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Chapter 13 - The legend of Eden!

The minotaurs roar ripped through the forest, I could feel the goosebumps forming on my skin just at the sound of its voice. I panicked, after all that talk I panicked!

No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t keep my hands steady, I trembled at the thought of this thing finding me. What should I do? Where should I go? My thoughts raced, theory after theory.

“Come on Eden, get a grip.” I panted out as I tried to force my hands steady again.

But just as I was gathering my thoughts, they all scattered at the hard stomps that were getting closer. I readied my arrow into bow and looked to my right. I could see the thing, hunched over and sniffing the air for me. He didn’t see me yet. I took aim and relaxed, his eye. I still had a good look of his eyes.

I was gonna prove them all wrong right! Then I need to get my crap together right now! I pulled back on my bow and lined up my shot, I took a breath. Then I fired, and Bam! I got bullseye right into his eye!

The minotaur roared and keeled over, ramming its face into the dirt. He rubbed his face against the ground furiously, as he cried out. This was my chance.

I ran out from the tree quickly and circled around him, taking aim for his other eye. I figured he wouldn’t notice fast enough, but let me tell you. That dude spun around as soon as I got on his left side, and bounded on me like the tank from left for dead. I barely reacted in time.

I dived to the right and rolled to my feet, just barely dodgng the beasts attack. Guess were playing dark souls now…

I spun around and faced him quickly. He was still riving a bit from the arrow, but he was facing me. There was a mountain a few meters away, guess that was my forest GPS going off. If I piss him off some more maybe I can get him to wild charge into the wall.

I quickly took out my bow, and shot at him. I didn’t even look to see if it hit im, I just turned around and ran.

“Didn’t theseus teach you guys not to mess with us demigods!?” I teased as I trucked on.

I could hear a roar coming from behind, then the hard stomps followed.

“Poop on his hood!

“Crakem him like a nut!”

“Smash him into a tree!”

“Chew on his pant leg!”

All the birds and the squirrels were crying out around me.

It was like a ghetto lion king…

Soon I was upon the side of the mountain, the rock in the walls shined like a rainbow at the base, and grew darker and darker at the top. I instinctively knew that this mountain was somehow comprised of different minerals. I didn’t have time to analysis the rock, I could hear the beast bounding on me. I stayed perfectly still at the rock wall and waited, I listened to the heaviness of his feet. As soon as I heard him leap, I dove to the side again.

It sounded like an earthquake had gone off, I rolled to my feet and turned to see shards and boulders from the side of the mountain crashing down on him like rain. I took out the sun arrow and went to aim it at him, this was my chance to bury him!

Dust filled the area around him. I was debating in my head what would be the best point to fire at. However as soon as I thought I had something, he burst through the smoke and swung his big meaty arm at me. I didn’t have time to react fast enough and he sent me flying. I bounced on the ground like sonic hitting a spike and crashed into a tree. The wind was knocked out of me and I desperately tried to catch my breath. Every part of me ached, it was like I got hit by a semi truck. That had steroids in its gasoline...

I had to move, this freak was still kicking. I tried to force myself up, it was a struggle but I could move. A ray of sun was shining on me through the tree tops above. I stayed still for a moment, letting the sunlight fix me up as much as possible.

However it was like sipping at a dripping faucet. I was barely getting anything. It still helped me regain my focus just a little. I saw the minotaur shaking off the rocks and rubble on his body. His left arm seemed broken. It looked some rocks had crashed onto his arm.

The beast looked over at me, and I tried to sit up. A sharp pain rang through my body and I dropped back down. That’s when I heard the beast start walking toward me. Crap! I needed to move! I needed to get up! I could feel my heart beating against my chest, my mind went blank as I scrambled to get up.

I leaned against the tree, and finally got my breathing to calm down. That’s when something gigantic dropped from the trees. Was this another monster! Some monkey Terebris!? Donkey kong!? My mind raced for a moment. Then the figure became clear, and I felt oddly relieved. It was my gerudo sister, standing between me and the beast.

“Aww look at weak little Arbuscula.” My sister chimed as she turned her head back to smirk at me.“Don’t worry, your dad begged me to come in and save you. He knew you needed to be protected.”

She turned back to the groaning minotaur and started to step toward it.

No, it’s happening again. Someone has to come in and save me. Is that all I really am? Just an Arbuscula!? Is that why Ellie chose Aden over me? Is that why she had to lie about it? Was my dad always right about me? Am I just a helpless little nerd that can’t do anything? Was my mom right for just abandoning me?

I watched the back of my sister. She was big and strong. Leagues ahead of me in so many ways. I slowly pushed myself off the tree and stumbled forward. So what if she is bigger and better than me. So what if I’m an ugly nerd. So what if I’m a Arbuscula.

I charged forward and grabbed her wrist, and yanked her back with all I had.

“For someone who wants to be the Guardian of hunt, your pretty stupid. You can’t even tell when a hunters cornered its prey.” I panted out.

I stepped ahead of her and faced the minotaur.

This was my fight, and I wasn’t going to be saved. I wasn’t going to be protected. I was gonna win, and show everyone just what an Arbuscula can do.

“This is my adventure, don’t butt in!”

“The downfall of all men, falling for their pride.”

The minotaur was up now, and he was glaring at me with his beady red eyes. I took an arrow out and strapped my bow around me. I held my arrow like a knife and kept walking toward him.

The beast started to move forward, slowly getting faster and faster. I followed his lead and started getting faster and faster, until we were full on sprinting at each other. I had it all down now. My internal map of the woods was now complete. I knew exactly how he was gonna go down.

I dove to the right as I got close enough, staying in his new blind spot my arrow had made. He swung his arm at me but I ducked just in time. And stabbed my arrow into his achilles and twisted. He cried out aggressively and lifted his leg to kick me. I jumped back and dropped, rolling onto my back and onto my feet. I took another arrow out and shot it into his back.

Then I quickly got up and bolted away. I looked back to see the beast dropping to all fours and leaping at me like a lion. I smirked and trudged on. I was taking the path that seem to have the most leaks of sun in it. Helping my speed and calming my body aches. I was coming up to a cliff, and a very particular tree.

The tree had thick purple vines coming off of it, the tree itself was a bright grey color. It looked like an old ancient tree you find in zelda.

I was coming upon it and as soon as I met the edge of the cliff, I leaped forward and grabbed onto one of the dangling purple vines. The vines were thick and long, and I somehow just knew how well it’ll hold. I spun around on the vine and came back around the tree.

The minotaur tried skidding to a stop when I leaped off, and I was coming back around holding onto the vine. The vine carried me around the tree, and at the beasts back. I tucked in my legs and with all my might, I let go and dropped kick the minotaur off the side of the mountain.

The beast crashed and bounced off the side of the mountain. I kneeled down and focused on the earth. I got a visualization of the side of the mountain. There was a rock ledge coming up he was gonna crash into, it should support his weight.

I took out the sun arrow and loaded up in the bow. I pulled it back into the bows string and aimed. The arrowhead shimmered and sparked. The sound of static sparking sounded off, and the arrow head flew brighter. I could feel the weight being added as I aimed it down.

I was aiming for the part of the ledge that connected to the wall. Once the dust settled, I could finally line up my shot, and I couldn’t help but smile.

Then I let go of the bow and released the arrow. I watch as the arrow shined like a star in the night at the ledge, and as soon as the arrow collided.


A gigantic bright yellow explosion went off and destroyed the wall and the ledge. Rocks avalanched down, and so did the minotaur. All the way to the bottom with a rain of rocks.

Huh, I wonder if that counts as solar beam? Or a rock smash?

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