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Chapter 12 - Game Start

Terra listened to Xehanort, Luke kissed Princess Leia, and Bella married Edward. These will always go down as some of the biggest mistakes in history, and now I’ve just added myself to that list.

I turned back around and stared at my impending doom, hoping I could think of some way to kill it. Then my brain went blank. I was looking toward the elves who were tending to the beast. I could see this cinder like dust coming off the beasts left arm (the arm that went blasting off again just a few minutes earlier). I could hear my sister chuckling, I guess I just lost my poker face...

“Running into things without thinking, you men and your pride.” She chuckled out. “Never ceases to amaze me!”

I could feel the warmth rushing to my cheeks out of embarrassment, I really didn’t know anything about this creature. I stared at the beast for a moment, either they healed the thing, or it regenerated. If it happens to have regenerative abilities, my options for killing this thing just dropped dramatically…

Not to mention I don’t think I have any actual way of killing a regenerative beast, even cutting his head off comes with possible holes. Normally in this circumstance, I would be shaking in my boots. But I knew if I lost heart now, I lose everything.

My sister, as much as I hate to admit it wasn’t wrong. I was waging my life right now, all for my pride. No, it was more than that, this was my freedom. I clenched my fist and turned to my sister, looking her dead in the eyes.

I won’t be the same little Eden that Aden has to protect, that Ellie thinks she has to spare. I’ll show my parents that I can make it on my own two feet, my way. I put a cocky smirk on my face and took a step toward my sister. I’ll win this game, my way, the Batman way.

“Pfft, sorry to burst your bubble Ms. Gerudo, but I’ve already put down one of these on my way over here.” I chuckled some and watched her.

She looked surprised, but not convinced. That was just enough. I stepped toward the elf girls and flexed a little, raising my brow up and down at them. Most of them sneered and turned their noses at me, and my other sister in the pack just looked away.

“Oh? Is that right?” She asked as she stepped toward me.

“Naturally,” I replied, stretching a bit.

Everyone started laughing again, I had to force myself to look surprised. But all I wanted to do was laugh. I knew if I could count on anything, it’s on them trying to humiliate me.

“And how did you manage that? You can’t just kill a tenebris with any weapon? And last time I check you don’t own any telum weapons. So please enlighten me.”

Most of the elves started laughing at me, but I had to keep hiding my smile. The chances of her willingly telling me all this wasn’t high enough for me to just ask. She definitely wants to humiliate me. Now I can say for sure the beast can regenerate, and can only be killed by a special telum weapon. I swear, it’s like I started my Pokemon journey with a Magikarp…

I just started laughing.

“Shows what you know! I can’t believe you don’t! Typical women, thinking they know everything! Even Zelda needs some hick elf man to save her!” And she had the triforce of wisdom!” I chimed in, and I swear it’s like her face became a tomato.

Her fist clenched in rage. I could even see a vein flexing on her shiny forehead.

“You ignorant little bush! How dare you! I have you know I am the new soon to be Guardian of hunt! I kill things like that in my sleep!” She roared at me, followed up with some more unpleasant words.

So now I understood some more, she was some big shot. Sucking up under my piranha plant mother to get the new title, she’s looking to prove herself right now. I made the right call to attack her pride.

“Pfft right, you can’t fool me. If those elves hadn’t blown off that things arm for you, you’d be in deep guano right about now.” I smirked finally, and watch her growl between gritted teeth.

“Ha! Jumping to assumptions! How typical! The elves aren’t allowed to carry sun arrows in training!” She roared.

I need it! A good old boom! Boom! Shot!

“Well clearly your aim is just garbage, I guess you are just a wanna be Artemis anyways. I used that very sun arrow to kill my Ternebis I have you know!” I chuckled.

“I am Artemis!” She roared again.

Well if that isn’t a genuine humbling realization. I’m arguing with the Artemis, note to self. Delete some fanfictions when I get back. If I get back...

“Pfft right, tell ya what ‘Artemis’” I said with finger quotations. “I’ll show you how to incapacitate one of these bad boys. Just give me some arrows and sun arrows.”

“You’re on Arbuscula!” She growled.

“Then let’s make it official! If I can’t incapacitate the tenebris I’ll hail you as the huntress queen, and praise mom as the best Guardian around! And never associate myself with her ever again. And if I win, you agree to help start my adventurer life, money and all.” I smirked and held my hand out for her to shake.

She flung her hand to mine and grabbed it, and with the grip strength of Kratos shook my hand. And at that moment, she sealed her fate.

I could hear my mother sigh in the background. When she let me go, I turned around to face my mom and my father (purposely ignoring the elves who were all giving me the judgment stare.)

