War and honour

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War has returned. Once again the Rad'suls set out to conquer new land to honour their empire. But something has changed in the world, things don't go as expected. The Onaghas repel the invaders and while the empire prepares to deal with an unexpected challenge, the soldier Raidus will undertake a long journey in the attempt to honour his empire. However the consequences of his journey will soon have a great impact on himself and on the whole world...

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Initial Premise

First of all, a thanks to whoever will choose to read this work of mine.

A heartfelt thanks.

This work was born with the intention of being an introduction to a D&D campaign (known role-playing game for the infidels), an idea later abandoned. So I decided to transform everything into a proper book. Because of this the first part of the prologue may seem a bit more cumbersome to some you but since it is an integral part of the world I want to create, I chose to leave it intact (if only for nostalgia since I was 15 years old when I wrote it). But starting from the end of the second/beginning of the third part of the prologue, everything’s written to be what this work wants to be now. A book written for fun that may entertain you too if you choose to give it a look.

Also a quick notice to say that this book is originally written in Italian and then translated by myself in English, therefore please forgive my mistakes when and if they will show up.

With that said I won’t go on much longer. Happy reading, and let me know what you think by sending me a message (I’m always curious).

Thanks again,

Lorenzo Massimo Leone

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