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Chapter 7 - Temple run

I stared deeply into the blood red eyes of the hooded man. It was like his eyes were glowing faintly. I trembled a bit, I tried to force myself to relax. But my heart just kept racing faster, I couldn’t keep myself still. I was even afraid to turn my gaze away from him. Was he watching me the whole time? Where did he even come from? I’m sure I would of saw-

“Eden, we need to get out of here.” Elle whispered to me.

Her words snapped me back into reality, it really didn’t matter how he found me right now. The most important thing was figuring out how we were gonna escape. My legs felt like lead, and I was still too terrified to avert from his gaze. It was like a stalemate between us for who would look away first. I tried to use this moment to think, I needed a plan. I was scared, but I knew I needed to look around at my options.

My eyes slowly drifted away toward the gymnasium that stood atop of the steps. Then back down the steps toward the school. Me and Elle both were next to each other. I guess I didn’t notice her walking toward me when we were talking. We had a better chance of getting to the gymnasium. We could get help from the Gym teacher, plus more possible weaponry. It was just a matter of if we can beat him there. I looked to Elle and slowly reached for her hand. I could see the hooded man slowly tilt his head to the side, as I clasped Elles hand into mine.

I looked the creep in the eyes one last time. I could still feel the fear holding me down, I bit down hard on my lip. As soon as I felt the adrenaline lift the weight of the fear off me, I took off up the steps. I dragged Elle behind me as I ran as fast as my legs could. It wasn’t gonna be like last time, I was gonna save us both.

I could hear something like a dog running fast up the hill from the grass. I didn’t bother looking behind me, I knew it would only make things worse for me in my head. I needed to remain as calm and collected as possible.

Run inside, inform the teacher and block all entrances. No, that would waste precious time. Hiding and calling someone while we barricaded ourselves is the best plan. Soon, we made it to the top of the steps, where the prison like gymnasium stood. I didn’t waste a second and swung open the door with my free hand. I gripped Elles hand even harder and threw her ahead of me into the gymnasium. I leaped in behind her and yanked the door shut behind me.

I allowed myself to look at the creature and I was taken back for a moment, we had out raced him by a lot here. He was still climbing up the hill. I didn’t dwell on that too long and focused again on the task at hand. I looked around and saw a janitor’s rolley mop bucket. I immediately grabbed the mop and moved it to lock the handles of the door. I hoped that it would stop him from coming in here, or at least slow him down. I hadn’t noticed how fast my heart was still racing, I guess I calmed down enough to notice. I could taste the blood in my mouth, I looked down and saw more blood dripping from my lip onto the floor and my shirt.

“W-When the hell did you get so fast!” Elle panted out breathlessly.

Did I really get faster? I shook my head and stayed on topic. I expected to hear some generic gym noises going on. But it was dead silent.

“Quick, let’s get a teacher.” I huffed as I jogged over to the big blue doors that lead to the gym. We were in a hallway that held the bathrooms and water fountain. I looked around a bit, taking everything in just in case. Elle took the lead now and shoved open the gym doors to reveal, nothing.

“What? Where is everyone!? What’s going on!?” I yelled in a bit of panic.

We both ran in and began to look around like lost kids in a park. Then we both stopped as we heard glass shatter beyond the big doors that quickly shut behind us. Then from the glass breaking, loud thuds and slamming could be heard against the door.

“Crap! Everyone’s at the track field today!” Elle yelled over to me.

I could hear the distress and fear in her voice. It threw me off a bit, I wasn’t used to her sounding like this. The great, brave, and aggressive Elle was petrified. From the crashes we could hear just beyond the door, I’m sure she was just as aware as I was. That thing wasn’t human. And now we were stuck in this place like cattle to the slaughter. The only two exits and entrances were outside that door, and I’m sure he’s probably halfway done rock-smashing that door down. I looked around quickly, there was nothing. No panic button, no phone, just the ancient risers on either side of the gym. Maybe there would be something in the changing rooms. I quickly yelled over to Ellie.

“Quick let’s check the locker rooms!”

