so they called an emergency Conference of the Kings. They had one goal, to get a treaty signed.

The Werewolf Alpha, Human King, Vampire King, and Fae Royalty sat around a crescent-shaped table.

Alpha Bryant's calculating gaze swept around each man at the table. "Thank you for taking the time to meet with one another. There has been more than enough bloodshed on each side. We must end this war today."

King Sinclair, the King of Vampires, smirked as he looked towards the human king. "We don't mind the blood."

King Daniel, the King of Humans, scoffed at the sarcastic undertone sent his way. "No, of course, you don't. Your kind needs our blood to survive. Nothing but blood-sucking leeches, the lot of you."

King Nathaniel, the King of Fae, cleared his throat to diffuse the stare-off between the dueling kings. "Let's all settle down and speak like the civilized men that we are. It's time for all to be better than we have been."

King Sinclair stiffly nodded before he asked, "Have the witches made their stance on this issue known?"

King Nathaniel shook his head. "The witches are indifferent. They are tucked away in their covens with no dog in the fight. They will only be an issue to those stupid enough to bother them."

King Daniel looked to the stone-faced alpha. He didn't want to be there for any longer than necessary."What are the terms of this proposed treaty?"

"It is quite simple," Alpha Bryant said, "Blood for protection. Protection for blood."

King Daniel's face reddened as he jumped to his feet. There was no way he would allow his people to be suppliers. "My people will not be blood dummies!"

King Sinclair laughed at the terms laid out. He regarded anything concerning the lives of humans as humor. "Protection from what? There is no need great enough to put my people at risk for those only here to provide our nourishment."

King Nathaniel slammed his fists on the table. He was growing more frustrated the more they spoke. "Sit down, shut up, and listen! The humans will draw their blood into blood bags at their hospitals. The total number of bags will require enough blood for a month. Blood can only be drawn from those between the ages of 18-60 years. Anyone ill or pregnant will be exempt from giving blood that month. Delivery must be made at the border every fifth of the month. An elf will accompany you on the delivery to ensure no issues arise."

Alpha Bryant nodded as he picked up where Nathaniel left off. "Ghouls have become an issue for humans as of late. The vampires' special abilities can assist them in this matter. As you know, Ghouls are creatures of the night that feast on human flesh. The vampires' job would be to thwart the ghoul's efforts. Protection will start at sundown and end at sunrise. Humans will need to provide lodging and blood for the vampires on duty."

The two kings looked warily at each other. Once they broke their stares, they spoke simultaneously. "If we decline?"

Nathaniel looked at both as he shrugged. "Elf Nation would get involved."

The two warring Kings looked back at each other across the table. No one wanted the elves in their territory. The last time the elves were sent somewhere to teach a lesson, they came close to ensuring the Sunrise Pack's extinction.

Alpha Bryant cleared his throat to gain their attention. "It would do both of you well to remember; Elf Nation will become involved anytime an issue arises. As we mentioned before, a representative from Elf Nation will be present every fifth of the month."

King Daniel's gaze quickly shifted to the nearby window. "Are they here now to ensure our signature?"

The Alpha and Fae nodded their heads. The two other kings understood that the elves were only waiting for the word to shoot their arrows. An elf would not miss their shot.

As they sat around the crescent-shaped table, silence rang out. If you listened closely enough, you could hear their shallow breaths. Neither of them wanted to give in, but they had to think of the remaining survivors. The women, children, and elderly were going stir crazy in their hidden locations. Both sides were losing their soldiers quicker than ever. They realized the Alpha and Fae were right. Something needed to give.

The first to relent was King Daniel. He sighed as he said, "Fine. The sooner the elves leave, the better. My second born will make the monthly delivery. Where do I sign?"

The Vampire King nodded as he stated, "I will sign, but I expect delivery fifteen minutes before sunrise. I will not tolerate tardiness. My second born's life depends on timely delivery."

Each King signed their formal name on the treaty. They signed with the hope that future generations would continue to uphold this treaty and live better amongst themselves than they had.

Alpha Bryant stood and looked towards the Kings. "We will walk out of these doors as a united front. You will call off your forces. When we see both sides retreat, we will notify the elves to leave."

As they walked outside, the cries, screams, and grunts were overpowering. Charred trees and orange afterglow in the sky surrounded them. Deep down, they knew this was the correct decision. The humans' and vampires' lives would be spared, and they would live in peace.

Above the growing noise, the King of Humans hollered, "Commander, let our front lines know to retreat. This war is over. They must meet us at the border with the vampires. No vampires are to be harmed."

The King of Vampires looked towards his chairman as he said, "Council Chairman, inform our Head of Clans that this war is no longer. All are required to meet us at the border with the humans. No humans are to be harmed or bitten."

As the humans and vampires gathered at the border, there was unease and distrust. It was now up to their leaders to ease their worries and set out their new life terms outside of war.

Above all the chatter, the Fae called out, "Ladies, gentlemen, and children of humans & vampires, I am King Nathaniel of the Fae. I thank you for ceasing this war. Your leaders will take this moment to speak to all of you. Please understand that what they say must be followed or there will be dire consequences."

Nathaniel nodded his head towards a nearby hilltop. An arrow zipped through the sea of people. It struck a burnt tree. A collective gasp flowed through while everyone looked around for the bow that released it.

"Don't bother looking," Alpha Bryant said, "Elves are along the surrounding hilltops. I am Alpha Bryant. If your leaders' instructions are not followed, you will have to answer to the elves. I am more than certain you wish not to do that."

The King of Humans looked to his people. He tried to mask his hesitation to this treaty. "My people, we have entered a mutually beneficial treaty with the vampires. We are to provide a monthly supply of blood for their nightly protection. The blood will come from 18-60-year-olds. No ill or pregnant women will participate. The blood draws will only occur in our hospitals."

"Vampires, we are to provide nightly protection against the Ghouls in exchange for their monthly supply of blood," the King of Vampires quickly said to his people.

A mixture of disbelief and anger flooded through humans and vampires. They could not believe their leaders went through with this treaty. Some thought this was the best for each race, but there were pockets of people who disagreed.

The Fae raised his voice for all to hear, "It would do you well to remember that the elves are anxiously waiting for one of you to make a mistake. One mistake equals death. There will be zero tolerance."

With that, the turmoil and killing ended. Everyone retreated to their homes to rebuild. They knew they needed to prepare to report for the terms of the treaty.

Things were rocky at first and were far from perfect, but they quickly made it work. None of them wanted retribution from the elves.

Through the years, the human royalties passed away. While the vampire royalty lived considerably longer, they would also pass away due to unforeseen circumstances. Continued peace would be dependent on their descendants.

Seven hundred years passed before any issue arose. Resentment and greed slinked out of hiding.

Blood spilled once again.
Betrayal came from the least expected.
Bonds were tested, broken, and formed.

How would the leaders of today handle the responsibility of abiding by the treaty?
Would they right the ship or veer off course? Would they be prepared to face what's ahead?

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