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Chapter 22- General NutterButters

“W-why d-dose g-getting h-healed. Hurt so-so bad!” Rushon chattered out.

“Hey, you’re the one who attacked me. I don’t want to hear it.” Jack huffed.

We were all leaning against the trees in the woods. Listening to the crackling sound of Jack’s ice over Rushons legs. Who looked like his Hp was on red. He was biting his lip and cringing pretty hard the entire process. Plus the involuntary shaking from the cold didn’t help.

“What kind of materia are you even using?” I asked.

“Look I only have one type of magic kid. I can use it in various ways. But it’s all still ice, including healing.” Jack replied.

“So does that make you a wizard?” I asked.

“Something like that..” He replied.

I looked over at Max who was sitting across from us. He had his eyes closed and was sitting against a tree. I didn’t even notice before. But he had a nice looking sword in his arms. It had a burgundy and dirty gold color scheme to it.

I wondered if that was a telum weapon. Wait does that mean he basically has a master sword! Oh, maybe I can become a master swordsman!

Suddenly my stomach felt like it was doing backflips. I grabbed my sides and flung my head back groaning.

“Ah, they must be here!” Jack cheered.

“Am I a damn alarm!?” I croaked out.

“I mean pretty much.” Jack hummed.

He got up and stared into the tree line by max. I, however, didn’t bother looking. I felt like I was gonna blow chunks if I moved.

“Arrow! Drez!” Jack chimed.

I felt the storm in my stomach finally settle. I slowly looked up. And my eyes grew wide. It was a monkey! A monkey man!

The man before us had dark brown skin and a long wiggling black tail! His hair was nappy and his sideburns were long. I could even see hair on the back of his hands. He was wearing a tank top and joggers. With a staff strapped to his back.

Next to him was a guy who looked like Krato’s little brother! He had long and shaggy black hair that went to his shoulders and creamy skin. But the part that caught my attention most, as his piercing green eyes. They were just like mine. Was he a child of Gaea?

I could’ve sworn people said I was the first son of Gaea in decades. Plus I think someone would’ve referenced him by now. I squinted my eyes and looked at his ears as he talked to Jack. No pointy ears there. Guess he just had really green eyes.

He was wearing a teal sleeveless hoodie and black Jeans, With light armor over his body. And two big swords on his back. One looked like it was made of emeralds, while the other had a white and red handle. And he was super ripped!

“I know what you’re thinking. I’m Not a child of Gaea.” The swordsman said with a smirk.

Oh crap! Did he catch me staring!? Even while focused on Jack?

“Oh I a-”

“And here I thought the only human around would be famous.” His friend with the staff said while elbowing his shoulder.

The swordsman rolled his eyes.

“Human?” Rushon asked.

“Ah, yeah. I’m Arrow bursten, professional adventurer of the fairytale guild!” He chimed. “And I’m a hundred percent human.”

I never thought about it before. But I guess it’s reasonable to assume regular people could wind up here. One day you’re just walking in the woods. Next thing you know you’re running from the tank in Left Four Dead. Wait, I wonder why I haven’t heard more about these things before. Were the adventurers and guardians just that good at keeping this world hidden?

“Yeah, one of the few humans who didn’t fall for the Kool-aid.” Jack chuckled.

Fall for the Kool-aid?

“And I’m Drez Wukong.” The monkey man chimed as he stepped forward.

Why does that sound familiar...

“Wukong!? Like Sun Wukong!?” Rushon piped up.

“That monkey guy who’s like in every MOBA game!?” I screeched.

“Sun is like my super great grandpa, but I am a descendant.” He replied.

He looked over to me for a moment and his cheerful smile turned to a glare. He lifted his leg up to me and pointed his monkey hand toe finger at me. His eyes were red, a shining red. Just like tenebris!

“And your mother is the one who cursed my family.” He said firmly.

I felt my heart begin to race as the words escaped his mouth. He looked like he was gonna rip me to shreds. I pressed my whole palm against the dirt and prepared to create something.

Geez, is my mom just a monster to everyone!?

Then, he just started laughing!

“Oh gosh calm down kid! You look like you’re about to piss yourself!” Drez laughed out.

I felt my cheeks flush as Jack and Drez held onto their sides laughing.

“What the hell!?” I roared.

“Ah, Sun would be proud.” Jack snickered.

Rushon just sighed while Max stood up with a rather annoyed look on his face.

“Can we stop playing around already? I have work in a couple of hours.” Max huffed.

“Okay, okay sorry. So I have some business to attend to with Icarus here. So I’m leaving the dungeon exploration and spirit animal retrieval with Arrow.” Jack said as he walked over to Rushon.

Me and Rushon both looked up at jack. Who happily patted Rushon’s shoulder.

“What do you me-”

Rushon stopped talking and we both shivered as a sudden cold breeze came in. Then him and Jack just vanished. My eyes grew wide as I stared at the place they once stood.

