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Chapter 17 - Eden is a super Sayain!

“Woah cool! Is that for me!?” I cheered excitedly.

Rushon was holding up a black hoodie with the classic yellow batman symbol on it. My excitement began to fade as I noticed Rushon’s rather somber expression.

“Umm an accident happened, and long story short. I opened your present. I figured you’d want to see it.”

I was feeling more lost the longer I stared at it now. I was happy to see Ellie knew exactly what I wanted. Even with me not saying a word. However, I still felt this pit inside me. Reminding me of the kiss they shared. The lies they both told me.

I sighed.

“Was this from someone special?” Stryder asked.

“I don’t know anymore if I’m being honest.” I spat out.

“Is this from Ellie?” Rushon asked.

“Yup, sure is pavlov.”

“Just remember. This gift was given to you because she cared.” Rushon walked over and set it down on Stryder’s futon. “Don’t let the event become who she is.”

“I don’t know the situation clearly. But I’d say hold onto it. Clearly they put some thought into your gift. This might be their steps to rebuilding a connection.” Stryder turned to the door. “Your clothes are on the bed. We’ll leave you to get changed. And if you ever need to talk, I’m available.”

With that they both left. I started to think about the hundreds of phone calls they left on my phone. Ellie running around the school looking for me.

I looked down to the hoodie. I still felt confused looking at it. I did miss them both, even though I was hurt. I’m not ready to forgive just yet. I’m still bitter. But I shouldn’t stay bitter forever.

“Ah nice! I’m digging the new style,” Jack cheered. “A lot better than the homeless look.”

I was wearing the batman hoodie with a fresh pair of black ripped jeans and some Vans. Supposedly these used to be Stryders.

“Well I’m feeling good. What’s next on the list Frost?”

“I would say get you a girlfriend. But that’ll take waaay too long.” I grumbled. “So instead, Stryder gave me a great idea! We’re gonna practice in a dungeon!”

“Dungeon? You mean like a secret lair type thing?” Max asked.

“Have you ever played a video game before!?” I snapped.

“I never had time, I work a lot in Papa’s shop.” He replied.

“What a sad, lost soul.” I held out praying hands to him.

“Anyways, imagine a dungeon as an obstacle course. You’ve done those right?” Jack asked.

“Yeah, during football practice.”

“Well imagine that. Only add monsters, puzzles and the occasional cute nymph trying to lead you astray. And victory isn’t a coach yelling at you. But gold! Gems! And sometimes magic items.”

“Oh my gosh dungeons are real.” Rushon said in complete disbelief.

“Zelda temple crawl!” I cheered.

“We should probably get you some familiars so you don’t die as fast in there.”

“I’m sorry what,” Rushon yarped. “Die!?”

“Did you say familiars!” I cheered.

“Two completely different priorities…” Max mumbled.

“So you two, you’re more of casting types then hands on. Tell me what you two know how to do.”

Rushon and I looked over at each other. Seeing who would crack and step forward first. Which sadly, ended up being me.

I sighed and turned back to Jack.

“I know that I can heal and run faster while in sunlight. I haven’t tested to see if anything else is enhanced or not. I have forest GPS, and forest walk. Plus I can rejuvenate plants! I’m assuming it has something to do with me fixing or replacing the nutrients or cel-”

“Duh, duh duh! I didn’t ask for the nerd babble. Can you fight?”

I groaned. “Yeah, I’ve done mixed martial arts for years.”

“That’s helpful. Then all you have to do is spy on the elves training. See if you can pick a thing or two. You think you can do that alone?” Jack asked.

I smirked. Oh yes, I could steal some more elf tech while I’m there too.


“Chicken?” Jack inquired.

Rushon sighed and held out his hand. He closed his eyes and I could feel the faint sign of a breeze coming in.

“What was that?” Jack asked. “Did you fart?”

“N-no! That’s all I can do.” Rushon looked down to the floor. “It might be because of my wings…” He muttered.

“Can you fight at least?” Jack asked.

“I’ve done Taekwondo before. But I didn’t get far.”

Jack stared at him. But it wasn’t his usual scowl, it looked like sympathy.

“Well, here’s the game plan. Max, you’re the son of the war guardian. You don’t need this prep time. I’ll spar with you back at our meeting spot. Eden, you go visit your mom and see what you can learn. Meet me back at the same meeting spot at the same time tomorrow. Sounds like a plan?”

“What about me?” Rushon asked.

“Stay back with me when they leave. We need to talk.” Jack said softly.

I eyed Jack, his entire demeanor had changed. He seemed softer? Like his words could crush something if he spoke too loud. I looked at Rushon. He had a fearful look in his eyes. I wanted to stay here with him. But I knew Jack wouldn’t allow it. Plus I didn’t have time to wait on him.

“Rushon, remember what we talked about.” I held out my fist to him.

I could see a small smile rise to his face as he held out his fist to me.

“Well, I’m off to steal the krabby patty formula. Don’t fall too far behind Icarus.” I chimed.

He bumped my fist and shook his head.

“No way!” He roared back.

I turned around and trotted off out of the guild. You better not quit on me Icarus.

At some point I realized that one of these elves could be a full blown Zelda. I already found someone who resembles that guy girls flip over from The Lord of the Rings. A lot of guy elves had hair like that. Guess they like fabio hair. I wonder if I’ll get fabio hair...nah.

I skulked around a bit in my mother’s forest until I found my other non-hulk sister meditating. She was wearing casual clothing. Blue jeans and a grey t-shirt with a satchel on her. There was some priestess looking elf with white robes standing over her. She had bleach blonde hair and ears the size of forks.

