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Chapter 6.5 - Solid eye Eden

I soon came out to the cafeteria with them still hot on my trail. I could at least slow them down a bit here. I leaped forward onto the table, and pushed myself off of it onto the other side. A nice clean vault.

“Let’s see if you can keep up!” I called back to them as I vaulted over another table.

I glanced back and saw them scrambling about, trying to keep up. One of them however was oddly good at parkour. Like aggressively good. I felt like I was playing one of those temple run games. I looked ahead and saw a staircase leading down to D-3 coming up. I ran as fast as I could, and when I got close to the edge of the steps. I leaped off down them. The wind in my face, my racing heart, I couldn’t help but smile as I descended down. I felt so alive, like I was flying. As my feet hit the floor, I dropped and rolled forward onto my shoulder and back onto my feet.

“Hey! Where are you suppo-” I heard a teacher calling out to me.

I realize I could easily end this chase right now. All I had to do was be a tattle tale. But I was having way too much fun to do that. I ignored the yelling teacher and raced down the hall. I could hear the teacher yelling for someone else now, which was a sign to keep running.

As I was reaching the end of the hall, I skidded to a stop at the stairwell. I could hear the loud and rapid footsteps of someone running down the hall toward me. I quickly ran up the steps and tried to think about what other obstacles I could throw at them. I frantically looked around as I reached the top of the steps. I could hear him coming up, I had to think fast. Then, I felt a light bulb go off in my head. I got a devilish grin on my face as I swiftly hid behind the stair railing where he couldn’t see me.

I took my backpack off, and as soon as I saw a glimpse of him coming up the steps, I shot up and rammed my backpack into his face! His hands went up and I swear, I heard a little girls’ shrill coming from him. He fell back and started rolling down the steps, I held my hand against my ear and leaned forward to listen to him tumble.

“Wait for it!” I cheered as I waited excitedly in anticipation for humpty dumpty to fall.

Then Bam! He landed on his back with a loud thud.

“There it is!” I cheered as I began to laugh hysterically.

I held onto my sides as I walked up the rest of the steps, and headed out the doorway to D-2. I checked to see if the coast was clear, I didn’t see anyone. Not even the teachers. I guess those extras were searching around for me, or probably caught by the teachers. I had to play it safe, where should I go though? They may expect me to head back to my class. Then, an idea popped into my head, we have a gym outside of the school. I could totally head there as a cover, and then just vanish into the woods by there. Today was a block day for us, meaning we only had to go to half of our classes. However, each class is like an hour long in compensation for the limited numbers of classes.

I had another half an hour left. All I needed was a cardboard box to solid snake out of here, but I was fresh outta those. So, I took a few backtrack ways to get to the door that lead outside to the gym. I was lucky enough to not get spotted by the few hall monitors that were prowling about. This just goes to show how much the school needed to work on their security.

I quickly slipped through the door and headed outside. I was immediately greeted by the sun’s welcoming rays. It felt like a blanket of warmth was wrapping itself around me. I smiled contentedly and took my sweet little time walking up the stairs that lead to the gym. The gym wasn’t anything too fancy. It was a small place only meant for gym related things. It kinda reminds me of a prison though. Plain brick walls, with no windows in sight. They tried to paint over it with this light blue color, to make it more ‘friendly.’ But, It just looks like even more of a prison, or maybe even an asylum.

“Look! A human! Their getting out early again!” I heard a high pitch squeal coming from behind me.

I was a bit curious now, no one was outside to see me. So, I looked back and saw two squirrels running from the grass to a nearby tree. They were squealing back and forth with each other. I chuckled a bit at them,they sounded like a couple of little kids. I took a moment to appreciate the outdoors and took a deep breath.


My whole body tensed up and I stumbled on the steps

That weight from before slowly crept over me. My heart was beginning to race as my thoughts scattered. Crap! Elle! She found me. I needed to calm down. I forced a smile on my face as I slowly turned to face her.

“O-oh, hey!” I chimed with a nervous chuckle.

Elle was hunched over and panting heavily. She slowly looked up toward me as she caught her breath.Her eyebrows were forward as she looked me over from head to toe, like she couldn’t believe I was here.

“I’ve been texting you all day!” She growled at me.

“S-sorry about that, my phone died. See?” I said as I reached into my pocket and took my phone out.

I clicked the home button a few times to show her it was dead. Hopefully she didn’t think about me holding it to turn it on...

“Look. Eden we need to talk.“Elle said flatly as she seemed to catch her breath.

Her eyes searched for mine, but I looked away.

“Oh no it’s fine! I’m sorry about running. I figured you guys were having an important discussion. So... I um, left.” I said a bit absentmindedly.

I couldn’t for whatever reason look her in the eyes. I had to look down and away. My heart began to race more, but I tried to relax. Why was I getting so worked up?

“We were, but I figured since you saw the hug and all. You might get the wrong Idea.” She said softly.

I looked up at her for a moment and noticed she was looking down as well. She had a bathroom pass in her hands she was looking at. I couldn’t go on like this, I needed to know.

“Hey Elle, tell me something.” I asked softly.

“Yeah sure, what is it Eden?” She replied as she looked back up to me.

I made a fist and took a breath. I slowly moved and looked her dead in her eyes. Her beautiful deep blue eyes. They always reminded me of the ocean. I loved to get lost in them, imagining that this is what it felt like to stare into the deep endless sea. But now, it was like I was drowning in them.

It felt like my heart was gonna explode at just the thought of asking her. It was hard to even put the right words together in my mind. It really was like I was drowning. I bit my lip and fporced myself to take a breath.

“Elle, do you Like Aden!?” I spat out.

It felt like my heart was just gonna leap out of my throat. My breathing suddenly had become heavy, and I tried to regain control. I could see her cheeks turning a familiar rosey shade again. She quickly looked away from me as her grip on the bathroom pass tightened.


“Guardian!” The voice ripped through me like a knife.

I could feel my whole body tremble as I became frozen in place. The only part of me that could move was my head, I didn’t want to look. I wanted all of this to be a horrible nightmare. I wanted to wake up! Even so, I slowly turned, and there he was. The creep from last night. Standing in the grass a few feet away. His hood still up, guarding most of his face. His head, staring directly at me. The only thing I could see clearly, was his eyes. There was no mistaking it now. They were for sure, red.

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