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X: sleeping arrangements

There were no people outside except for the night shift guards. They stood close to the transparent barrier that the witches had placed, making sure not to step out, and just continue to patrol. As they got closer, Willow was hyper aware of the fact that the King was standing close to her side, the sleeves of his dress shirt tickling the hair on her arm.

Juno, the Gamma vampire with brown hair, lean but built body, had stared at Willow with eyes wide and rushed to hug her. It was natural for everyone to hug one another in the pack. They were all so close, so tight-knit that they all considered themselves to be family. After everything that’s happened with her life in the Gene Pack, the Rouge Peace was a breath of fresh air that she constantly needed to breathe in.

Their hugging was interrupted when there was a low-rumble growl coming from the King himself and slowly, Willow stepped back, understanding that if male werewolves were too possessive of their mates then it would be the same thing for a male vampire when it comes to their beloved.

The vampire glanced at the King and then Willow with a cocked eyebrow. She felt relieved—it was a risk to bring the King in the pack with hopes of not being recognized. There was no way that she could possibly explain in the middle of the night of the situation without having to repeat it again the next day.

“This is Silas, my friend,” Juno held out his hand towards the King and he merely stared at it as if it’s the most foreign thing in the world. Moments passed and Willow decided to take matters into her own hands and nudge Silas’ hard body with her elbow, nodding at Juno’s hand. Silas rolled his eyes and shook the man’s hand. “Silas, this is my Gamma, Juno.”

“Nice to meet another vampire,” Juno gave a smile as he stared up at the tall, broad King, absolutely not bothered that the vampire in front of him was being rude.

Willow wanted to slap the male at the back of the head.

Silas nodded. “Same here.”

Without more words exchanged, the Gamma glanced down at Willow. “What happened? You good?”

She blew out a breath, running her hand through her hair. “Call for a meeting at noon. You and Beta Russel stop by my cabin two hours before then. You and he should know some things first before I announce everything to the meeting.”

“You got it, Alpha,” Juno cleared his throat, his eyes going up to the vampire again. “Your friend staying at your cabin?”

“Yeah,” she said. Suddenly, everything started to take a toll on her, exhaustion running through her mind and body. “Give everyone a night off. How was Russel while I was gone?”

He smiled a little. “Beta was good. Actually, more than good. He handled the situation very well and tried to answer as many questions and assure everyone that you would be fine. He wanted to send out a search team looking for you but—”

“I told him not to,” she interjected. Though she was not surprised that the man even did. He always was a person who worried more for her safety than herself. “It’s fine. Go be with your children and wife, Juno. Thanks for taking the night shift. I know you’re supposed to be scheduled for the morning.”

“It’s alright. You know us—we do anything for our family.”

With that he walked back, speeding through the parameters to the stationed guards to tell them to get some rest. Willow stared up at Silas to find him staring back at her with a smug look on his face.

Her brows furrowed. “What?”

“Nothing,” he shook his head lightly. “I guess I never expected to stay in your cabin.”

“We have a small territory with fifty-seven members and like I said, housing is a little low. If you expected to stay at your own cabin, tucked away with a huge duvet, I think you’re in the wrong territory.”

She felt angry. Of course, a king would want to be staying somewhere that would be their own. How could she even think that he was different? She didn’t even know him until a few hours ago. It was incredibly stupid of her.

He held his hands up in a surrender. “Hey, hey. I didn’t say anything about wanting my own cabin. I’m sorry if you took offense. I didn’t word it correctly. I was just being playful. I only meant that I was going to stay with you and I never even thought that would happen because we just met.”


Now, she felt stupid.

Then the comment clicked in her head. “Well, you’re in my territory and even though I feel like I trust you, it doesn’t mean that I should as you said back at the car. Plus, if I sent you somewhere to sleep, people would be asking questions and I’m just too damned tired to answer questions tonight.”

Silas nodded. “Come on. Lead the way, Miss…”

“Quince,” she supplied.

“Willow Quince.” The way her name rolled off his tongue made her shudder again. They were too close and apparently, just speaking her full name was affecting her as well.

She shook her head, placing some distance to see if it’ll work.

It didn’t.


The cabins were different in size. The biggest was their makeshift school, Silas noticed. He didn’t have to ask. The labels of each door were scratched in the wood—school, clinic, and the pack members’ names. It was sensible for them to do it seeing as how there were only fifty-seven of them. Fifty-eight, if Willow was counted.

This was the smallest pack and the most impressive one so far in his eyes. Not because his beloved was running the place—maybe a little—but also because he had never seen a pack where some creatures were stuck together and living in peace. The lack of screaming in the middle of the night attested to that.

He had friends and acquaintances that were different creatures. None of them ever sat at a circular table and managed to go through dinner without wanting to rip each other’s throats out.

Reaching up at her cabin, he noticed the scribbles at her door below her name. They were love notes and it was obvious from the way it was scratched that it must’ve belonged to a child or children. He didn’t miss to see the way that as she was unlocking the door, she traced her fingers at one of the phrases.

We love you, Alpha Willow! Followed by a drawing of a heart that was uneven at both sides.

She likes children. He noted to himself, a smile creeping up slowly on his face.

As they stepped in, the stench of animal blood attacked his nose. “It stinks.”

Willow turned to him and scratched the back of her neck. He thought that he would be in trouble again just like what happened moments ago. She proved him wrong by apologizing. “Went for a hunt last night and my wolf didn’t bother rolling in the grass to wipe the blood off or go to a water source to wash. Sorry about that. Anyway, welcome to my humble abode.”

Her humble abode was the humblest thing he had ever seen. Everything was small. The cabin was only made for two. There was a blue couch in the small living room, facing the window, the stairs for upstairs were narrow, there was also a mini-fridge and a dining table that was filled with stacks of papers.

The whole cabin was a mess. Silas always liked things to be as neat as possible and on a normal basis, the mess would have thrown him off, and he would have wanted to leave immediately but this was his beloved. Flaws were to be accepted and from the way she looked so tired, he could understand why it wasn’t as neat as he hoped it to be.

“Sorry, it’s messy right now here but the room upstairs isn’t,” she sighed. “You can take the room upstairs. I have some clothes that will fit you. It belonged to my pops. Shower is next to the room.”

His brows furrowed at her. “Where will you sleep?” She pointed at the couch. He immediately shook his head. “No. You are not. It looks too small for you to sleep in.”

“And because you’re a foot taller than me, it will look minute for you,” she retorted. He was ready to protest, to say that he will just sleep on the couch while she stayed by her own bed but before she could, she was already talking. “Silas, it’s fine. I’m used to sleeping on the couch when I’m too tired to go upstairs. It’s not any different.”

“Yes, it is because you’re my beloved and your back will hurt constantly if you sleep one more night on your couch. I care for you too much to do that.”

She stared at him incredulously. “Silas. I’m a werewolf.”

“I know, ma chérie—”

“How about this,” she crossed her arms and he knew from the way she was gazing up at him that the next words that she would be saying would consist of a threat. “If you continue arguing with me about the sleeping arrangements, I will hit you in the back of your head. Been dying to do that ever since you decided to go alpha male on my Gamma.”

He couldn’t help it.

He smiled.

And as did she. A beautiful grin that made Silas promise to the God of Sun and Sea that he will always try to bring it out of her.

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