I was perched on top of a tree. It was a lot harder for her to sense me up here. Or at least I hoped it was. My newbie opinion wasn’t too helpful here. But I hadn’t got caught yet! Maybe they thought I was some monkey… Eh, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.


I jumped slightly at the sound of a bug in my ear. I turned around and I almost pooped myself. It was a wasp, but not any wasp. A GIGANTIC GREEN WASP. It was the size of my freaking hand! It looked like something from Borderlands!

I felt this heat rise in my hand and the thing darted at me. Then something unusual happened. Fire. Like this yellowish green fire shot out of my hand! I did a freaking Ki blast!

I was so terrified and hype that I didn’t even notice. I was falling. I BLASTED THE FREAKING BRANCH. I squealed and crashed onto the dirt ground.

“What is my life..” I groaned.

“Someone was here!” Old lady Zelda shrieked.

Oh no. Oh no, no, no!

She’s gonna turn me into a fern! Uh, uh distraction? I don’t have any time!

“Oh no! Lady Sapientia! It’s nothing, it was just the monkey I told you about earlier. I think he likes me.” My sister chimed.

“Honestly...what a pitiful little thing.” She sighed.

“Would you mind if we took a break? I’m not able to focus anymore.”

“Fine, we’ve been at it for a while anyways. Come meet me at the springs when you’re ready.”

“Right! Thank you!”

I stayed as still as possible. Did….did she just save me? Does this mean she’s been aware of me this entire time? She said the monkey’s been following them all day.

The elf in robes got up and started to walk off. I watched carefully and waited. My sister glanced over at me and then back to the lady. What are the odds she actually wants to help me? Ha! Help me. She’s probably gonna blackmail me.

And she’s been trained to use her forest GPS. I’m not getting away. Does that mean she can see me in the tree’s!? What does that even mean!? Is this forest sense crap that overpowered! Maybe my movements were just off? Or was I too close this entire time? Maybe she’s just bluffing me. I sat back and began to ponder.


My sister’s voice chimed happily into my ear.

“Ahh!” I shrieked.

“Oh I’m sorry! Did I scare you?” My sister panicked.

“Yes! Last time I was here my mom sent a demon after me! So I’m not exactly relaxed.

I stood up fast and stepped away.

“What do you want? I don’t have any items.” I shot out.

“I just wanted to say hi. You’re my brother Arbuscula right?”

She held out her hand toward me.

I looked over her hand, my mom’s words echoed in my head. “You’re just a mistake”.

“Look, if you’re here just to make fun of me. You can save it. You chose to not rat me out for a reason. What is it?”

She slowly moved her hand down. She looked a bit hurt. She folded her hands together and ran her thumb over her palm.


“I’m not falling for it!” I roared.

“I’m not like them. So stop putting me in a box!” She cried.

I was speechless for a moment. Her cheeks were puffed out and she looked serious.

“You don’t believe me do you?” She asked softly.

“As much as I believe Tom will catch Jerry.”

She sighed.

“Were you trying to observe the training by chance? I heard you were trying to become an adventurer.”

I thought about it for a moment. Welp, what do I have to lose?

“Well, since Mom doesn’t want me around. I can’t exactly train to use my abilities. So I figured if I tree hop and watch. I could learn something.”

“Oh! That’s pretty clever actually. You were pretty far away too, I couldn’t really feel you switching trees.” She chimed.

“Wait! Then how did you know I was here? Did you actually think I was a monkey?”

“No! No! The birds told me you were here. They really don’t like you for some reason.”

I face palmed.

“That’s for my nest you dill weed!” I heard something yell.

I turned around and saw a four winged blue jays soaring at me. Who immediately pecked my head.

“Ah! How do you even know what a dillweed is!?” I yelled as I swatted away at the bird.

“Hey! that’s not nice.” My sister yelled as she came in to swat the bird away.

“Ah! Does everything here hate me!?” I roared.

The bird eventually flew off and she was giggling.

“I’m sorry, but I wasn’t expecting that.” She laughed.

I growled.

“I was gonna say, since no one wants to help you. I could show you some things.” She chimed.

“And why would you do that?”

“You’re my brother, I don’t think it’s fair what they’re doing to you.”

It sounded genuine. Or maybe I just really wanted it to be.

“Don’t, you’ll probably get in trouble if you help me. I appreciate it but. I don’t want to get you caught up in my mess.”

“Even if that does happen, I wouldn’t mind. The only reason I’m training to be an adventurer is so I can be free to make flowers. Mom is pretty strict and so are the elves.”

“Yea- wait did you just say make flowers? Like literally create them?”

“Yeah! It’s how Mom made all the plants here.”

“That’s so cool!” I cheered.


She pulled out a small test tube from her satchel and showed me a flower.

But not just any flower. The flower was built like a lilli on top. It was shimmering a bright bluish green color. It had tiny roots connected to the dirt at the bottom of the tube.

“D-did you make that?” I stuttered as I stared in pure amazement.

“Mmhmm, Mom says creation is my talent. I’m the first one in a hundred years who embedded solar flare into a living organism.”

“I have no idea what you just said. But it sounds awesome!” I cheered.

“I’m Clover by the way.”

“Nice to meet you. Only dicks call me Arbuscula. So call me Eden from now on.” I chimed.

She chuckled.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you officially.”

“Well, since we’re on the topic. They tell you about shooting yellow fire from your hands?”

“Wait, what?”

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