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The story goes that a long time ago in a far away land, a white dazzling star crashed down from the sky ( superman's pod im sure). The towns people all gathered to the crash, dazzled by its entrancing dance to the ground. Then just like Jenova! The light wasn't a star, but a glimmering girl! The legend says that the townspeople took her in as their own, and the glittering girl decided to gift the world for its kindness (kinda like the triforce). Creating guardians to protect the world she loved so much! My name is Eden Arbuscula stark, and I am the son of the earth guardian Gaea! And this is the legend of Zel-! I mean legend of Eden! A story of heroism and bravery! A story of how I finally escaped the water temple! And you know, how I saved the world. *Not my art*

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1 - Birthday boy

Most kids imagine a day full of cake, presents and maybe even a party for their birthdays. That’s what I had hoped for on my birthday too. Instead, I got to celebrate mine by having my face shoved in the toilet. I was fighting the urge to open my eyes or my mouth in this disgusting pee-water, but I was at my limit. Just when I thought I was gonna break, I felt my assailant lift my head up from the toilet, and I desperately gasped for air.

“You had enough yet, dill weed!” He squawked as he tossed me on the rim of the toilet seat.

He started to snicker with the rest of his posse behind him. I couldn’t believe this coward was too scared to fight me one on one. He had to get the rest of his pack to help take me down. I growled as I sat up on the rim and smirked at him.

“What I’ve had enough of is that hot breath of yours. So do me a solid and put me back in the bowl? It at least smells better in there.” I said between breaths.

I could hear his posse start dying of laughter. However, I could tell from his scrunched up prune face that he didn’t think it was so funny. I could see his face flush red as he quickly shoved my head back in the toilet. I tried to fight back against him, but his friends came back in to help shove me back down. I was starting to regret my sly comment now. I didn’t know when to shut up. Then, I suddenly felt the weight on my head vanish. I sat up quickly, catching my breath again, hearing screams and struggling going on behind me. I whipped my face away from the toilet water, and turned to see a familiar face, beating the snot out of my assailant, Jesse.

Once I caught enough air, I stood up and walked over to see my knight in shining armor, my best friend Aden. Aden was taller than me, with straight blonde hair that went down to his shoulders and piercing blue eyes. He had this confident stature about him that made even the toughest of people think twice about messing with him.

“Took ya long enough, charming.” I said as I stepped over a now wailing Jesse, who was huddled in the fetal position on the floor. I didn’t see any of his friends anymore either. They must of scattered when they saw Aden.

“I think an ‘Oh thank you, Aden, for saving me!’ Is the appropriate response here,” he grumbled.

“Pfft, I had em on the ropes, couldn’t ya tell?”

“Oh yeah that, uh, face in toilet water technique, deadly.”

“I know right, ancient Chinese secret.” I walked over to the paper towel dispenser and started wiping my face clean with a few of them.

I looked myself over in the dirty smudge filled mirror. My black hair hung in my eyes dripping wet from the toilet water, and I could see Aden holding back a laugh as I tried drying my hair. I stopped and turned to face him, and flicked my hair around like a dog at him. Its like I could see his soul leave his body as the drops of toilet water hit him. I heard Jesse wail again as Aden stepped on his hand while jumping back from my super effective water attack. I started laughing uncontrollably as the late bell rang, echoing throughout the bathroom.

“Ah, this is the best birthday present ever.” I said with a satisfied sigh.

“What’s the big idea dude!” Aden cried, still grossed out over the rain of toilet water that had befallen him.

“Oh come on football star, you eat more germs when you face plant on the field. This is just a few drops of toilet water.”

“Could you not? ”

“You know, there are more germs on your pillow then a-”

“Stop, just stop I don’t need you ruining my sleep again.”

“What? Are you still not over the fact that there are a million bugs eating your dead sk-”

“Can we just go now?” Aden pleaded.

I checked myself once more in the mirror. My black hair dangled in front of my eyes a bit, still looking pretty damp, my clothes were also a bit wet too. I didn’t really have time to care though, I’d think of some excuse. With that I headed out of the bathroom.

“Sure. I’m as dry as I’m gonna get for now,” I sighed.

“I don’t suppose you have a plan to get us out of being late, batman?” he asked me with a look of desperation in eyes like a lost puppy. “I’ll get a detention if I’m late for Spanish again.”

