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Chapter 19 - Zelda goes to Skyrim

Crap! Crap! Crap! What kinda trouble did he get into!? Think! Think! Think! What do I remember!? What was going on with him? I closed my eyes as I was running. Trying to calm my thoughts.

He was talking to Jack last I remember...Talking to him privately about something. But what was that something? I remember Jack’s look of concern after Rushon tried to display what he could do. Maybe he went to visit his father’s domain...then again, I did run into an Ogre out of the blue. There’s the same chance something just attacked him in the woods. Then there was this chick who called...

“For someone’s emergency contact you’re pretty slow!” I heard a feminine voice yell from a few feet ahead of me.

Great, she sounds like a ball of sunshine already. I followed the sound from where the voice was coming from. Soon I came upon a knocked out and shirtless Rushon. WHO WAS RESTING UP AGAINST A SUPER HOT CHICK!

She was wearing a black skirt and knee high combat boots with worn looking light armor laced on top of it. She had long raven locks that went down to her elbows. But the most interesting thing about her were her eyes. They were a turquoise color, and they seemed like they were shining like fireflies in the night. She had an obvious asian complexion to her. She didn’t seem real to me. Like she could be some avatar character in a rpg game.She was positioned on the ground leaning against a tree, with a katana by her side. Man she was hot …. Her hands laid on Rushon’s chest as a faint turquoise glow seemed to emanate from her palm. Rushons veins seemed to be pulsating and glowing.

Hmm what was Jack’s parent...Freyer? Guardian of light? Or maybe she was a healing Guardian child...

“Your Eden correct?” She huffed without even looking in my direction.

“Y-yeah!” I stammered out.

I quickly jogged over to their side. My blood ran cold though as I came close. His hands, and his feet. They were scared, hundreds of crescent shaped slashes all over. I stared in disbelief as I watched the wounds slowly close. Holy crap she was healing him!

“I’m sorry I caused so much trouble..” Rushon strained out.

“I respect a man willing to work as hard as you have been. I have no trouble helping you out.” She replied softly.

Her eyes scanned over him slowly. She seemed...curious? She wasn’t concerned nor was she ogling his body. She seemed genuinely curious about something. I looked over Rushon some more. He was a decently fit guy. He really wasn’t trained for all this fighting though.

Rushon glared down at himself, a clear frustration in his eye

“I’ll pay you back one day. I promise.” He croaked out.

Her eyes grew wide for a moment. She let out a soft sigh and a smile slowly etched onto her face.

“Pay me back by letting me see you in the dungeon.” She replied softly.

She slowly removed her hand from his chest. His veins slowly faded back to normal. Rushon quickly sat up and looked his body over. She quickly sat up and stretched. Her eyes trailing over his hands and feet. Like she was checking her handywork.

Rushon turned back to her with a serious look in his eyes. “I promise, I’m gonna be at the top.”

Her eyes widened and she gave him a prideful smirk. “Then I’ll see you in the ring.”

With that, she turned from him and started to walk off. Slowly but surely she faded away into the forest. Hidden by the leaves. Once I knew she was gone, there was this awkward silence. I looked over to Rushon, who clearly was looking guilty. I needed to lighten the mood. I quickly hopped over to him..Then smacked his back.

“AAHH!” He grunted. “What the hell!?

“I see you tough guy! Reeling in the babes now huh?” I jested with a snicker.

“It’s not what you think.” He grumbled with a blush.

“Well explain it to me. And while you’re at it, tell me why I’m your emergency contact.” I stepped back and leaned against the tree. Flashing him a smirk.

He sighed and looked down at his hands. He stayed like that for a moment and then stepped back, leaning against a tree.

“Well I guess I should start with my talk with Mr.Frost.” He said softly.

“Would probably be helpful.” I added.

“Well, to make a long story short. Jack told me I didn’t have what it takes to be an adventurer.” He spat out.

“He what!?” I yelled.

“Yeah.” He chuckled.“And I told him that I wasn’t going to accept that. That I was gonna prove him and my father wrong. So I tried to copy you and sneak into my dad’s domain. However, not being able to fly...makes it very hard to do. And I was caught.”

“Is that how you got those scars!?” I yelped.

“No, don’t worry I’m almost there. My brothers caught me and I tried asking for help. That was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made...He brought along all my other siblings and wind spirits. And they all collectively laughed at me for being wingless.” He said softly.

I felt this cold wave wash over me as the laughters of my mom and the whole forest domain echoed in my head. Guess I wasn’t the only one then.

“I’m sorry to hear that. I Know how that feels.”

He looked over at me, and then smiled.

“I figured you would. I remembered that promise we made each other. The promise to prove everyone wrong. I held onto that, and I flicked off my siblings and my dad. I told them I’d become the king of the skies. Without any of their help. However, my wind doesn’t work well with me. I tried concentrating it.” He held up his scarred hand. “This was the result.”

My eyes widened and I looked towards my hand. It was just like my broken filter. He didn’t even have a clover to help him. And yet he’s so confident. He even claimed to be the sky king!

I smiled and started chuckling. And here I was feeling bad about my bell sprout plant! And he can’t even use his powers without scarring himself!

“What’s so funny?” Rushon huffed.

“Nothing, Nothing.” I assured him as I tried to compose myself. “On a brighter note. Let me tell you a funny story about me falling out of a tree.”

