The Lost Kingdom

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Chapter Four

Swallowed the Sea

It was the storm that hit us first. Thankfully the crew was smart enough to tie the sails up to prevent them from getting ripped away by the winds. The ships in the distance seemed to have lost interest when they saw us put our sails away. They probably didn’t realize how fast the storm traveled until it hit our ship. I stayed in my room for as long as I could, attempting to avoid anyone and everyone on board. The cracking of thunder and the flashes of lightning had me cowering in my room. A childhood fear I suppose I never really got over. The rocking of the ship only grew more violent as the storm went on. Everyone hiding away on their own. Some, those who I presume have been in storms as bad as this one, had begun to tie themselves in a fearsome panic, one that shocked me. They were crazed, screaming their pleas and curses to the wind.

I wasn’t sure how long I had hidden away myself but I managed to put on a brave face and venture outside. To say the storm was fierce was an understatement. The winds screamed and howled, the rain coming down like arrows from a bow. The instant that I stepped out into the rain I found myself drenched in rainwater alone. The waves carried our ship into the sky and threw it back down, and my heart skipped a beat as I realized that this storm may be earning itself the worst I had seen in my lifetime. I barely managed to hold onto the railing as I was thrown around, finding no grip no matter how tight I hold onto the wood near me.

A bolt of lightning whipped the wave nearest me, causing me to unintentionally let out a whimper as I sank against the railing I was thrown into. The Gods, I realized, they must be fighting. It was a rare occurrence, but it happened every so often. I was quickly tossed to the other side of the ship, sliding across the soaked wooden floor. I could feel the bruise forming on my arm after slamming into the side of the ship, finding nothing to hold onto quick enough as I slid to the other side. Another flash of lightning revealed another ship just near us-

Oh, Gods! I wanted to cry out, scream a warning to someone. A wave lifted the neighboring ship while I could do nothing but watch in fear. I tried to scramble away as it began to fall, though the water around me only seemed to drag me closer. I screamed, “Brizo help me!” before the ship came down, destroying the railing near me. A wave followed immediately after, swallowing me up in darkness and pulling me into the sea below.

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