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Chapter 8- Red eyes black hood vs Eden the dweeb

I knew if I waited any longer I could jeopardize the entire plan, all it took was him noticing us and it was over. But my legs felt like lead, sinking into quicksand. I was scared. This thing was inhuman, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I was trying to silence the voices in my head, but my doubts kept seeping out. What if I fail? I could die, but more importantly Ellie could die. We both could die. What if I was wrong?

I looked over to Ellie, who was visibly shaking now. I could see her eyes were full of fear. I put a lot of pressure on her. I realize that now, but It was needed. I took a breath one last time and straightened up. She needed me to be confident right now. I looked over at the hooded guy one last time.

“Go!” I roared, flinging the door open.

The hooded guy quickly jerked his head in our direction. His eyes seem to glow ever so slightly, like a lighthouse in the fog. He was fixated on Ellie, who was now taking off like sonic. I used this opportunity to act and charged in at him. I leaned back as I ran and threw my shirt at his face. He didn’t look back in time, and the shirt smacked his face. I leaped forward and rammed my fist in his face.

He stumbled back, almost falling over. But I didn’t stop there, I spun around quickly on my toes and aimed to hook kick him. He somehow knew when to duck, and avoided my kick. He flung the shirt off his face as he bent down. I tried to keep pressing him and aimed to punch him again. But he shot up quickly and blocked my punch with his arm. It was like swinging against a brick wall. He looked me dead in my eyes, and I could see his face. I was speechless, it was like looking at a hunter from resident evil.

His face was a very pale grey, I could see his veins protruding from his billboard forehead, like he was straining to look at me.

He had thick black hair, that hung in his face. But beyond that hair, hide his deep red eyes. I almost forgot where I was, or what I was doing. His whole vibe was throwing me off. And the smell coming off him...It was like a dead animal was hidden in his mouth or something. He flashed a wicked grin at me, as he growled lowly. I could see his sharp and yellow teeth. It was like looking at a piranha.

I needed to focus or else I’d be done. I shoved against his arm as I jumped back. But he just charged forward at me, his arms came up and he began to attack me with a barrage of punches. He was like, almost inhumanly fast. Like he was a freaking Tekken character! I blocked what I could, but they kept coming. It felt like razors were on his fists, I could swear he was cutting me. I can’t lose, I can’t lose!

“Ahhh!” I yelled.

I took a fist to the face, and shrugged it off charging forward and clocked him in the mouth.

I could feel the stinging in my knuckles from his teeth. Then I could feel hit after hit barraging me. I tried to ignore the pain and kept trying to fire back. But I stopped after a hard hit to my gut, I instantly threw up and almost dropped. I keeled over and tried to not fall. I stumbled back a bit and tried to catch my breath.

“Now die!” I heard him roar.

I quickly looked up and I could see him leaping at me. I stumbled bit and almost fell over, but I managed to jump away. I quickly looked up and I could see him land a few inches away from me. But I wasn’t prepared for what I was about see. His hand, literally went through the floor! I could see each finger was deep in the wooden floor of the gym.

“W-what the hell are you..” I gasped a bit.

I took a few steps away; I was about to run for it. A real fight should be over in the first few hits. I figure I could of knocked him out by now. But this guy was eating my punches, and he didn’t have a scratch on him. What the hell was I fighting!

Before I could even try for an escape plan, he quickly leaped forward at me. I tried to jump back, but it was to late. I felt a hot and searing pain rip through my stomach. As his claws tore through me like butter.

“Ahh!” I wailed out in pain.

I stumbled back as I moved my hand over my wound. I panted heavily as I bit my lip, trying to not scream again from the pain. Blood poured out from my stomach like a broken faucet. My hands weren’t helping in trying to avail the pain, or stopping the bleeding. I looked up at him, attempting to remain as focused as possible. I could see him lifting his hands to his face, and licking my blood off his extremely long nails. They were more like dog claws then anything else.

“Mmm, guardians blood…” He sighed out with a psychotic grin.

