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Chapter 6

Einstein said "Time is relative". I on the other hand believe that Time is an illusion created to bring order in the midst of chaos. Have you ever wondered why some months have 30 days and the other 31?

Wednesday, 11:16pm.

He ran as fast as his legs could carry him. His sides hurt, He had lost a footwear along during the chase. He could hear them as they followed in hot pursuit. What kind of mess is this? I can't possibly die now, I didn't do shit, It wasn't my fault. His feet was cut badly but he couldn't stop, they weren't letting up. He didn't know who those men were, but they would surely be connected to what had happened yesterday. As fatigue started to set in, he figured he should have waited around to find out what they had wanted. But he couldn't risk them being the police or people coming out to have their revenge. His foot got caught by a tree stump that he hadn't seen. His arms flailed wildly as he tried to maintain balance but to no avail. He felled headfirst into the ground. As he made to get up, his felt a twang of pain as his twisted ankle protested against the motion. He grunted as he felt something heavy jabbing into his lower back. It felt like a truck landed on him. He was slammed head first into the ground again and he could faintly feel his nose bleeding already as he faded out of consciousness.

24 Hours Earlier.

Egbon, problem dey ohhhh. We are in some kinda of mess, we just went to straighten things out with one boy... Skodo explained the whole event to Egbon. Egbon asked if they knew if Ahmed was blooded or not and they replied that they couldn't ascertain for sure. He asked them to lay low that he was going to come out there in a few days and see what he could do to help them.

Skodo was the only one that felt assured among the boys. Probably because he had seen his brother in action before. But, seeing is believing. It was late already and the boys didn't want to risk any confrontation with any constituted authority. So they decided to bunk it out in Nife's room.

Meanwhile, Paula stepped out of the bathroom and asked if Tutu wanted to take her bath before she went to bed too. "I thought I heard my phone ringing; who called?" Paula asked. "Your phone didn't ring, maybe you imagined it" Tutu lied. "I think I would take that bath now" she added.

Paula settled under her bed covers, so Nife wasn't going to call her? What was so important that she didn't deserve a text telling her not to worry in the very least.

Since it had been decided that they would be spending the night at Nife's place, everyone picked their spot and settled to battle their personal demons. The events that had transpired earlier today will change the course of their lives whether they knew it or not. As the most logical among the group, Nife vaguely had an idea and had thought of so many possibilities. But, even he couldn't fathom the kind of trouble they walked into. Skodo's actions had dragged them into a world that existed in books and movies. A world that they only possesed a vague notion of its existence. He picked up his phone to call Paula but was sent straight to voice mail. She was probably pissed at him because he hadn't kept in touch for a while; when will she over all these childish impulses he thought. As he laid down to sleep his phone pinged it was a message from Paula, he read the contents and felt like he had been sucker punched in the guts. He could hear the muffled cries of someone among the boys. It would probably be Tope. He seemed to be the most traumatised among them all. He would have to deal with Paula tomorrow though. He couldn't stomach anything right now.

Wednesday, 10:16am.

Paula! Paula! She turned around as she recognized the voice. It was Nife! What's he doing here? She watched him as he rolled down the window of the Camry SE and called her name again Paula! Please we need to talk about last night. Just let me explain. She was on the sidewalk with Tutu by her side the slow pace at which the car was moving as he followed her was already attracting attention that she would love to avoid. "Nife please leave me alone, I don't want to talk right now. I have a class". He still followed nonetheless, he was causing a minor traffic already as cars were already lined up behind him and honking. "Move it now! These children of nowadays sef ehn!" One of the drivers behind shouted. "Paula please let me just explain, you don't know the full story, just give me a chance to explain." Nife called again. Paula looked to Tutu as if to say "I should hear what he has to say right". But Tutu shook her head. "Nife please just go, I don't want to talk to you". Paula said as she turned her face away from him and increased her pace. "Ogbeni, move this thing now!" Someone else shouted. Nife wound up and then sped off. Tutu muttered under her breath "Serves him right, you don't know what you got till its gone".

Wednesday, 12:00pm.

Ghost sat and waited for the report on the directives he had given last night. He hated waiting and besides he had some personal things to attend to. "Lord, the boys found something. But I thought you should see it first before anyone else". The Leader said as he came inside. "Don't call me that! Are you trying to get me killed?" Ghost retorted. He marveled at the stupidity and level of immaturity of the Leader. No wonder nothing has been done so far he mused. After this issue has been settled, he would have to do some restructuring around here. He hated being assigned to do babysitting jobs just like this. "What do you have for me". He spat.

The boys found a wallet, before the Police got to the scene sir. "How does that help us?" Ghost asked. "It doesn't belong to Ahmed sir; it belongs to one Adekola Oluwanifemi Abraham of the department of computer engineering. The ID card in it confirms it sir". "Well that's good news, track him down, bring him to me alive. Alive! I have some things I have to attend to. Don't call me unless you have him in your custody". Ghost stood up and left.

Wednesday, 5:37pm.

For the second time that day; Hey Paula! This time, her heart did the butterfly dance as she heard that voice. It was FM, with the CLA 250 looking shiny as ever. "So fate brought me back to you huh". FM said. She wouldn't help but smile as he brought the car next to her and Tutu. "Can I drop you two off?" He asked. Before she could reply, Tutu answered for her "Yes please". Tutu hopped in the back and Paula rode shotgun. As he drove them home, they engaged in small talk. "So aren't you going to introduce me to your friend back there?" FM asked as he stared at Tutu with the aid of the rearview mirror. "Ohhh yes that's my best friend Tutu, we are practically inseparable". Paula answered. "Heyy there Tutu, did you know that your friend refused to give me her digits because she thinks I'm a stranger?" FM asked. Tutu did a mock laugh and answered "It's not her fault, she's always shy". Without Paula's permission, Tutu gave FM her number and him described to him where she lived. She just kept and quiet and decided to run with it. He didn't seem so bad after all.

Thursday, 00:06am.

When Nife came to, he couldn't really remember the incidents that led to his unconsciousness. "Ghost he don wake ohhhh, why you no just free us make we mod am, nah im do am nah. Abi who else fit do am? Why im property dey there sef? Now him don mark our faces. He fit cast us be that". The leader started complaining in pidgin. "Keep your mouth shut, no professional hitter would leave evidence at the crime of the scene. If he is working for someone I would like to know". Ghost answered.

Finally it had started to make sense to Nife. After his unsuccessful attempts to talk to Paula. He had stayed on campus for a while trying to get info on classes and incoming tests. He needed to prepare for that, all the while he kept wondering if it even matters anymore. If they all got caught, school definitely would be out of the picture. But he did it anyways. Then he dropped the car back at Skodo's and decided to transport back home via public means. When he got to the entrance of his flat, he saw three hefty men, as they sighted him one of them shouted "Heyy nah im be that!" Another one cursed "Fuck! He don see us. Zuko, I swear you be fool". Without warning they gave chase. The pain in his ankle came back with full force as he struggled with his bonds. Snitches get stitches kept ringing in his head. "Ease your mind young blood, I'm not going to hurt you. The name is Ghost. I won't let my boys kill you on one condition".

Author: Mr Jiggy✨(NifeWrites)

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