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Chapter 20 - Dragonfang

I stared at Zack with a curious eye. I’m only just now realizing that I definitely underestimated the title child of death. Behind that goofy and playful grin, he was definitely hiding something more devious. Even his attire was clearly focused on concealment. His poncho covered most of his body. I had no idea what he was hiding under there. And with the ability to summon a dragon like he just did. You’d never know what he was doing till the dragon was already here. And that information thing he did, how the hell did he do that?

It’s one thing if he picked up on context clues from Stryder or something. But he specifically said Adens name. Only Rushon knows my situation, and I can’t rule out he didn’t say anything. But I highly doubt he did. Besides, it’s pretty irrelevant information anyways. And he only got the information after I touched the dragon. If I go with the assumption that he got it from me making contact with the dragon. I have to ask why. Was it just to flex on me? Or is it deeper? He did mention he was the wizard, maybe it was just an intimidation thing. Which was a smart move. Because as far as I’m concerned he could know a whole lot more about me. And I’d have no idea. Or am I just overthinking this and-

“Yo nerd, you paying attention?” He Huffed.”The great Destroyer of worlds doesn’t give these often. You should be eating up every word I say.”

He stopped walking by the bar counter. And suddenly I could hear the bustling noise of the guild around me again. Did he just call himself the Destroyer of worlds..?

“Y-yeah!” I stammered back.

“Anyways, as I was saying. This is basically our cafeteria. You can buy food and drinks down here. Member’s who live here pay rent to the guild. Which also includes food. But! Since you’re a freeloader, you still gotta pay for food.”

I grumbled. Right, food money. I got so caught up with side quests today I forgot to try and get money.

“I see.” I sighed.

“Hopefully you’ll have money by tomorrow. Mizus cooking, mmmm. She makes some mean sea food.”

I nodded and he started walking forward again. The inside of the guild was pretty fancy. The branches from the tree were stretched out around inside this place. The rocks embedded into the tree were illuminating the place with a faint glow. Really giving this place that adventurers pub feeling. He showed me the staircases that lead to the drawbridge to the tree houses. He explained that only a handful of people lived in the tree houses here.

As we walked to the spiraling staircase, I could see a guy in the corner of the room. He was wearing all black and had his hood up, covering most of his face. But what really caught my attention was the gameboy advance in his hands!

I was immediately interested.

“Hey Zack, who’s that?” I asked.

He looked over at the guy and squinted his eyes.

“Oh that’s just Cyrus, he’s one of the few who kinda lives here.”

“Kind of?” I asked.

“He visits home from time to time. You look like a league of legends guy. If you end up joining this guild we have a few league players.”

“What really!?” I cheered.

He just chuckled and shook his head.

“Yeah, we kind of got a team going. Cyrus is one of the top players in the U.S ya know?” He chimed.

“Are you serious! That’s so cool!”

“Yeah, I played with him for awhile. Couldn’t keep up.”

He replied as he started to walk down a spiral staircase. I quickly followed behind him.

“Who did you play?”



“Yeah,there’s something I like about a girl who could kill me with a look.”

I just rolled my eyes at his statement. I was starting to wonder if he noticed my suspicions toward him. He was sounding less and less like an evil mastermind the more he talked.

The steps below me had a faint blue glow to them, and with only a few steps in I could feel the temperature rising. I took my hoodie off and wrapped it around my waist. I looked down below me and examined the steps. The steps were a type of mineral that gleamed from an intense phosphorescence modification. My magical elf senses were saying it was a type of Fluorite. This was the first time I’d seen steps like this in this place, and the heat. I wonder if this was a blacksmith’s workshop..

“Ya know even Stryder was in for a little bit. He played Master Yi, but he sucked.” Zack chuckled.

“Zack, what is this place?”

“Ah, right. This is where a sexy blacksmith works. But unlike most guilds we only have one..”

We stopped at the bottom of the steps and there it was. It was huge! The room was dark, most of the light came from this lava-like waterfall that was built into the wall like a furnace. Anvils, tables and work items were scattered all over the gigantic room! There were these odd illuminating weapons that were hoisted up on the wall to the left of us. They shined in the dark room like lanterns. And on the right wall was a colorful splatter of tools. Some tools you’d probably find at an ordinary tool shop. Then the freaking magical glowing tools that probably forged Excalibur! It was insane to think this was all one person’s job! This place could fit like twenty Dwarfs!

My eyes trailed all over the room in pure excitement. Oh my gosh I could probably make the master sword in here! That’s when something scratched at the back of my head.

‘You can only kill tenebris with a telum.’

I remember my sister saying something about it. I wonder if those golden weapons…

“For the last time Zack, I do not want to go toss bread to the pixies with you!”

I looked over and my eyes grew wide.

I was expecting some short fat muscled Dwarf to appear. But no, the guardians decided to bless me with an angel!

She was wearing light brown overalls that showed off her curvy figure. She was covered in soot from head to toe. Like she just got out of a burning building. But the most eye catching thing about her, was her hair. She had blood redlocks that were tied into a ponytail that rested on her shoulder.

