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Chapter 9 - Kokiri Forest?

I was lost, left to float away in this sea of darkness. I felt this odd rush of cold air coursing through me in my veins, and it was only getting colder. Was I dead? With that thought, the reality of the situation really set into me.

I was currently unconscious, bleeding out on this dirty gymnasium floor. This can’t be real, this can’t really be happening to me. It wasn’t supposed to end this way! No! No! I was suppose to win and survive! Ellie,I promised her...

All my thoughts came to a stop, as I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I could see this misty glow of gold shimmering on the right side of me. I looked over at the golden star that was dazzling beside me, and I was astonished by the sight.

It was the seed, the seed from my dream! The big seed was glowing brightly, it had roots growing out of it like a little tree. Why was I seeing this though? I guess I’m just in a hallucinative dream state. But why did this seed show up again..

Then, the seed began to flicker, like a firefly in the night. The dazzling golden charm it was illuminating was slowly beginning to fade. I don’t know how to explain it, but it was like watching my very soul slowly withering from my eyes.

The only thought that consumed my mind, was to not let my tree die. But what could I do? I was helpless, forced to watch as my heart slowly began to fade. The only two leaves left began to wilt, that’s when my body began to feel like a block of ice. Thiis was some sick kind of torture, staring at my own oblvivion like this. Just when I was about to lose hope, the seed flickered. But this time, it got brighter.

I watched on the edge of my seat, as the glow began to return to my tree. It even sprouted more leaves from my little root. Warmth washed over me like a warm bath and I felt alive again. I was alive! The glow from the seed began to take over the sea of darkness around me, slowly consuming it until it was all gone.

Then, I could see again. I was outside, the clear blue skies above me. I could feel the all too familiar grass scraping against my back and my arms. I was clearly still shirtless. Then, someone came into view. Some...Assassin’s Creed character?

“Are you sure it’s working Jack?” I heard some from behind my head ask. They sounded really concerned.

“Yeah! The kids freaking leaking hamburger helper!” I heard another voice from the left me say. But he was just out of my peripheral vision.

I watched as the Assassin creed man sighed, he looked really agitated. He was in an all black attire with a hoodie. His hood was up, even on a sunny day like this. He looked really pale, like Emperor Palpatine. He even had dark rings around his eyes, looked like some kind of zombie. Guy needed a nap.

“Enough, we’ll start moving again soon. His body is regenerating the nutrients now, he’ll need the water however.” The zombie guy spoke again as he walked out of my sight.

“Does that mean your guess was right?” The voice behind me ask.

“Yes, he is one hundred percent a child of earth.” The zombie man replied, as if the other guy should’ve known that already.

“Well geez Einstein, you could’ve told us that earlier!” The one to the left hollard.

“You should have noticed when we walked inside. Only the scars that the sun rays reached were healing.” The zombie replied. “This one’s fortunate, he was saved by the broken window glass.”

“We should have been here faster, we could have helped him.” The one behind me sighed.

What were they talking about? Regenerating from the sunlight? Child of Earth? No, no, what sort of nonsense-. Suddenly, the memory of that monster rushed back to me. I sat up quickly and looked over my stomach, that’s when I felt the chills wash over me. The scars, the four claw marks. They were there on my stomach still. But that wasn’t the scariest part to me, the part that gave me chills. Was the fact that I was healed.

I didn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. I ran my fingers over the marks. I wasn’t dreaming, It was real, it was all real. The crazy man, the talking animals, the healing from the sun..

I was some kind of nature person, no wait. I remember people like this in a video game! Oh what were they called...from Zelda I think..

“I’m a Hylian!” I cheered, finally thinking I had the pieces all together.

That’s when I felt a cold stare gleaming over me.

I slowly looked over, and I noticed the zombie man giving me this stale stare. (I could’ve sworn that stare would turn me to stone.) I quickly turned away from him and looked toward the other people around me.

One of the guys straight looked like some kind of cowboy! He had on some light brown poncho with some colorful line patterns on it. He had green eyes and wild brown hair that went to his shoulders. Plus some red chucks? And black ripped jeans?

The other guy looked like he was some kind of knight. He had short black hair, blue eyes and sword sheath on his back. The only bold things on him being his blue eyes, and his blue hoodie. He was a head taller than the pocho guy, but both of them were taller than me.

The guy in the poncho started dying laughing now.

“This dude straight said he’s a Hylian!” He cried out in laughter.

“What is that?” The knight guy asked.

“What!? It’s from Zelda dude!” The poncho guy yarped at him.

“Enough talking, Your wound is healed enough now. We need to get moving.” The zombie said as he started walking toward a woodline.

I didn’t notice till now, but we were on the border of a forest, a forest that I didn’t recognize. The situation was becoming more and more clear to me. These guys must have helped save me. Plus from the context of their conversation, they definitely know what’s going on. But that doesn’t mean I should just trust them. Then again, if they wanted me dead, I’m sure I would be dead already. And if they wanted to feed me to whatever that thing was chasing me. I’m sure it would be easier if I was already dead, or out cold.

