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Chapter 24 - A warriors pride

Rock climbing, that’s literally all I have to do! I mean there’s the whole, falling into a barbeque pit thing if I fall. But my nature sense makes it almost impossible for me to make a mistake. I knew each and every rock that was sturdy or loose.

This would’ve been the easiest task I’ve ever had. That is, if it didn’t magically turn into an escort mission! The most dreaded task for all gamers. When you have to protect the stupid NPC who seems to suddenly lose all common sense. I could sense him behind me, so it wasn’t all that hard to tell him what not to grab. But focusing on my own route plus his? It turned a very simple walk in the park, to a walk with a pitfall and fire.

“Don’t grab that one!” I yelped.

He was just about to cause half the wall to come crumbling down! Just what was this guy’s problem!? He could’ve aced that freaking fire platform! Why was he being so stubborn? Think, did he say anything off? Hmm, he did say something about being more than that. Does that mean he thinks that we think he’s dumb or something? I wish Rushon was here. He gets people better than I do…


I felt chills run down my spine as I heard his screams. I closed my eyes and focused on the terrain again. And I could see he was dangling by one stone.

“Oye! Grab the stone directly above your right hand! Then pull yourself up and grab the big one on your right!” I yelled over to him.

“R-right!” He called out to me.

I was rather agitated now. All he had to do was listen to me. And because he didn’t want to listen I gotta work harder!? Soon enough we got to the other side and Arrow clapped for us. I had a bit of a headache now. Between the forest walking, and the zoomed-in terrain sight. My head felt like it just ran a mile. And my lovely squirrel familiar was now perched on Arrow’s shoulder. That traitor...

“Great work, now let’s keep going deeper in. I’ll grade you both when were all out.”

Oh, great were being graded. I wonder if I’m getting points taken off for not trying that fire pit. I looked over to Max, and he was staring at the floor. What was going on with this guy?

“Alright follow me,” Arrow said as he turned back around and continued down the tunnel.

And we both followed behind him. I would occasionally look over at Max, the guy seemed like he had a lot on his mind. Since he was training with Jack that means his parent didn’t want him either. But since I know nothing of war gods culture. That effectively gives me nothing to work with. I know he works at his family’s restaurant. And getting back on time is important to him, plus Mexican culture does have really connected families. But what does that have to do with his rebellion against his guardian side? Maybe the war guardian wrong them? Ugh! If I don’t figure this out this whole dungeons gonna be an escort mission!

“Hey max, what was with you back there?” I asked bluntly.

My brain was too fried to be clever at this point. And if we wind up fighting some dragon, I’d rather know what I’m dealing with here.

“I-it’s nothing.” He stammered out.

“Look, as it stands right now we’re a team, we have to deal with the dungeon together. And I’ll be blunt. When Arrow gave his warning to you before we got in the dungeon, you took it poorly.”

“Well I-”

“And literally just a moment ago you avoided doing the fire steps. I would say you were just scared of fire. But your response suggested you had a problem with me assuming you could do it because of your heritage. And stated ‘I’m more than that’. Look I’m not trying to be a dick or anything, but I need to know I can trust you. You put a lot of strain on my powers back there.”

He looked up to the rocky ceiling.

“Eres como un halcón“ He sighed.

“What? Dude, I don’t speak freaking Spanish!”

He chuckled some and looked back over to me.

“I was saying you’re pretty perceptive.”

“Ah, well thanks, I guess?”

“I’m just tired of everyone always having this idea of me before they know me.”

I nodded.

“I can see how being the child of war can affect you like that.”

“Even before all of this magic stuff, everyone always thought I was a monster because of my Padre. And to come here and get told the same thing?” He balled his fist and took a breath. “I was just hoping when I came here I’d have a fresh start. I could be who I wanted to be. But it’s no different from home.”

I looked at him in surprise. No way, this guy was just like me...

“I can understand that. Growing up my dad always forced me into sports I didn’t want to play. Trying to mold me into the son he always dreamed of having. But sadly I was the exact opposite of what he wanted. So I get that.”

“Is that why you ran away to the woods?” He asked.

“Technically speaking he kicked me out for back talking. But yeah more or less.” I chuckled. “I was hoping this place would be my magical escape. But It was the furthest thing from it.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I’m sorry for earlier, I know that you were just being reasonable. I just-”

“You don’t have to, I get it, really. I almost got myself killed trying to prove a point.”