I could see him beginning to clean his hand, by licking it. His tongue was oddly long, with a dark grey tint to it. I trembled a bit. Just what the hell was I up against? I needed to think, what, what could I do? I can’t out run him, and he’s right in front of me. Clearly I can’t beat him either. Plus that cut was deep. I was practically leaking hamburger helper over here. I need to close the wound. Maybe in the locker room? I needed to stay still then, the class coming back could save me. But how much longer? What the hell should I do!?

My thinking was interrupted as I saw him charging in at me, his hood flying off as he did. I stepped back and readied myself. He wasn’t giving me any other option, I had to keep fighting.

I arched my back and aimed to punch him, but it did nothing. He clocked me in my face, and I fell back. But that wasn’t the end of it, he continued to slash and crack into me. It was torture. He made especially sure to ram his fists, repeatedly into my stomach. I dropped face first onto the floor. I could feel the hot, yet cold sensation of my blood pouring out onto the floor below me.

Just when I thought it was over, I felt his sharp werewolf hands grope my head. I could feel his nails digging into me as he lifted me up. I could barely open my eyes, but I could still see his cocky smile. His deep red eyes, looking me over like a Eden kabob.

“Screw you.” I groaned spitting his face.

He didn’t really seem to like that, I could hear him growl lowly. His grip on my head got even harder as he leaned back, and hurled me like a baseball. I flew in the air and rammed into the wall. I felt something hard ram into my back as I fell down. The air was knocked out of me and I gasped desperately. At least pissing him off bought me some more time.

I could hear his footsteps slowly getting closer. Then I could hear something else, an odd metallic sound. I looked up, and I could see the old and rusty risers opening up. He must of thrown me into the button. I stared at them for a moment, then I looked over at my blood. That’s when I came up, with a plan

As he got closer, I moved my hand to my stomach, letting my blood collect in my palms.

“Mmm I’m sorry sis, I couldn’t resist…” I heard that freak mumbling to himself as he got closer to me.

I could feel myself shaking a bit, I was scared. If this didn’t work, I really was dead. Hell, even if I won. The blood loss.. No, I can’t think about that right now. I needed to focus on the task at hand, I wasn’t gonna die. I promised her I wouldn’t.

“Mmm all that blood, it’s driving me crazy!” He roared as he leaped forward toward me. I quickly sat up and hurled my blood at his face.

“If you like it so much, go ahead and have some more!” I yelled.

“Ahh!” He wailed as he crashed to ground were I was just at

I got up quickly, and charged under the risers. Dodging, and weaving the bars in the way.

“Catch me if you can freak!” I called out to him as I ran.

I could hear him still roaring loudly. I had my arms wrapped around my stomach, each step, each hop. They brought waves of searing pain throughout my body. But I needed to focus.

“Should of listened to that freak of sister of yours!.” I teased calling out to him. “ Man, I bet she’s got a jawline like Bowserif she’s related to you! Bet your whole families just a bunch of koopas!”

“You little!” I heard him roar as he began to charged at me. I looked back, and I couldn’t help but smirk.

“Aww is the Silent Hill reject mad at little old Eden?” I teased more.

He could hear him thrashing and breaking each beam in his way. I was lucky enough to be pretty far ahead of him. As I made my way out of the risers, I quickly turned around and saw him about halfway through. That’s when it happened. The risers began to collapse in on itself. I stayed at the end watching as it quickly caught up to him. But he didn’t even seem to notice. He had a furious look on his face, as he roared like some kind of animal.

“That’s checkmate you red eyes freak!” I cheered.

I held up two fingers to my head and waved adios to him. Just as he was getting close to the end. The whole riser collapsed on top of him. A loud crash followed with a cloud of smoke, it smelled like the eighties….

I took a few steps back and started to catch my breath, that’s it then. It’s over. I watched over the debris, half expecting him to pop out from it. With some new stupid form like Ganondorf or something. But, nothing ever came, no movement. Nothing. I smiled some more, but before I could celebrate. I feel myself getting light headed. I stumbled some and almost fell back. I looked down, I could see more of my blood pouring.

Damn, I was bleeding out. I quickly tried to add pressure to my wound, but I could barely control my body. I stumbled a bit, almost falling over. No! This can’t be it! I tried hard to keep myself focused and standing. But everything was going black, soon that was all I could see. I dropped to the floor, seeing nothing but darkness.

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