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Chapter 15

Creativity equals Expression.

"You guys got back together?".

Tutu screamed in disgust and drew disapproving stares from all around them as they walked. Paula was nursing a swelling lump on her head from the fall she sustained

"Yes we did, no thanks to you" Paula replied surly.

"What about FM? You just led him on for the fun of it?"Tutu protested.

Paula hadn't thought about him for one second, in the euhopria of Nife's return she had forgotten all about FM. With the morbid revelation Nife had brought with, she couldn't have thought about anything or anyone else.

"Ohhh fudge! I totally forgot all about that. What are we going to do about that babes?" Paula asked.

Tutu had always marveled at the relationship Paula had with Nife, toxic but they seemed okay with it.

"After that slap, I think you've made it clear you want to run solo on things from here onwards." Tutu replied.

"Babes, you have to believe me, there is no bad blood between the both of us. FM seemed okay for your mental health, I was concerned and felt you'd be better off without that boy(Nife). I always want the best for you babes, you know that. Plus, we ride or die right? Babes talk to me..." Tutu droned on.

Paula after the jarring clapback she got from Tutu realised there was some truth to what Tutu was saying. FM had made her feel important, he had listened and seemed to want to give without any form of expectations. Nife on the other hand, had disappeared for weeks, showed up out of nowhere to dump the weight of the world on her shoulders. But, love is all that matters right? Back to FM, what was she going to do or tell him, she couldn't even face him if she had to. Nife is back, he would fix things and be better.

"I believe you but, you went behind my back. You had no right, you should have told me" Paula replied the nagging Tutu.

"I had no right, I see that now. I was overly concerned and felt you needed help, it won't happen again I promise" Tutu said almost teary-eyed.

"I already forgave you after you knocked me out. Where did you learn to hit like that? Have you ever dated an athlete? You are really fit" Paula joked.

The girls walked together, all smiles and laughter. Their friendship mended and their trust back on its way to maximum, as it was. Tutu pondered on the little spat they just had, and wished she could also love with such ferocity.

Rhema had striking blue eyes, they made his face unforgettable. You could not walk past bright blue eyes in a chocolatey coloured face and not want to have a second look. He was well over 6 feet tall and had a lithe athletic body build. He had a large sense of humor and despite his striking looks, humility was like second nature to him. He was the subject of Tutu's dream as she slept on Paula's bed. Her mouth was slightly opened and she drooled on the pillow positioned under her head for comfort. She was having a very sensual talk with her dream boy; Rhema. He was leaning in for that kiss she had always imagined and fantasized in her head when a smack kidnapped her from dreamland. She heard Paula's voice.

"Wake up sleepy head, you're slobbering all over my sheets, you'll ruin them".

Tutu squinted and shook her head in mock annoyance

"But he was about to kiss me!" She lamented.

"How about you go back to that dream so he will feed you too. I made rice you've be asleep for over an hour" Paula threw back at her.

Tutu grunted and dragged her self into the kitchen.

"So, what's Nife's excuse this time around" Tutu asked.

"If I told you, you wouldn't believe a word of it" Paula replied.

"Try me, I have a very wild imagination" Tutu retorted.

When Paula was done telling Nife's travails, Tutu's plate of rice was cold and untouched. With a quivering voice she managed to say.

"Girl, he's going to get you killed".

Campus gate at about 12pm on a Monday morning is like the calm after a storm. Students would have been in their various lecture halls, Market women were already at their selling stalls awaiting the close of lectures, civil servants and other private workers were already at their working places.

Mr Bayo was perched at his observation post, the tepid environment had lulled him to sleep. He jolted out of his day dream when he heard the screeching tires. Then, he sighted the black Honda. It looked like something out of a movie, blacked out and menacing. He couldn't even see the silhouette of the driver behind the wheel. The Honda had braked hard to reduce the impact from the road bumps. As soon as it was clear of the bumps, it accelerated with blinding speed, braking sharply to avoid sideswiping a commercial bike rider and its passenger. The engines screamed again as the driver punished it. Mr Bayo was shocked, in the streets of Ife, on a one way road, people must be insane he thought. As he settled back into his seat he heard a familiar growl. It was the same Mercedes that had screamed past earlier that morning. He heard the screech of the tires as the driver braked hard to also reduce the impact from the bumps. But, his vehicle was moving faster than the Honda and had some few extra tonnes so it was harder to stop. The driver, realising that his vehicle won't be able to stop in time for the bumps, swerved off the road to avoid them entirely. Mr Bayo heard the shouts and screams of people as the Mercedes ran into the stalls situated by the roadside. People scattered in different directions, trying to avoid the vehicle. The driver had not anticipated the switch from asphalt to sand. At that speed on hitting the sand, the car spun, spewing sand and gravel from it's rear wheels as it struggled to get a grip. Mr Bayo watched as the Mercedes fishtailed, hitting a woman and her wares with its rear-end as the driver fought for control. The big beast finally righted itself and sped after the Honda. It was a car chase! There, was trouble. It wasn't his jurisdiction, but there was no time to call the police. He would radio his men to alert the Police. Mr Bayo was thankful that he was armed with his Glock 19, he fumbled for the keys to the patrol truck and sped after the vehicles.

