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Chapter 21 - Gust Vs Blizzard

“Hey, master!” Zack cheered.“The Zelda kids here!”

“The what?” Erik asked

He turned toward us with a puzzled expression on his face. Zack then sprinted over to him and I followed behind.

As I got closer though. It was like the air was getting thin, and there was this static feeling in my fingers. Like I just rubbed my socks over the carpet.

Zack didn’t seem to pay any mind to this as he dropped down with the rest of the crowd. Mesmerized by Clare’s baby bump.

However my eyes were focused on the master. And his eyes were focused on me. This feeling, the air. It had to be him. And he did it without even lifting a finger.

“He’s going to be due pretty soon too. He’ll be happy to meet his big brother Zack.” Clare hummed.

My stare down with Erik was interrupted though, by Zack’s silence. It three me off to not hear him reply. I took a glance over his way. He looked, depressed. He had a somber look in his eyes as he stared seemingly past Clare.

I jumped a bit as I heard Erik move. He took a step toward Zack and faced him. He slowly moved his hand over his head.

“Don’t be hard on yourself. He’s gonna need the great Trickster Wizard of Dragonfang to show him the ropes.” Erik assured him and ruffled Zack’s hair.

I could see Zack smile some now.

“Right…” Zack muttered

Then, I felt the air become full again. I took a deep breath and relaxed just a bit. Erik moved his hand from Zack and turned toward me.

“And you must be Eden. The son of Gaea I’ve heard so much about.” Erik chimed.

“See! I told you my dream predictions weren’t off.” Clare chimed.

He sighed and looked over to her.

“I was just concerned is all..” He Mumbled.

Dawning a rather pained look on his face.

“Pppfftt why? I’m not getting any blinder, Stormy!” Clare chuckled and playfully hit his shoulder.

Prediction!? Was she a fortune-teller? Yes! A psychic type! Wait she’s for sure blind. And Erik moved from her. Was her aim just now a coincidence? Wait, wait wait. She said I’m not getting any blinder when referring to her predictions. Is she implying predictions ruined her sight? Wait does this mean there’s a psychic Guardian!?

“Does this mean there’s a psychic Guardian?” I asked with excitement.

Clare chuckled some and turned to face me. Her soft lavender eyes seemingly staring right through me. It gave me a bit of a chill. Was she using her predictions to see somehow? Or was her hearing just that on point?

I saw Zack shiver.

“Don’t speak that kind of evil kid!”

“What do you mean..?” I asked.

“He’s just saying life would be. Far more troublesome if the Guardians could see the future. I’m just a humble seer.” She hummed happily and moved a finger to her lip. “Well, I guess the term Oracle would make more sense to you.”

“You’re an Oracle? Like the ones from Greek mythology!?” I cheered.

“Similar, the lore has gotten very...dated with the years. But for simplicity sake yes.” Erik replied.

“I see, I’ve got so many questions!” I cheered.

“Well, my wife needs to get some rest. You can ask me if you’d like.”

“But stormy! I want to talk to the first son of Gaea too.” She huffed.

“No butts love. It’s best for Aero.” Erik said as he moved an arm around her.

He leaned in and kissed his pouting wife’s cheek.

“Fine...” She sighed. “Can I have more kisses?”

Erik chuckled and nodded. Leaning down and kissing her lips. Then quickly pulling back.

“I’ll be up soon.” He assured her.

She nodded and walked off to the steps.

“Hey, wait. Shouldn’t someone be walking with her!?” I said frantically.

But everyone just chuckled.

“She’s fine dude, the winds got her.” Zack said as he stretched.“Well, master, I’m gonna crash. He’s all yours now.”

Zack yawned a bit and walked past us toward the steps. Raising his hand up for a goodbye. Everyone else silently just seem to follow suit with Zack. And thus I was alone with the Castlevania character.

“Uh, master Erik?”

“You can just call me Master.”

“Ah yes, Master. Just wanted to thank you for letting me stay here. I know rules are complicated and all. And just, I really appreciate it. I hope once I finish my training. Maybe I could...join?” I said the last part bit under my breath.

My excitement was definitely overloading my brain. I just said way too much. The master then just laughed. A hard and loud laugh.

“I know how difficult it is. Being rejected by your parents.”

My eyes got wide.


He just laughed again and moved his hand to his lip. He slowly pulled on it. I felt my heart begin to pound. As he slowly bared his vampiric fangs to me.

“Calm down, half breeds have more control than the full breed.” He said as he lowered his hand.

“M-my bad, can’t really help it. Can you..can you hear my heartbeat right now.”

“I can hear your racing heart, your rapid breath, and your body language. It’s gotten defensive.” He replied softly, his stormy eyes peering deep into mine now.

I was scared to even have a thought. I figured he’d just read my mind or something!

“S-sorry, after fighting monster after monster. My body’s kinda built up a fight response.” I said forcing a chuckle.

“I understand, most people are afraid of me.” He said with a small smile.

Great, now I feel racist…

“But the reason I let you stay here was because I understood your pain. The guardians see me as a mistake. So my father shunned me, and call’s me a mutt.”

My eyes widened.

