Running with the wolves

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I look up seeing all of my friends standing infront of me. "It'd be a shame if your little mate dies wouldn't it?" The knife is pressed against my throat, blocking my only exit. Nothing is behind me except the cliff edge, leading into the dark depths of the ocean. "What do you want? What do you want in exchange for her life?" The men standing beside me snicker their alpha holding the knife smiles. "Well I thought that would be obvious. I want your pack." A gasp escapes me a lone tear escaping my eye. But that means. "And as the laws of our kind goes, that means you forfeit your life to me." I look between them seeing the struggle in my mates face. No he can't! What do I do?! A soft wind caresses my face. 'Child, as long as you still stand he will choose you. This pack will rise or raze, it is your destiny to fight what you fight for though, well that is up to you child.' As the breeze leaves it takes my fear with it, I know what I have to do. Please please don't hate me. Taking a deep breath I launch myself backwards off the cliff. Screams tear through the air, only to be replaced with the sounds of the oceans as I'm sucked down to the depths. I suppose this isn't that bad of a way to die.

Fantasy / Adventure
erika martin
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Chapter 1

I watch nervously as one of my most treasured items are thrown half way across my room to a box. I hold my breath as it soars through the air. It makes it. Faith screams and I soon join her jumping around the room like a maniac.

"BOW TO ME MORTAL!" Faith yells at me. I instantly drop to the floor in the most dramatic bow that has ever graced the earth. I can't hold my serious expression for long though and start cackling like a witch.

I'm interrupted from my laughter when my door opens to reveal my cousin James. "River your supposed to be packing." He pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs. "What? I am packing!"

He gives me an incredulous look. "Really? Cause the only thing that's in that box over there is your jacket that you are taking with you in the car."

I glance at the box while Faith pushes it behind her with her foot. "Oops?" He looks at me and pulls me up off the floor.

"Come on I'll help you girls pack. Even though you were supposed to do this yesterday." He mumbles walking over to my closet pulling clothes out to dump them in a box. Me and Faith look at each other and shrug. She goes to my bookshelf and I go to my drawers.

Two hours later

"Why did that take so long?!" I plop down onto the couch in the living room instantly relaxing against the cushions. "I don't know."

Faith lifts my legs and sits down. I just plop my legs on her lap I am not sitting up no matter what. Nothing can make me either. She sighs and ignores my actions. "I'm hungry." I smirk. "Hi hungry, I'm River." She grabs a pillow and hits me with it.

"Good thing I ordered Chinese then isn't it?" We look up as James strides into the room taking a seat...

On me.

"Get off me you idiot!" I start pushing him with my hands. "Will you get up and let other people sit in the couch?" How much does this idiot weigh?! "There's a perfectly good loveseat over there James.” Faith gestures to the love seat. “Please don't kill her she's turning blue." Faith sounds like she talking about the weather and not her best friend about to die from suffocation.

James huffs and gets up. Gasping for air I glare at Faith. "What the heck was that? I nearly died! Shows how much you care!" She calmly looks at me. "I got him off of you, didn't I?"

The doorbell interrupts our argument and I shoot out of my seat towards the door. "FOOOOOD!"

We sit around the dinner table listening to Faith explain how I scared the living daylights out of the delivery guy. Our parents came home soon after he left so they didn't get to see it.

"The poor guy nearly peed himself!" She starts laughing along with the rest of us. After my mom calms down, she looks at us both. "So, are you girls ready to move?"

We both nod our heads excitedly. "I'm so glad you managed to talk your parents into letting you come." Faith nods her head excitedly. "Me too! And you thought moving was going to be enough make me leave you!"

We both laugh at that. Me and Faith have been attached at the hip since kindergarten. We go everywhere together I literally don't know what I would do without her.

My mom nods and turns to James. "And are you ready to have two teenage girls in your house? It won't be as fun as you kids think." James smirks.

"Of course, I'm ready. Having two pretty girls in my house will probably boost my popularity in town." I laugh while Faith smacks the back of his head. "Ow what was that for?!" He shoots her a glare while she sticks her tongue out at him. I just laugh at them they have been butting heads since they met. "Remember to be careful out there, girls. There are all kinds of bears and what not in the woods." Mr. Bane Faith's dad says.

"We know dad." Faith rolls her eyes at him. He's told us the same thing six times. "And stay away from the boys up there. We're not going be there to run them off this time." My dad says sternly. "We know dad." This time it's me who rolls my eyes.

While Faith's dad seems determined to make us stay away from the dangers of the forest. My dad has taken up the job of warning us about people.

"Don't worry guys the girls will be fine. After all they are in my care." He sticks his nose in the air proudly. Mrs. Bane claps her hands together excitedly. "Oh, how wonderful now all of my worries will disappear!" She says sarcastically.

James deflates. "Am I really that bad?" We all laugh at him. Glancing up at the clock I sigh 10:37. " Well we better head to bed if you want to have any chance of getting us up in the morning."

"Okay goodnight girls. We need to leave by noon if we want to make it before sundown." James waves us off to bed and we go to my room.

"I'm so excited!" Faith yells practically jumping off the walls. I smile at her. "Me too! How did you talk your parents into letting you come live with me and James?" She sits on my bed and grins.

"It wasn't hard. After I started crying dad panicked and kept ask what was wrong. I told him that I couldn't stand the thought of you leaving me." I smirk. "Let me guess he convinced your mom to let you come after the waterworks started."

She shakes her head. " Nope. Mom was on board from the beginning saying this will be a great learning experience for me." I shake my head and laugh at how crazy our families are. "Well let's get to bed we have a long day ahead of us." Getting under the covers we quickly fall asleep.

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