“Of course I do. Batman’s always prepared, isn’t he?” I chuckled a little and dramatically fell over on Aden. “AHH! My stomach is still churning even after I barfed my brains out! Oh Aden how heroic of you to be late to class to help a poor old friend!”

Aden just shook his head with a smile as he dragged me to the nurse’s office. He complained most of the walk though. He was griping about me carrying my own weight, but I just wailed over his complaining.

When we reached the infirmary Aden handed me over to the oddly attractive nurse, who laid me down on one of those little beds that look like a super sized doll house bed. It felt like one too. The place smelled like a bunch of cleaning detergent and chlorine. It was actually making me sick now. I watched as the nurse’s cheeks turned red, and her mannerisms suddenly become more bashful as Aden asked for a pass to class. I just rolled my eyes and laid back.

“And prince charming strikes again.” I mumbled. I watched as Aden headed out and the nurse, watching him go with glittering eyes.

The nurse had short choppy black hair and amber brown eyes that resided behind her thick rimmed glasses. She looked like she couldn’t have been over thirty years old, maybe late twenties. She was still staring down the hall for Aden, hugging onto her clipboard with a huge smile on her face.

“Ahh! My stomach!” I cried out hopefully getting her attention away from gawking over Aden and focusing on me.

“Oh, Eden!” she cried as she ran over to my bedside. “What seems to be the problem?”

“Besides watching you ogling at Aden?” I mumbled.

“Excuse me?”

“I mean my stomach, it feels like its churning and bubbling.”

“Well why don’t you just lay back while I check your file.” She walked away to grab my file and I just held onto my sides lying back.

“Ah here it is! Eden Arbuscula Stark! Let’s see here, 5.6, green eyes, 16 years of age. No history of any allergies here.”

“I think I just ate someth-” I hopped up from my bed and ran to the bathroom inside the infirmary and pretended to crap my lungs out.

I played a few sound effects from my phone to give it an authentic sound. After a safe amount of time I came out to a look of shock and horror etched on her face, I think I over sold it a little bit.

“Ya know, I feel a lot better after that.” I said sitting back down on her little bed.

“Well I am, uh, happy to hear that. But you should still lay here for a bit, just in case it comes back.” I did as she asked and laid back on the bed as she looked me over.

I could tell she must have been a new nurse here, she had the confident I know what I’m doing smile on. But I could tell from her rapidly tapping on her clipboard, and her sporadic eye shifting that she was pretty nervous. Not to mention she has yet to actually ask me any follow up questions about how I felt either. I heard rumors that nurse Glenda quit last week, something about a laxative prank gone wrong. I guess this was her replacement. (Was a serious upgrade from that angry old lady).

Then the unexpected happened. Hobbling in the door frame was the long nappy brown head of Jesse Barnes. His face was riddled with bruises all over from Adens beat down earlier. He looked like the definition of black, blue, and red all over. I couldn’t help but snicker some at the sight of this deprethed Jesse. I could see his face scrunching up like a prune again with rage as the nurse quickly walked over to him with a look of shock in her eyes.

“W-what happened to you!” She cried out as he gave me an icy glare. I just gave him a smile and waved happily at him.

“I uh, I fell down the steps.” He said, quietly looking away from me.

“That darn gravity... It’ll get ya every time” I muttered. The nurse turned and gave me the please shut up look before looking him over again.

“Well I’ll be right back, I need to get some bandages for you.” She said as she hastily ran off to her cabinet grabbing some gauze and disinfectant. He looked at me with some distaste, as he walked over to sit in the only seat in here, which was a chair that was beside my bed. He looked like he was limping slightly, as he pretty much fell into his chair holding the side of his head.

“Stairs huh?” I asked.

“Don’t make me shove you back in the toilet.” He snapped back as quietly as his frustration would allow him.

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea, those darn stairs might get ya again.” I replied as I noticed the nurse coming back over.

I faked a yawn and closed my eyes hearing him growl in frustration, I could tell he wanted to say so much more. I had to hold myself back from making another gravity joke as he began to groan in pain as the nurse began to tend to his wounds. Which were like lullabies to my ears as I faded away into a beautiful sleep.

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