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Chapter 2

Campus life isn't as simple as most parents think it is. Lives of teenagers is filled with choices, so many choices and many do not understand the consequences of those choices. Every guy on campus wants to be one of the happening guys on campus, for that to happen, you need cash lots of it and respect too. This innate desire for gratification brought about the so called Gengs or Squads. You can't go through school without one. It became the new cult. This form of segregation became so widely accepted that awards were given to the dopest squads in each department at their end of the session dinners.

Nife's Squad was undoubtedly the coolest in his department. Deftly tagged as the wise men. It consisted of Lanre popularly known as Skodo, Nonso, Tope and Nife himself. Every member of a squad plays a role. Skodo the rich kid with cult affiliations, Nonso the Joker and spokesman, Tope the ladies man and Nife the brains. They were inseparable and living *la'vida loca. As Nife got to Nonso's Pad the squad's usual convergence point, he saw that everyone was already at their usual spot. Nonso was already rolling up a joint, how that kid stays fat with all the marijuana he smokes, he'll never understand. Greetings were said and they didn't waste time getting *baked.

Paula had a very horrible day. Halfway into her third class, she had intense cramps which were synonymous to the beginning of her menstrual period. She inwardly rejoiced as her former suspicions were allayed. An hour later she almost wished she had actually gotten pregnant. As Paula weathered nature's onslaught she gazed across the classroom and saw her best friend and coursemate Ademitutu flirting away. She smiled and wondered why she could never be a free spirit like Tutu. Her thoughts wondered from class at that moment and went back to Nife. She hadn't seen him at his usual spot on campus, NFA. She was worried about him, since Skodo started making more money from the work that she couldn't make head or tails of, the boys have been more wild. All they do is skip classes, smoke, eat and drink. Nife only calls when he feels like it or when he is horny. Paula couldn't boast of a very good self esteem, she wished she was more like Tutu who wouldn't take crap from any boy on campus. She believed she loves Nife and would maybe one day get him to settle down with her. At least he wasn't like that when they met. "Heyy you there! Are you sleeping in my class!?" Mr Okoh barked and jerked her back to life. The class was over in the next half hour and it was thankfully, the last class of the day. Tutu walked over with a boy on her arm, Paula couldn't place his name. Was it Rhema or Remi? "Girl you look pretty bad" Tutu said. Paula smirked and mouthed *MP. Tutu raised her eyebrows, stood on her toes to whisper something into the boy's ear. Whatever she said made him open his eyes wide and cover his smile with his hands. He then laughed called her naughty and said goodbye. Paula couldn't help but smile, Tutu was wonderful with boys.

Tutu offered to go home with Paula and make sure she was okay. As they walked down to the campus bustop, they made small talk. Tutu joked about how Gbemisola's crop top made her look like a kindergarten kid. Paula laughed and winced at the sharp pain it gave her and then they both burst into laughter again. Tutu knew how touchy the subject of Nife was to Paula, she seemed to be so in love with the boy. Left to Tutu, she had had enough of how Paula was being treated all in the name of love. If she had her way, she would have gone over to his house and given him a very nasty piece of her mind. But, she asked about him anyway and Paula replied with a dreamy look in her eyes. She mentally shook her head and wondered the what heck Paula saw in Nife.

In no time they boarded a campus shuttle and were on their way to Paula's house in town. The early morning rush was already way past over and one could almost forget that some few hours ago cars and buses had been crawling, honking and cursing at each other. A bike weaved onto the path of the bus and the driver had to brake and swerve to avoid him. He honked after the bike and shouted curses in Yoruba, *Olóshì, erí re ò da! Everyone seemed to be in a rush in this country. They even ignore the traffic lights and stop signs and that's why the traffic wounds up to be a maze on busy mornings.

As they stepped into Paula's compound they could hear Lewis Capaldi's "Hold me while you wait" playing softly from James' room. Tutu scoffed and nodded to Paula, he definitely has one of his shenkes over. Paula laughed and asked out loud, who has sex at this time of the day anyways is it not too hot? Tutu laughed and replied saying, she doesn't think animals like James knew what time of the day it was regardless temperature. Tutu helped Paula fix up a meal of noodles and eggs and as soon as she used some painkillers she started feeling better. She settled with Tutu in the bed and they decided to watch a movie, but in no time she was fast asleep.

Meanwhile the boys were having a great time. Listening to Naira Marley's new album "Lord of Lamba". Nonso was his usual crazy self jumping and screaming *gbésè ko tèsùmólè. Tope was too quiet that wasn't normal, he wasn't as loud as Nonso but he wasn't quiet either at least not when Naira Marley was booming out of the subwoofer. Nife had skipped the joint too many times, he feared getting too baked and getting out of control. Skodo noticed and called him a pussy and he retorted; would you like to fuck me? Everyone one burst into fits of laughter except Tope. Nife turned down the music and asked, oh boy wetin dey nah? Why your face no gree collect smile like dis? Nonso interrupted before he could press further. Omo, Tope dey love up ni sha one shenke jus dey use am catch cruise because say her bobo nahh Muslim and Tope be Christian. Nife had no love for pidgin english he just said it to maintain his reputation as one of the hard guys. Skodo seemed to be under the effect of the marijuana the most. He took the longest puffs and never skipped whenever he was passed the joint. He was barely audible as he asked if Tope knew where the so called Bobo was staying. Tope nodded his assent. Skodo unhooked his car keys from his belt hole and threw them at Nife, he was the best driver among them all and obviously the only one in any condition to drive. I did say Skodo was a rich kid with cult affiliations right? In no time they were all in the red Toyota Camry SE that Skodo owned. Tope rode shotgun so he could give directions. As Nife put the car gear into drive, he wondered why Skodo never seemed to be able to do without that cross-bag of his these past few days. With that thought on his mind, he zoomed off a little too fast and the V6 engine roared in appreciation. The boys whooped with delight, they were really living the life.

It was a short drive, Nife was doing some serious F1 racing and pushing the car to it's limits. They were at the said boy's hostel, Tope led the way and stopped at room 14. Here we are he said, as he made to knock, Skodo pushed him aside and kicked the door in. The door, poorly made as was the fashion in most hostels flew off it's hinges and went smack into the sound bar facing it. The music died off immediately. Someone could be heard screaming, Who una be una dey mad, una wan die, you sabi who I be? Tope strode in shocked, but he recovered quickly. The boy saw him and shouted; "you again, shey your head dey well for your neck? You sabi who you dey follow drag babe?" Skodo asked him to shut his mouth. Nife came in at that moment and said; "go easy on him bruh, we are just here to shake him up." The boy screamed in defiance, "una go die! I don see una faces na me Iku you dey come shake up!" Nonso stepped in and blocked the door with his huge frame. Tope spoke up next saying they weren't there for trouble they just wanted him to leave Fatima alone. The boy raged and rolled off his bed and lunged for Nife who was closest to him brandishing something shiny, Tope saw what was happening and sent his shoulder flying into the boy's ribs the knife flew out of the boy's hand. Nife recovering from the shock of what just happened glanced to his left and saw Skodo pulling something of his cross-bag and there was a loud bang! Silence for for a few seconds and then a double tap bang bang!

*La'vida loca is a slang meaning Living large.

*Baked is a slang used to describe the effects of marijuana.

*MP means Menstrual Pain.

*Olóshì, erí re ò da! Translated to English: Idiot! Your head is not correct!

*Gbésè ko tèsùmólè. Translated to English: Raise your feet and stamp the devil.

Author: Mr Jiggy✨(NifeWrites)

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