Me and Rushon talked for hours, upon hours. I told him about my great heist and the Ogre girl. He got a real kick out of the tree story. He told me about the sky domain. Apparently it was on top of some mountain. He tailed some Dwarf (And yes apparently their real) up the mountain through an inner cave system. Then apparently his brother held him upside down over the mountain side! To think he had the ballas to flick all these people off… As our talk came to an end I offered him to come to the guild with me. Let him take a load off for a while. But he refused, said he was going to sleep until he got control over his wind. I admired that. He really had a fire under him. It made me start thinking about what I needed to work on.

My thoughts came to a halt as I got to the door of the Dragonfang guild. The smell, it smelled like a barbeque on superbowl sunday! It also sounded like the roars and screams of a superbowl party on the inside. It was also oddly warm outside. I almost forgot they have weather control in this place.

I took a breath and reached for the door. I can’t wait to see what the guild is like! I opened the door, and I was not ready.

“I’ll kill you, you little bastard!” I opened the door to a dragon boy breathing fire. At some kid who was dressed like a magician.

The magician laughed excitedly as the fire engulfed the path behind the child. The dragon boy chased him around as everyone else just carried on like it was normal. Flying dragon boys and Houdini. You know what, alright.

“Come on Leo! It was just a little trick!” The magician cheered.

I waited till the fire slowed down before I finally walked inside. You know after all the things I’ve seen today. THAT WAS STILL FREAKING AWESOME! IT WAS A DRAGON BOY! I stared and marveled at the blonde haired kid who was chasing down the magician. Who was hoping over and off tables to evade this, Leo guy. I looked around and the whole place was packed. People were all over the place. The bar table had people behind it serving food and drinks, people were dancing and laughing with one another.

“Eden!” I heard a voice rip through the crowd.

I turned around and saw Zack running over to me. He raised his hand and waved toward me.

“What up, I heard you’re staying with us for awhile.” He chimed.

“Oh! Yeah I am, Stryder let me share his room.” I hummed.

“Ah, well the master told me to give you a tour. So come on, let me show you-” He ducked immediately as the dragon boy came around and almost took his head off.

“Wiz!” Leo roared as he zoomed past us.

Zack glared at Leo as he flew away.

“I’m gonna kill that kid one day..” He growled.

“So, is this...normal?” I asked.

“Yeah, Leo’s always pissing his pants about something...”

“So he’s a dragon?”

“Half breed draconic. Also don’t use Dragon by the way. It’s offensive.”

“R-right.” I said quickly, now thinking about it. I wonder if that was racist. Wait does that mean Dragons exist!?

“Zack! Does that mean Dragons are real!?” I asked.

He turned back to me and blinked a few times. Then he got a huge grin and snickered.

“You mean, like this!?” Zack cheered as he flicked me off.

I blinked a few times and examined his hand. And there it was. A dragon tattoo on his hand, swirling up from his wrist to around his middle finger. I stared at it for a moment with a blank expression, while Zack snickered. Is this guy five?

“Oh, ha ha very fu-” I lost my breath as the dragon tattoo started to glow a bright violet color.

I stared at it and then Zack, who just had a smug look on his face.

A bright violet light flashed from his finger. It blinded me. I closed my eyes and tried to hide from the bright flares. After a minute or two, I lowered my guard and took a peek. And I was in shock. T-here it was. The most legendary myth, the most sought after creature in all of mythology. The thing that killed me a hundred times in Skyrim!


The dragon sat back on its back legs like a dog. It’s scales resembled the skin tone of a toad. But if I looked carefully enough, I can tell the amphibious skin complexion really was scales. Even it’s eyes reminded me of a frog’s. He had large wings that were tucked behind it’s back. But that wasn’t the best part! This thing had a beard! Yes a freaking dumbledore beard! It was so long it touched the floor and hid his stomach from view. The dragon was just as tall as Zack. It was intimidating to say the least. But I was way too hype to care about my impending doom! Itr was a real Dragon!

“This is my buddy, Prudens. Or as I like to call him. White beard!” He cheered.

The dragon huffed and stared at me. Huh, I couldn’t hear it. Maybe because he came from the tatto? Eh who cares right now! Dragons are real!!!

“That’s so cool!” I cheered.

“Yeah, I know I’m awesome.” His dragon turned to look at him for a moment, then looked back to face me.

“C-can I touch it?” I asked hesitantly.

“Of course you can Zelda boy!” He cheered happily as he patted his dragon’s side.

I squealed with excitement as I happily hopped over to it. I slowly reached over and touched his arm. It was rough, yet, a lot softer than I expected. The feeling was like rubber almost. Then I felt a cold rush wash over my body. I jumped and stepped back.

“The hell was that..” I muttered as I looked toward Zack.

Zack stared at me with a sympathetic look in his eye.

“Ooof, you got the Stryder treatment.” He said as he walked over to me and patted my shoulder. “DOn’t worry kid you’ll probably get some cute elf girl or something. Can’t believe that Aden kid did you like that.”

I quickly stepped away from him. I stared him down and he started to smirk. Aden, how did he know his name. He said that right after I touched the dragon right? The timing was too coincidental. Did he search my head when I touched it?

“How did you..?”

“Didn’t you know? I’m the wizard of Dragonfang.”

I blinked a couple times out of shock. I stared at him and WhiteBeard. Did he trick me into touching the dragon? Was he just playing me from the start for something? He just smirked at me and turned around.

“Now come on Zelda, time to tour DragonFang?” He snickered.

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