“What the hell? Really? Just because of your half-vampire? Is he just a dick to any kid whose not perfect!?”

“Sounds like you’ve met one of my siblings?” He asked with a curious eye.

“My friend Rushon. He’s wingless and was rejected. He’s been training with me and Jack.”

He sighed softly and shook his head.

“I see, that is unfortunate. I wish I could help. But sadly the rules are barely letting you stay here.”

“Yeah, why is it?”

“Favoritism, we’ve had problems in the past of our members training new adventurers. They end up creating a bias when it comes to guild decisions.”

“I guess that’s fair.”

He nodded.

“Well it’s getting late. I’ll answer one more question. My wife won’t be happy if I’m gone too long.”

“Are vampires really allergic to garlic?”

The question just shot out of my mouth. Great! I’m gonna look even more racist now..

Erik cracked a smile and nodded.

“Yes, we are allergic to garlic. But not like how movies portray it. We just get hives or stomach problems. Just like anybody else with a small allergic reaction.”

“Huh, interesting.”

“With that, I’m off to bed.” He hummed as he walked past me. “It was good meeting you.”

“S-same to you Master!” I called back.

Crap! Jacks gonna kill me! That’s what I get for playing pokemon all night…

I used my forest GPS to locate the group. They weren’t at our normal meeting place. I guess Jack got impatient and left without me. That freaking freezer-burned...

I skidded to a stop. I could sense a struggle. But I wasn’t just some animal’s fighting. It was intense. Tree’s were getting slashed, frozen. I focused more and closed my eyes. This was an attack, Jack was fighting someone. I could sense someone else was standing there with them. Were we being ambushed? I leaned down and grabbed some dirt. I took a route around the fighting, seeing if I can observe the fight. Maybe I could help Jack out.

I came to a stop behind a tree. Gauging from how the attacks were going, they were coming this way. I readied the dirt in my hands and waited. The sounds boomed as they got closer. The wind picked up and I could see the trees shaking. Something was darting from tree to tree. But the part that made my heart race. Was the fact that Jack was running.

Okay, I needed to see what type of enemy it was. I leaned over and waited. Then my eyes grew wide.

There he was! Rushon! Flying from tree to tree! And Jack dodging every one of his strikes.

“I admit it, I’m impressed. But jumping high doesn’t take out monsters!”

I saw Rushon on a tree near me. Ice trailed up his leg and I could see the panic in his eyes. The wind coiled around his leg and exploded. Propelling himself off the tree at Jack. I moved from the tree and got a better view. It was like Rushon shot off like a bullet! It was so fast! But Jack still managed to slam his fist into Rushons gut and sent him flying back against the ground.

Rushon bounced on the ground, but he caught himself and rolled onto his feet. He coughed as he stood up hunched over. While Jack just smirked down at him. I looked over at his leg and it was sliced open. Just like yesterday.

I could see the wind picking up around his bloody leg. Making a crimson tornado around it. Jack leaned in a bit and held his hand out. I could see mist coming off of it.

They were gonna kill each other!

“Rushon! Calm down! It’s not worth it!”

“Shut it short Bush! I wanna see what he’s got!” Jack cheered.

I need to think! I had to do-

Before a thought could even enter my brain. Rushon rushed Jack. Blasting himself forward with the wind. He spun around and aimed his Beyblade spinning leg at Jack’s head. Jack simply held up his hand as a huge blast of frost shot out. Covering the area in a blizzard.

I quickly spun back around behind the tree, shielding myself from his attack. I felt my skin crawl from the cold air.

“I told you, you should just give it up kid.” I heard Jack croak.

I slowly looked from around the tree at the fading snow flurries. I squinted my eyes and stared into it. I saw Jack’s hand holding the silhouette of a leg.

I sighed a bit in relief. At least Jack made him qui- what…

I watched as the snow cleared. And it wasn’t Rushon. But some ice sculpture! I could see the shock on Jack’s face as he realized it too. Then something shot out from the tree and splashed Jack in the eyes. He stumbled back and Rushon appeared. Coming from the left and clocking Jack in the face.

“You told me to give!” I heard him yell as Jack stumbled back.

But Rushon just kept forward toward a tree. I looked back to Jack, and he was gone!

“You insulted my martial arts!” I heard Rushon yell as he kicked off the tree and flew into the air.

That’s when I saw him. Jack flying through the snow he made. Flying right toward Rushons crashing Axe kick. Then bam! He slammed his heel into Jack’s head and sent him down. I could see the blood flying off Rushon’s leg. That’s when it hit me. I get it now. He used his blood to blind Jack!

It was like Rushon was reading the future! He leaped and kicked every area Jack teleported to. He was thrashing him!

“And I’m gonna make you eat those words!” Rushon roared.

His scared leg whirled with that vicious tornado again.

Coming down on Jack for another Axe kick. But I noticed Jack whipping away the blood from his eyes finally. He quickly held up his hand as a more concentrated ice cone covered Rushon. And this time. A Rushon siccle dropped.

I will admit. That was freaking awesome!

I jogged over to them. Jack was panting heavily as he glared at the Rushon popsicle.

“No wonder you were born weak. If you were born strong you’d be a problem..” He grunted.

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