She nodded and followed my lead as we both ran inside, we didn’t even speak to each other, we both just split up and looked around. In our quiet search however, I noticed the obnoxious slamming from outside had stopped. He must of gotten in, or maybe he saw someone and ran. My mind raced with different possibilities. But I knew what the reality was, I just didn’t want to accept it. He was inside looking for us. Soon me and Elle meet back up in the middle, we both had nothing. This place was really built up like a prison. Hard bars on all the small windows we could find. All the lockers were locked, so no item snatching for a phone. It was like the freaking water temple in Zelda! Nothing! Were stuck in here with nothing.

I sat back and tried to think, we weren’t getting out of here without a risk. I needed to get Ellie out. She looked at me as I tapped my finger against my chin a bit anxiously, I didn’t like any of the plans I had. The few with both of us getting out was to risky. We could lure him in, maybe trick him and escape. But if it goes wrong were definitely both dead. I couldn’t, no, I refused to risk Ellie at all. Whatever I came up with needed at least a ninety percent chance Ellie would come out unscaved. I was starting to realize now, my first idea, was the only one that could possibly work. I needed to be the bait.

“Ellie listen while we still have time.” I whispered to her.

She had a perked up look on her face, like I just pulled her from the ashes of a raging fire. But as I kept talking, her hopeful look turn to one of dread, soon after I explained everything to her.

“I won’t leave you!” She protested in a loud whisper.

“It’s the only way.” I replied.

“Well too bad, we need a new plan becau-” I grabbed her hand and made her look me in the eye.

“Look, what if this thing attacks someone else.” I said sternly to her. I looked deeply into her blue eyes as she looked at me in a daze. “Even if we both get away, that’s not solving anything. He’ll just comeback again. And what if when we do get away? And he attacks some innocent person. That’ll be on me.”

“So let me stay and help! Two fist are better then-”

“Think, if he kills us both what do we accomplish? Absolutely nothing. And gauging from the door he just falcon punched into oblivion, it’s unrealistic well beat him. I’ll be the distraction while you go and get some help.”

“Why can’t I be the distraction then!” I could see her eyes watering as she asked.

Her hand was trembling in mine. All I wanted to do was pull her in and tell her it was gonna be okay, keep her safe in my arms. But it wasn’t the time, I needed to stay strong.

“No offense, but I’m faster, stronger, more agile, and more clever than you. I can hold him off and keep him here a lot longer than you could. It’s gotta be me.” I could see she was getting more upset now. I put a good smile on for her. “Besides, I’ve set too many pranks. They’ll believe you over me any day.” I slowly let her hand go and took a step away from her. I crept over to the door and slowly opened it, and there he was. He was looking around in the middle of the gymnasium like a lost puppy. If any time was a good time, it was now.

“Alright Ellie, start running and I’ll make sure you get out.” I called out to her.

I could hear her footsteps slowly creeping up behind me. I looked up to her and noticed a very serious look, her watery eyes were dry. She looked focused.

“Before I do, promise me you won’t die. Okay?” She asked softly as she looked me in my eyes. I smirked and nodded.

“Like I’d let some Addams family reject kill me.” I said confidently as I held my fist up to her. She smiled slightly and did the same bumping my fist.

“Show em what my mighty sceptile can do.” She chimed.

I felt much more relaxed now, she was really trusting me right now. I can do this, I was gonna beat this sick freak. I stepped back from the door and began taking my shirt off. I lifted it up over my head and pulled it off. I looked up again and saw Ellies face a bold red, kinda like a cherry.

“U-umm what are you..” She stammered a bit as I could see her eyes shamelessly tracing over me. I guess she forgot how built I was. I wasn’t as buff or muscular as Aden was, but I had some muscle. I was more on the lean side.

“My shirt, it’s part of the distraction.” I replied.

“R-right.” she replied

Her eyes however were still looking at me like a piece of meat, kinda like how this guy was looking at me on the bus. I raised a brow at Ellie who quickly looked away. It wasn’t that often that this happened to me. Aden usually stole all the eyes at the pool. I smirked some more and focused back on the crack in the door. He was decently close now. It was now or never.

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