I stared in pure admiration of this beautiful creature.

“This little elf boy is Eden! He’s the son of Gaea you’ve been hearing about.”

“What! You finally come to shop with something interesting!” She cheered.

She happily walked over to me, and immediately started examining me like I was some machine she could tinker with.

I quickly looked up to the ceiling, trying to not stare at her anymore.

“Hey I come down with valuable things!” Zack huffed.

“Yeah, broken knives and cheesy pick up lines are so valuable.” She sighed.

That’s when I remembered.

“H-hephaestus , you’re like a master weapons maker right?” I asked.

I slowly brought my eyes back down to meet her amber ones.

“Hmm, well I’d sure hope so. Seeing as I’m the child of the smithing guardian.” She chuckled.

“I was wondering if you could tell me about telum weapons, and where I can get one.”

She got a confused look and quickly looked back up at Zack.

“Did you not explain everything to him!?” She harped.

Zack rolled his eyes.

“The kids not my responsibility.”

She huffed.

“And you wonder why you’re still single.” She sighed.

“Like you can talk! When’s the last time you had a date!”

“Last week, the guy from Fairytale took me out.”

“Wait what! You went out with one of those fairies!? But not the Destroyer of worlds!?”

“Destroyer of worlds? Are you five? Your lucky enough people call you the wizard, don’t push it Zombie boy.”

I saw Zack raise his hand to rebuttal and I loudly cleared my throat.

She looked back over to me and blinked a few times.

“ bad. Anywho, Telum is a type of stone we forge into weapons. The stone is the only material able to inflict lasting damage on a Tenebris.” She explained.

“So why not make guns?” I asked. “I see a lot of medieval weapons. I’m sure guns would be a lot more effective right?” I asked.

She got this big smile on her face and snickered a bit.

“Yes, that would be the case. However a few factors make our old school weaponry more efficient.” She held up a finger. “ One, Telum is a limited resource. We haven’t found much of this material out in the world. Our best Dungeon explorers haven’t found any in decades. So we recast old weapons to make new ones. So shooting small bullets that are almost impossible to collect wouldn’t be wise. We even hesitate to make Arrowheads out of Telum.

I nodded as she spoke. That was actually pretty reasonable...

“I see.” I muttered.

She held up a second finger and smiled.

“Two, some Tenebris won’t go down from a simple bullet wound. Every Tenebris is greatly different. Some can only die from a severed head. So guns aren’t even always guaranteed. And the last, and least important reason.” She held up a third finger. “Passive inheritance.”

“Passive inheritance?” I asked, raising a brow.

“It’s when you get the more passive abilities and strengths from your guardian parent.”Zack spoke up.

“Exactly, for example, I’m sure you’re a natural with a bow right?”

I squinted my eyes at her out of suspicion now. And how did she know that?


“Well, that’s because your mother was good with a bow.” She chimed.”Most halflings have these traits with specific weapons. And they don’t transfer over well to upgraded weapons.”

“I see, so helping keep us with an edge..” I mumbled.

“Exactly, and once you become a full fledged adventurer you’ll get one from your guild.” She winked at me. “And if you join our guild I’ll personally make you some pretty cool stuff.”

I blushed heavily and nodded.

“I-i’ll look forward to it!” I chimed.

“How shameless, using sex appeal to sway this poor child.” Zack huffed as he yanked my ear and dragged me up the steps.

“Ah! Ah! Let me go! Let me go!” I cried.

He flung me ahead of him on the steps and I almost face planted.

“Can’t believe she’s dating a fairy..” He grumbled.

No way was this guy some secret evil genius. And I recall the lady saying something about him bringing broken knives. So I guess this means he has knives hidden under that poncho. I needed a notebook for stuff like this I swear...

As we made it to the top of the steps, we could see a horde of people surrounding a couple. All murmuring something about the baby? A tall man stood in the middle with his arm around the presumed pregnant women. He looked like some kind of vampire. He was wearing all black and had a draping cloak around him that went to his knees. His skin was pale and he had straight black hair that went to his shoulders. His hair blocked the view of his right eye. And I was shocked when I saw the familiar stormy grey eyes on his left. He must’ve been a child of the sky Guardian.

Me and Zack walked over to the crowd and I got a better look of the women. She was wearing a short pink dress and denim blue jeans. She had long brown hair that went down to her lower back. She had a genuine and pure smile on her face as she laughed with everyone. I could even see the draconic and magic kid kneeling down at her belly and examining it. Then, I noticed her eyes. They were lavender. No pupil. Just the whites and this plain lavender color. I stared for a bit, and I noticed she wasn’t directly looking at anything. W-was she blind?

“Damn! She got huge!” Zack gasped.

“Who are they?” I asked.

“Oh, right! They have been gone these past few days. That man in the cloak is Master of the Dragonfang guild, Erik Tempest. And the woman is Clare Tempest, his wife.”

My eyes widened as I heard his name. Tempest, Erik Tempest. That must be his claim name. That all about confirms that he’s a flying type.

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