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Chapter 4

Death before dishonour.

...many do not understand the meaning of that phrase. Many have raised arms and killed their fellow brothers over squabbles using that phrase.

The Camry SE was eating up asphalt just like it was made to do. They were driving aimlessly around town but Nife was driving too fast. "Slow down bruh; we don't want to get pulled over by the cops and Tope needs to get cleaned up" Nonso said. "Let's go over to my place; hopefully my flatmates won't be back from campus yet, they are tech students." Nife suggested. "Skodo! Have you lost your mind?" Tope finally spoke. "I should call Egbon" that was all Skodo could say. Nife slowed down to a reasonable speed and prayed they wouldn't bump into the usual F-SARS squad that patrols the area. In less than no time, they were at his flat. The boys got out of the vehicle; Nife drove to the next street and parked the car in Mr Ajala's compound. He usually parks there whenever he brings the car to his place to lower the risks of it being vandalised or stolen.

When he got around to parking the vehicle properly, his hands were shaking. He had been gripping the steering wheel too tightly and hadn't noticed that they were shaking. "He was in big trouble. Skodo was all bark and no bite, all he did was talk. Where did he get a gun? Why did he do this? Was it the drugs and marijuana he was on? If they got found out, could they argue self defense? The boy was going to stab him. But, which judge or jury would believe that four boys needed a gun to protect themselves from just one guy after kicking his door down? Should he report to the police and finger Skodo as the culprit? No! Snitches get stitches and Egbon wouldn't mind doing the stitching!" At that point his calm front broke and he started shedding tears, death is so ugly he thought. His life had flashed right in front of his eyes, he could have been dead or critically wounded and in the ICU of a hospital right now. The fraility of life hit and it hit hard. Tap! Tap! "OG una dey wella? Your people dey find you ohhh!" That was Musa; Mr Ajala's gateman. Nonso came asking for him. Apparently, he had spent too long parking the car. They had a serious issue on their hands.

Paula blinked herself back to life. "Uhhhhh yeah I guess; you offering to take me somewhere?" She replied. Femi was taken aback, he knew he had an effect on ladies but he hadn't thought his charm would work on her. She looked so beautiful and too classy to be easily swept off her feet by boys. If he only he knew how low her self esteem was he would have dialed down the charm a little bit. "Yeah sure, I'll drop you off at wherever you wanna go. As long as it's on planet earth" she smiled and he couldn't help but smile back. She had a wonderful smile. "Hop in, let's get you to where you're going" he said. As she walked around the vehicle to get into the passenger seat, he couldn't help but admire her gait. Maybe he should have moved to Ile-Ife earlier. So girls like this exist? He mused. She got into the vehicle, he noticed the sweaty sheen on her brow. It made her look sexy, his reptilian member perked up. Uh oh! Not in plain sight! She faked a cough and he took his hungry eyes off her. "So uhhhhh, where to?" He asked.

Paula felt a little bit uncomfortable when she got into the vehicle. She shifted in her seat and faked a cough. She wasn't even dressed her best, just plain joggers and a sweat shirt. Why was he staring at her with that dreamy look in his eyes. He asked where she wanted to go and she didn't waste time giving directions. She settled down and then took in the dashboard in front of her. The car smelled really good; mixed with his perfume, it made her feel really relaxed. The boys wouldn't stop smoking in Skodo's car so it always smelled like marijuana. Damn! These seats are really comfy and comfortable, she could almost imagine she was in a small private aeroplane. The controls look so sophisticated. Where is the gearstick!? She tried to contain her amazement as he swiped controls on a small screen where the gearstick was supposed to be to put the car in drive.

"What's your name?" He asked. "I'm Paula, what about you?" She replied. "I go by FM but you can call me Femi. So you live around?" He replied and asked. "Yes, I can't say the same for you though. Are you visiting?" She asked. "Actually I just moved in this week, work brought me here" he replied. "You can stop here, I live just right around that corner." Paula said. "Ohhh sure no biggie! Mind if I get your digits though" he asked. "I actually do, I don't give my number to strangers." She replied. He laughed and she was shocked, did she say the wrong thing? "Well, you shouldn't get into a stranger's vehicle and let him drive you home either." He replied. She couldn't help but smile 080663... She recited. "Hold on, I didn't catch that." He blurted out. "Ohhh, really? I guess you'll have to wait till you see me again then." She said and got out the vehicle. She managed to walk into her compound without stumbling on an imaginary stone or looking back. FM was left gaping at her graceful figure as she walked into the compound. Beautiful and witty, he was definitely going to chase this one.

As soon as Paula got out of viewing range, she jumped for joy. She had just successfully flirted with the most handsome guy she had ever met. She loved the feeling, she could feel her blood coursing through her veins and her pulse pounding in her ears. She couldn't wipe the smile off her face as the adrenaline ran its course through her body. Tutu was awake when Paula stepped back into the room. She wasn't braced for the wide smile that Paula was wearing; what did Nife say to her this time around? As she made to ask what was making her so happy. Paula blurted out and cut her short; "I met a guy! He's so cool and he drives a Benz!" Tutu scoffed and burst out laughing. "You did what?" She asked. Paula screwed up her face in mock anger; "I said I met a guy and he drives a Benz, he picked me up and brought me home." She retorted with her lips pouted. "Get out of here, did you give him your number?" Tutu asked excitedly as it became apparent that her friend wasn't joking. "Well, I think I did." Paula replied. Tutu smacked her face into her palm; "You think you did! I can't believe we are friends." Then it dawned on Paula, it was possible they might never meet again. As the shocking truth came to realisation, Tutu laughed at the look on her friend's face. "But, he knows your house right? If you made a good impression he will be back." Paula let her self fall freely on the bed. Tutu heard held her in a bear hug and Paula murmured; "I hope so." Tutu hadn't seen Paula like this in a long time. It was like the fire in her had suddenly sparked back to life. "I hope so too." She cooed.

Nife got out of the vehicle, clicked the remote to lock the doors and walked back to the house with Nonso. Tope was in the bathroom furiously washing his face and mouth with water from the tap. He already took off his shirt and was planning to wash that too. "No bruh, we have to burn that. I'll give you one of mine." Nife suggested. "Thanks man." Tope replied shakily. Skodo was sitting on the couch in a zombie-like state just staring into nothingness. Nonso walked over to the sound system and switched it on; the silence was too deafening. Kaleo's soothing voice came over the speakers:

Way Down We Go!!

Oh, father tell me, do we get what we deserve?

Oh, we get what we deserve

And way down we go

Oh, way down we go

Say, way down we go

Way down we go

Whoa, you let your feet run wild

Time has come as we all go down

Yeah but for the fall—oh, my—

Do you dare to look them right in the eyes?

'Cause they will run you down, down 'til the dark

Yes, and they will run you down, down 'til you fall

And they will run you down, down to your core

Yeah, 'til you can't crawl no more

And way down we go

Way down we go

Say, way down we go

'Cause they will run you down, down 'til you're caught

Way down we go.

Author: Mr Jiggy✨(NifeWrites)

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