“We should at least introduce ourselves, and explain a little. That’s a whole lot to dump on someone at once.” The knight guy spoke up.

“We can walk and talk, there’s always the chance that the Tenebris called for assistance.” The zombie replied as he kept walking.

“I agree, he’s the first earth dude I’ve seen. He’s probably rare to them because of that.” The cowboy said following after zombie now.

“Umm what?” I asked. “Am I some special fried chicken meal to that thing?”

“Hey Einstein, do Tenebris like eating guys or girls more?” The cowboy asked.

“Statistically they have shown to like females more. However there are to many dependent variables to claim that as accurate.” The zombie replied.

“What does that mean...?” The cowboy asked as they moved into the woods now.

“It means there are other factors that affect the research. Like maybe what Guardian your related to, or the age of your awak-” The knight was stopped as the cowboy man oohed excitedly, like he had a question.

“So what Guardian gets atta!-” The cowboy was stopped as the zombie grunted

“Shut up, I’m not some human encyclopedia” He sighed.

“Hey, sorry to interrupt. However I would like… All of the answers.” I spoke up now as I slowly got to my feet.

To my surprise I felt pretty amazing. No pain, no aching, nothing. I looked over my body slowly. I only had the scars left on me. I was shirtless, and my pants were a mess. But I was okay.

“What you were referring too earlier, was an Elf. Capricious woodland creatures known formally from Norse Mythology.” The Zombie sighed. “A close conjecture, but not quite right.”

“Well let’s start with introductions!” The knight chimed in with a smile. He stepped forward toward me. He held out his hand for me to shake and gave me a big smile.“I’m Stryder, Son of the warrior Guardian Bellona.”

I was hesitant at first, but I shook his hand. I could immediately tell, this guy was strunk. I didn’t even trip off the fact that he basically said he was related to Kratos. I was more concerned that he might crush my hand.

“Nice to meet you, Stryder.” I replied.

“And I’m Zack, the devilishly handsome Son of the Darkness and Death Guardian Osiris!” The cowboy cheered waving at me.

But I was way to taken back by his words. Death and Shadow Guardian? This goofy movie reject was the child of death!? And Osiris, last I heard that was some egyption god right? Come to think of it, Bellona was some war goddess wasn’t she?

“Those names are misunderstandings mortals have of the Guardians.” The Zombie Spoke up. “ They’ve made up their own legends all over the world, based upon them.”

“So what? Guardians are like greek gods?” I asked. Because, why not.

“Not gods, Guardians. People who watch over and maintain the balance in the world.” He emphasized that last part looking me dead in my eyes.

“ And who are you son of then?” I asked.

I was having a hard time accepting all of this. I mean this sounded like some bad MMO lore, or some cheesy novel. However, the scars on my body were proof enough to me that, I at least needed to hear them out. But then again, I wasn’t fully sure if I believed this sunlight explanation fully either. I think hearing about these guardians or whatever threw me off a bit. I mean, it was ridiculous.

“I’m Jack, son of the Light Guardian Freyr.” As soon as Jack said that. My jaw almost fell off.

This guy was the child of the Light Guardian!? The guy who looked like a Sith Lord!?

“Yeah..I know it’s a bit surprising. But he is indeed a child of light.” Stryder added in.

“I know this maybe a bit redundant at this point. But can you prove this to me? This is just, it’s to muc-”I stopped talking as Jack charged at me. I didn’t even have a chance to react. He pulled a knife out from his sleeve and slashed diagonal at my chest.

His blade sliced across my chest like he was cutting butter. I stumbled back and almost fell over. But I felt someone come up behind and catch my fall.

“Jack what the hell!” I heard Stryder yell from behind.

My chest burned and I cringed in pain. I quickly looked up and glared at Jack, who had a very intense look in his eyes. My mind starting flaring all over the place. What! What was he doing!? did he trick me!? But Why? What could he- That’s when it hit me, the first thing I heard from Jack when I woke up. I looked down at me chest, and I could see my wound slowly beginning to heal itself.

I felt like I was in shock. It was different now though. Seeing my wound, mend together like this. Like some type of playdough. It, it was unreal. Like some crazy Sci-fi or fantasy stuff. This was real, everything was real. I see why he did it this way, I couldn’t deny this.

“Need anymore proof?” Jack asked. He moved his sleeve back on his hoodie, revealing an odd brown beaded bracelet.

Stryder slowly let go of me as I stood on my own two feet. Not saying a word as I struggled to really process all of the information. That’s when another fact hit me.

I’ve never once met, or seen my mom. No matter how hard I searched, I’ve never found any record of her. No old photos, nothing.

“I always thought my mom was just crazy. Like she lived off the grid or something. But if everything you just told me is true…” I spoke to myself softly. Still in a small state of shock.

“Then your mom is a Guardian.” The cowboy answered. Stepping forward to me now.

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