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Chapter 5

Knowledge cannot be acquired it can only be garnered over time.

The confraternity system in Nigeria was not always so violent.

It was started way back in 1952, during the last years of British colonial rule, by a set of young idealistic men. They included Nobel literature laureate Wole Soyinka at Nigeria's prestigious University of Ibadan in Oyo State in south-western Nigeria.

De Supreme Viking Confraternity has five founding fathers; Risenangel De Chamelus, Shaka De Zulu, Captin Trupence Njamena, Eric the Red and Bankana De Busha. Their organisation stood for; Constitution, Ethics, Tradition and Belief. Like every other confraternity that was created, the main objective of De Norsemen Klub is to fight for and defend the oppressed and the weak. The organization adopts corrective and protective measures for the defense of the masses against social injustice, victimization, and deprivation. The fundamental mission is to assemble men in the course of re-enactment of the vikings, develop leadership, promote brotherhood, and provide service to humanity. The organisation was created to be a platform of support where people could help and promote each other, this was the case for other confraternities too. But out of every 12 there will be a Judas, people like this come around to form their own splinter cell and use it to commit atrocities. These splinter cells are usually more common in tertiary institutions. The rivalry between De Supreme Viking Confraternity and The Neo Black Movement a.k.a black axe has been for decades. With clashes and killings running as far back as 1972. There have been assassinations, public massacre, beheadings and the likes. Cultism has become a major headache of the society and most founding fathers of these confraternities lament at the actions of their so called members.

(All facts from the paragraph above is culled from the internet. It is all public knowledge, highlighting the dangers of cultism and specifying what confraternities were actually made for.)

FM hated having to babysit. In fact he hated the whole new assignment that had been handed to him by his bosses. But, they paid the bills and his bills were might expensive. There had been some issues with the organisation's chapter here in Ile-Ife and he had been politely asked to sort it out. But really, it felt like they wanted him away from the mess that he had created back in Lagos. His mind fleetingly went out to Paula; she was really cool. He smiled, it had been a while since he meet any lady that kept him on his toes. He would have to check her out as soon as he was settled in. But first he had to make some calls and reach out to his organisation.

The boys gathered round in Nife's room. They had a lot of planning and deliberation to do. "I'm calling Egbon, we are telling him everything that happened" Skodo said. "We? What do you mean by we? You shot that dude!" Nife objected. "I did it for you! I did it to protect your weak ass!" Skodo screamed back. "Protect? Tope did that fairly well by jumping in to save me. What did you do? You hid behind a gun like the coward that you are!" Nife retorted. "After all I've done for you, for us. This shows how ungrateful you are dawg." Skodo said. "You didn't do shit but ruin our lives! We are all in this mess because of you! Because, of your stupid ass." Nife replied on the verge of tears. "Yes we are, and we are calling Egbon." Skodo finalised. Nife couldn't believe what was happening; I guess this is what you call being guilty by association. They didn't commit the actual crime but they all are now accessories.

In Ile-Ife, things really get quiet as soon as it gets dark. With the cover of darkness comes people with questionable characters and agenda. Such was the meeting that was being held by high ranking members of The Black Axe Confraternity.

Of all campus cult groups, the Black Axe are among the most notorious. They emerged in the 1970s and were originally known as the Neo Black Movement. Its founders said the group's aim was to "liberate" the black race. But at universities, the group no longer seems to be driven by any political ideology. Instead, Black Axe members are accused of numerous killings and sexual attacks. In 1999 they killed five members of the student union at Obafemi Awolowo University in the ancient city of Ile-Ife in Osun State. Black Axe members have also been victims of brutal violence.

Cult meetings are usually held in secret because, most of these factions and been banned and deemed illegal by the policing force of the country.

It is usually the culture of black axe members to say "Dodorima/Dodos to you" when they meet. This entails praises and adoration given to a particular person based on something he did.

A sacrilege has been committed, a fellow axeman was murdered earlier today. The PRO opened the meeting with that statement. There was an eerie silence which evolved in cries of outrage. "Do we know who did it? Was a Jew or an Injew?". Someone stood up in the dark and cleared his throat. He nodded to the PRO who quickly introduced him "This is Ghost, he is a Lord and he has been sent to help us". There was murmuring all around. "Let us see your face" someone shouted. "You don't need to see my face" the baritone voice that belonged to the guy just introduced as Ghost challenged. Who are you to talk back to a Lord, "Oya Janet am!" an aye replied to the axeman that shouted.

"We have to take action! News has reached Futa Jallon Temple a.k.a University of Benin. This zone hasn't been performing well, bamming has reduced drastically! You all have been neglecting your duties and obligations". Ghost admonished them and riled them into a state of fury. There was a roar as they made preparations on how to find the culprit(s) and deal with them as they deemed fit.

It was dark already and they didn't notice. Tutu and Paula had been talking and sharing stories after her encounter with Femi(FM). Tutu had the most stories though. They were so caught up their talking that they totally lost track of time. They checked their schedule for the next day and then decided that it would be best for Tutu to spend the night since they didn't have any early morning class the next day. Paula decided to have a shower and wash off the dust of the day. While she was in the bathroom, her rang. It was Nife calling, Tutu snatched up the smartphone and silenced it so that Paula wouldn't hear. She sent the call to voicemail and sent a text "Stay out of my life, I don't want to see you anymore". As soon as she sent the text to Nife, she highlighted it and clicked delete.


1. Jew: someone who has not been initiated / real name.

2. Injew: member of a different cult group

3. Lord: a graduate member

4. Janet: Term used for punishment, especially beating with a cane or whip.

5. Axeman: Members of Black Axe refer to each other as axemen (or alternatively lord, bam, amigos, wise/strong men).

6. Bamming: initiation into the cult. Bam is also used as an expression of approval ("you bam")

Author: Mr Jiggy✨(NifeWrites)

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