I smiled as I remembered my impossible fight in the woods. Running for my life against the Tenebris minotaur.

“Alright! They must’ve upgraded this place!” I heard Arrow cheer.

Max and I both looked up, and my eyes grew wide.

“This was the huge thing I was sensing earlier..” I muttered.

In front of us was a huge open cavern, It was like this place had its own sun or something! Because it was bright! On the far end of the cavern was a huge tunnel entrance. And It was being guarded by a Dark souls level boss!

Before us was a giant rock monster that made us all look like ants in the grass. It was humanoid and had glowing purple eyes. I’d say he was just a story tall.

“This is great!” Arrow chuckled out.

Is this guy insane!?

“How are we suppose to..”

Max’s words slowly came to a stop as we watched Arrow excitedly run in like a kid in the candy store.

“Alright, stay back and watch a professional adventurer!” He cheered with a crazed smile on his face.

Welp. I’m not gonna stop him. I wondered if he was gonna start barrel rolling.

“Can he actually kill that thing..?”

“How does one kill rock?” I asked.

Max tapped his chin in thought, then he looked over to me.

“Magic..?” Max asked with doubt.

“There’s gotta be a trick to it..” I mumbled.

My train of thought, however, was immediately interrupted by Arrow. I watched as he leaned down lower and lower as he ran. I could see a faint neon green mist coming off of his boosts. I raised my brow and stared skeptically at it. What the heck was he doing?

Then PHEWSH! He suddenly shot off like a rocket! Slamming feet first into the giant! Dust rose from his feet as the monster stumbled back. And I was at a loss for words.

Did, did a human just kick an Onix back!

“Did he just stomp on that thing?” Max yelled.

Then Arrow quickly zoomed out of the coiling dust and, and he sprouted freaking wings! Wings! They were transparent with a light green tint. It kind of reminded me of an angel’s wing. He zoomed around the creature’s head and the beast swung his arm up at him. But, it completely missed and...slammed on its own head?

Rocks crumbled down from atop the monster’s head, sending more dust into the sky. I watched as Arrow swooped back in hand first on the creature’s head. Quickly pushing off of it and flying back into the air. Just barely dodging the incoming rocky fist that was about to slam down onto him.

Is he gonna make it break itself? I watched as the beast slammed his rocky fist into its own head again. He was making cracks, but it wasn’t budging. He’d have to try a whole lot harder to break this thing. Arrow flew around the beast and seemed to be waiting for the arm to move back. He moved his arm to his back and grabbed the red sword he had. And as soon as the thing moved its arm. He spun down on it like a tornado and stabbed the sword into its head.

Then he quickly flew off again as the monster slammed the sword into its head like a hammer to a nail.

What was the point of that...?

Then I watched Arrow lift his hand up in front of him as he flew around the rock man. Then BOOM! The things head just exploded! Millions of rock chunks filled the sky like rain all around us! Wait, rocks raining all around us...

“Max we gotta run!” I yelled.

He quickly turned around and we both booked it. I looked over my shoulder and I noticed shards of rock rocketing fast toward us. We weren’t gonna outrun them! I quickly spun around and aimed my arm at the rocks. I hope this works! I focused on the rocks and let the heat rise to my hand. And I rapidly shot my ki blasts out at the rock. But my yellowish-green beams only managed to push away a few of the rocks!

Crap! I knew I should’ve played more first person shooters! The rest of the debris was coming down to fast on me! I couldn’t shoot the rest down! Think Eden think!

Just when the panic was about to set in. I saw a red blur dash in front of me. My eyes grew wide, and before I could even comprehend I heard a loud clanking of a sword. And it soon all became clear. I saw Max using his sword that was still sheathed to bat away the stones. He was so quick! How did he get up here so fast!? How are his swing so fast!? It was like watching a machine. Geez, so this is the power of a war child.

I looked ahead to where Arrow was and I almost forgot to breathe. I watched as the bigger chunks of rock on the ground started to shake and break. Molding themselves into new smaller monstrous forms. Each having a purple sigil on their foreheads as they changed. And Arrow landed right in the middle of them.

What’s with this guy!? Did he have a death wish or something!?

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