The memory of Jack teleporting around came into my mind. Then the blood in his eyes. I guess that confirms that things touching him while he teleports goes with him, noted.

Drez was seemingly holding back his laughter and took a breath.

“Don’t worry kid. My family thanks Gaea every day for this curse.” He chuckled. “After all, it gave my great granddaddy an excuse to fling poop at the gods”

“Please don’t tell me your flinging poop again,” Arrow muttered.

“Well, I’m heading back to the guild.” Drez sighed.

He waved off and turned back to the woodline. As soon as he touched it. My stomach did a barrel roll.

“I freaking hate this..!” I grumbled as I held my sides.

Which got Max to finally chuckle. It took a few minutes before my stomach tsunami ceased.

“What is my life..” I grumbled.

“I need to start carrying sanitizer..” Arrow mumbled “Anyways, has Jack explained anything about spirit animals to you?”

“Not a thing.” Max sighed.

“Well, it’s a pretty simple process,” Arrow said as he dug into his pocket.

He pulled out a small greenstone, then tossed it to Max.

“There’s a special spring nearby that’s in the Sun elf’s forest. It helps guide your creature to you.”

“That’s interesting,” I muttered.

“What is?” Arrow asked.

“Well, most people I’ve met only say the elves or Elven. But you specified sun elves. Which would imply that there are other races of elves right?”

“Sharp, good catch. I guess I shouldn’t expect Jack to tell you these things.” He chuckled. “I’ll explain on the way.”

“Don’t tell me we have to forest walk again..”

“It’s the only way.” Arrow hummed.

“So the two races of elves that I’m aware of are the Solis Elves and the Luna Elves. Solis elves gain energy and forms of magic from the sun. While the Luna elves gain it from the moonlight. Plus there nocturnal, you won’t find one in the day time. They mostly reside in Osiris domain. And most of us use the simple titles Sun elves, and Luna elves.”

I had questions. Many questions. But I felt like if I opened my mouth I was gonna hurl. He looked back at me and tried to not laugh.

“I thought they were kidding!” He laughed out.“This really does make you sick!”

“S-shut up.” I croaked out and quickly clasped my mouth.

I could feel my breakfast coming up…

We soon came to a stop, and I could hear the rushing of a river. I looked up and I could see the….glimmering pink river! A freaking pink river!

“The task is simple. Meditate and focus on your animal, it’ll come instinctively. Make sure you hold that stone in your palms as you meditate too.” Arrow said as he pointed at Max.

I raised my brow and folded my arms.

“Any particular reason why I don’t get a stone?”

“Being the son of Gaea, you should already have a pretty good connection to your spirit animal. Just a matter of focusing on it. Plus I only have one stone. Sun elves aren’t too gracious to sell, especially to humans.”

I sighed and sat down.

“I swear someone put my life on hard mode...”

Arrow chuckled some and stepped away from us. I looked over to Max and he looked over to me. We both gave each other a nod. I turned back to face the woods and took a breath. Then I closed my eyes. I focused on the sound of the stream behind me, and the sound of my breath. I felt warm like a fire was slowly building in my chest. My animal, my spirit animal.

Then, the warm air that was blanketed around my skin was replaced with this cold breeze. I slowly opened my eyes, and everyone was gone. And I wasn’t me anymore. But I was the sky? I don’t know. I just knew I couldn’t move.

And below me was a rather built man and a woman.

He had short brown hair and creamy skin with black soot all over his body. He had an engineer type clothing on. He had his hand held out resting against the woman’s cheek. The women had short and curly brown hair. With dark chocolate type skin. She looked like she was in a blue dress from the eighties. She was crying, and I could see the man’s hand glowing a faint light green.

“Remember, I’m doing this because I want to, so don’t feel guilty.”

“B-but why!?” The woman cried into his hand.

“Because I’ve always loved you.” The man said with a smile as the light slowly consumed the area.

Then everything was back to normal. The warmth of the air slowly rubbed against my skin. But this time around I felt some heavy weight on my shoulder. Like really heavy! I was freaking tipping over! I quickly propped myself up with my right arm and opened my eyes. And I was speechless.

There on my shoulder was a squirrel. But not just any normal squirrel. A GIGANTIC BUFF SQUIRREL! WHOSE NAME WAS NUTTERBUTTERS! Wait… HOW DO I KNOW THAT!?

I stared speechless at him for a moment. But no matter how much I thought this wasn’t real. The eighty-pound squirrel weighing down on my shoulder reminded me I wasn’t dreaming. He was ripped! Like muscles on his muscles ripped. With a small scar over his left eye.

He leaned over to me and pressed his furry hulk hogan arm against my cheek. AND FLEXED AGAINST IT!

“How’s a toothpick like you suppose to be my master?”

He growled into my ear with an oddly deep and grungy voice.


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