My mom particularly was staring intensely at me, with this stoic look. While my dad looked like he was gonna crap himself from rage and concern.

“Eden! What are you thinking!? Your gonna get yourself killed! You’re not ready for thi-” My dad started, but I immediately stopped him

“A few moments ago, I was crying for help when that minotaur was charging at me. And you didn’t bat an eye.” I said interrupting him. “So don’t pretend you’re worried about me! I don’t need your concern, I’m going to do this and I’m going to win.”

I turned from him and looked to my mom again. Still carrying that stoic look on her face.

“I’m gonna show you why you shouldn’t underestimate an Arbuscula,” I said finally before I turned around.

An elf girl walked up to me and held out a quiver and bow. I’ve only shot a bow once or twice before in my life. I was always a natural with it, I wondered if that had anything to do with this guardian thing. I ignored the thought for now, as one of the elves handed me some ranger attire. Nothing fancy, just clothing and a hood. The design was all in dark green shades, clearly a more blending in nature style.

Ah if I wasn’t about to die, I be totally fangirling over this wood elf Etzio costume.

I had about ten regular arrows on me, and exactly one sun arrow (She’s really trying to watch me die.) The arrows were all pitch black, the quiver had an interesting pattern that reminded me of Aztec culture. Then the sun Arrow, the arrow was the same, but the arrowhead was almost see-through. It was like a pinkish color, that seemed to shimmer brightly. Just touching it felt like a wave of energy. Like I could sense it, or feel it. It was odd. Guess since I’m a grass type Pokemon, I might have some chlorophyll type additions to me.

I’d run tests later, so let’s see what all I have to work with here.

Ten arrows, Kinda camouflage clothes (which are kinda pointless since he can smell the grass type in me). A single bomb shot, which I pray works like the Zelda bomb arrow. Versus a minotaur type Terebris, who can regenerate...

I looked over to the forest, the elves were carrying the beast over to it in chains. I slowly walked toward the woods, taking a good look at the landscape around me. Looking for just about anything that could help me at this point.

If I follow the same line of thinking I had from the guy I fought earlier, I could use my terrain and the beast’s strength against it.

I stopped walking and stared at the creature, weak points, old scars, anything. But the only thing I found was intimidation. His beady red eyes that looked at me like a treat, his muscles, and pitch-black fur. He really was a monster. Bigger, stronger and more than likely faster than me.

I took a deep breath, I won’t back down. I’ll make them eat their words. I’ll prove that I’m not useless!

The chains were wrapped around the minotaur’s mouth, wrists and legs. He was completely bound. The elves walked away from the creature slowly, and one by one arrows were shot at the beast. Breaking each, and every chain. I readied myself and moved farther away from the beast, he’ll chase me down as soon as he gets a moment. If I can create distance and let him come to me, I can line up my shot better.

I may have been a natural on a bullseye at home, but this was a huge moving target. Not to mention my specific target was his eyes. If I can stick an Arrow in his eye, that’ll buy me some more time. We had mountains and cliffs, I could use the rocks maybe?

That’s when the beats roar cut through the sky, and I looked behind me. That monster was unbound, and charging at me on all fours. Horns at the ready. I needed to focus. The woods were oddly enough pretty open, it was its own world in here. I was hoping maybe I could run him into a tree or two and use my size to an advantage. But the more I ran, the more I was seeing we were both ants in my mom’s forest.

The forest animals cried out to my mom for help, others understood and were excited to watch this fight unfold (mostly yelling for the minotaur to eat me). It was hard to really focus, this place was beautiful and eye-dazzling. Hundreds of plants I’ve never seen before in a rainbow of colors. Trees, flowers and mushrooms that seem to glow.

Between me wanting to stop and dissect the roses, and squirrels shooting me death threats. And my heart feeling like it was gonna explode from my inner panic. I had a hard time being able to line up the shot. What If I miss? What if it doesn’t even affect him? Is he dumb enough to fall for my tricks? Will the elves rig the already broken match? If I fail will this thing eat me? One after the other, fears, thoughts, they all swarmed me. Breathing became harder and harder as he got closer. I couldn’t even keep my arrow steady.

He was close! He was getting closer! I shot the arrow out of panic, the bow was surprisingly powerful and rocketed the arrow at him. But the arrow only grazed his cheek, and it didn’t stop him at all. He leaped forward, pouncing on me, and I dove to the side of the tree and ran!

I could hear him crash against it, and I just kept running.

What was I thinking!? This was real! I could really gonna die! I can’t even manage to focus enough to shoot a bow! Crap! Crap!

Was this how my story was gonna end?

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