Egbon and Skodo were sitting in the Camry SE, parked in the street adjacent Nife's flat. They had been keeping watch for over three hours. They had been there all morning and from their preliminary check, Nife wasn't home so they had waited, anticipating his return. Egbon had placed calls while they were sitting ducks, trying to find out what the police knew and if they had anyone in custody presumably Nife. But, there had been nothing so far.

"Maybe your friend is just having some internal problems, my sources say nobody has come in connection with the bodies yet" Egbon spoke jarring Skodo out of his thoughts.

Skodo had, had to kill someone not too long ago to protect Nife. Now, he going to have to kill again. Not just anybody but, the same person he had killed for to protect.

"Lanre!!" Egbon's voice brought him back down to earth.

"Let's go home, if your friend is going to snitch he would have done it already. Even if he does, we can have someone shut him up while he is in Police's custody. This mission is too risky, we could be identified by someone. We have been here for too long" Egbon continued.

Skodo nodded accent as Egbon put the car into gear and drove out of the street. He didn't see the black Honda bearing down on them. Wham! Glass shattered. He ears were ringing and the impact drove air out his lungs.

Ghost fumed, he had been chasing the boy for about fifteen minutes and still hadn't caught up. The little fiasco at the campus gate where he lost control of his vehicle already guaranteed the retirement of the vehicle. Wether he liked it or not, he had to dispose the vehicle, to avoid the heat from the Police. He had a lot to lose if he was apprehended. Ghost still marveled at the boy's driving skills. He was almost sorry he had to kill the boy. He followed after the Honda and tried to keep up with it. Suddenly a Camry SE came out of nowhere and the Honda went smack into the passenger side. The impact was so strong that he doubted if anybody would survive it. But he had to be sure that the boy was dead. He slowed down and parked his vehicle as people rushed to the scene of the accident to help the occupants of the vehicle. The first body he saw was unmoving and from the reaction and gesticulation of people, whoever it was had been killed instantly in the crash. But, he still had to be sure. Ghost palmed his Desert Eagle Magnum pistol and stepped out of his vehicle. He raised his weapon and fired two shots into the air. People scattered in different directions. Running away from the scene of the accident as he made his way towards it.

Mr Bayo had a hard time following the Mercedes. The driver, whoever it was, drove like a maniac. His vehicle couldn't hold the road as well as the Mercedes did. He lost sight of the vehicle so many times but, the trail of wreckage left behind was not hard to follow. He saw the plume of dust from the Mercedes as it swung off the express-way into a residential area. Before he could make the turn, he heard the crash. He stepped on the gas pedal with a urgent need. He had to stop this before more people got hurt or worse, get killed. He had radioed his men as he followed the vehicles, they had alerted the police of the car chase and they had appreciated his effort and initiative and had promised to send back up as soon as they could.

Mr Bayo swung the big Toyota Hilux truck unto the dirt road, he barely managed to keep the truck on all of its four wheels. He stepped on the brakes, the Mercedes was parked already. He didn't want to get too close. The crash had happened between the Honda and some other vehicle he couldn't identify from his point of view. The bystanders and good samaritans had brought out someone out of the wreckage and from all the drama. That person was definitely dead. His attention switched to the Mercedes, as the occupant stepped out, he caught the glint of metal. A gun! He reached for his Glock, heard the gunshots and ducked behind the dashboard of the truck. He raised his head and saw the assailant walking towards the wreckage, first responders and bystanders, on sighting the gun ran for their dear lives. Mr Bayo had to make a decision, a quick one at that. He stepped out the Hilux, raised the Glock, switched the safety off and took aim at the figure holding the big gun. All of his police training came rushing back to him. Judging from the poise and movement of the assailant, there was no air of military or para-military training. He had to be sure he wasn't obstructing justice. No officer of the law should shoot into the air to scare away civilians. But, his colleagues, while he was still in the Police force, had done worse than that so he couldn't act on account of that action. His brain had processed all of that information in the few seconds it took him to aim his gun. He made his decision. The world around him slowed as he pulled the trigger.


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