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XII: your family is crazy

Silas felt happy to see her become lighter than before. He saw how much she had people depending on her and at the same time, she depended on them too. He could hear it from her voice how much she really loved everyone and thought of them as the closest thing she had as a family even if she had only come to the pack a year and a half ago. He felt surprised hearing it. He thought that she grew up here from the way she ran things but he was wrong.

Pride swelled at his chest hearing that she easily transitioned. He wondered if it would be the same when she took the throne that she deserved beside him but he knew deep down that it would be different for her. He had millions of vampires under his rule—not fifty-seven. This pack was more open, diverse, but there were a lot of the people in his kingdom that still hated werewolves and lycans alike. They were traditional, thought that culture cannot be tainted by even merely interacting with their kind.

He made a note to put extra security on her once they reached the castle. Willow might not be happy but it’ll settle all the worry that he felt for her. It’ll put an easy demise to the anxious thoughts that he had when he announced that he found his queen through the broadcasting link that he had throughout the people under his rule. It wouldn’t be long until somebody paid assassins to kill his beloved.

Seated close on the sofa with mugs in their hands filled with instant coffee, somebody had knocked on the door. When he glanced down at his Rolex, he realized that the agreed upon time wasn’t even there yet if it was Gamma and Beta knocking on her door. He already had caught the Gamma’s scent the night they went here and didn’t catch it now so it was possible it wasn’t them yet. Before he could even ask, she had already moved to the door with a smile on her face at him.

“Relax,” her hand was on the knob. “Come on, get up. I’ll introduce you.”

He compiled without hesitation, standing by the sofa as his beloved opened the door. The first thing he saw was a young red-headed girl barreling in and jumping in her arms, squealing happily. The next was a woman that looked older than the three of them with the same red hair, coming in and giving Willow a side hug. “I’m fine, don’t worry,” she told Yvonne who wasn’t even looking at her anymore but the tall vampire that stood in front of them. “Silas, this is Yvonne and this beautiful little sucker,” the girl giggled, wrapping her little arms around Willow’s neck. He couldn’t help but smile. His beloved liked kids. “is Yuri.”

He held out his hand to the woman, already knowing that if they were hugging and she was carrying this woman’s child, then they must be closer than anyone else in this pack. She was only looking at him for a while, ignoring his hand in the air but he didn’t drop it. “Hello.”

The woman finally shook his hand and if he was starting to worry about what this vampire woman thought of him, it dissipated when she gave him a smile. “Nice to meet you, Silas. You have the same name as the King.” He could only chuckle with Yvonne but rather than correcting her, he didn’t. Yvonne turned back, facing her alpha. It seemed truly out of the ordinary to witness a vampire and a werewolf together, with her swearing allegiance to his beloved. “You want to tell me what happened? Why are you calling out a meeting later at lunch?”

Silas caught her eyes. She was nervous.

“Um, your beta and gamma would be here in a few hours,” he interjected, already feeling tight knots in his stomach. He had heard of beloveds able to feel each other’s emotions but this was truly different.

Afterall, though his friends were a testament that miracles could happen, it was still very rare to be mated towards someone who wasn’t the same species as yours. Not only that, but he was his first beloved. Meanwhile, she was his second. He hadn’t even talked to her about the first one that came before him. He knew, in a state of panic, she had sputtered out loud how she was rejected and it was clear that she hated him.

Walking over to her mate, he placed his hand at her back, drawing circles to try and calm her down. it didn’t go unnoticed by Yuri in her arms as she was staring at his hold on Willow and then up at his dark eyes. The two of them share the same color all vampires share. He could only wink at the cute one. “I think it’s best if you want and she’ll tell you so that it doesn’t have to be repeated again.”

Yvonne pursed her lips, nodding while also doing what her daughter did. Observing the hand on Willow.

She gasped then, her eyes widened as she stared at the two of them. The nervousness that struck Willow got to him too and he frowned slightly. Why was she so nervous? What did she have to be nervous about? Ugh, she was truly a mystery that he couldn’t wait to figure out. Maybe… Maybe she found out who he was? No, that couldn’t be. The only existing photograph of him was the one when he was a baby and his mother had it in her locket. Other than that, the only thing that had his face on was a painting of him in the castle. A tradition that each royal, once crowned, is to be painted and placed on the hall where people would be able to see.

“Oh, Helios!” The smile on her face eased up the discomfort that he felt and so did Willow’s. “Your mate?”

The tension on Willow’s shoulders sagged down. As he stared down at his beloved, he couldn’t help but smile at the slight pink tint on her cheeks, answering the question. Yvonne jumped excitedly and hugged her with Yuri getting sandwiched in between them. the little one certainly did look confused while Willow looked cute, suddenly being shy and embarrassed.

Then, her smile faltered once she removed herself from the hug. “Wait, so how will you do this?”

“Do what?”

“Sealing the matebond!” She exclaimed. “You know that you can’t really mark him and he can’t mark you with—”

“For the love of the Goddess, Yvonne, please. Stop. Not in front of Yvonne.”

But Silas knew it wasn’t just because of the kid why she wanted her to stop talking. The slight pink tint had turned red on her cheeks. She buried her face in Yuri’s small body and Silas only watched in amusement.

Adrik and Sasha had sealed the bond despite the worrying factor that each bite or scratch was venomous to one another. Silas made a mental note to ask them how they did it. Wait—actually, he shouldn’t. Adrik had mentioned several times how much he was still uncomfortable upon seeing his first daughter, one he had just found, and then found out that they were to be together as fate brought them in each other’s arms. Yeah, his best friend would definitely freak out, punch him, vomit, or at least faint.

Yvonne pressed her lips, finally noticing again that there was a child in the presence. “Okay, well. I’m just asking. It’s new, I can tell so I’m sorry if I pushed boundaries, honey.”

Willow shrugged, telling her that it was okay. Silas could feel whatever she was saying was a lie. He felt it easily how she was more uncomfortable now that there was a child and they were talking about the Sealing of the Matebond which in vampire terms was only passionate sex with blood exchange to them. There were no processes that they had to go through with their kind. They only shared their blood and it was enough.

In werewolves and lycans, they had to bond by sinking their canines to their loved ones or else they would never be fully connected. He had heard stories where they could mark one another without having to engage in sexual intercourse but each party should be ready and accepting of bearing the mark.

When it came to vampires, there wasn’t anything like that. Biting one another gave each other pleasure and most of the time, it led to having sex. It was their way of bonding. That was that.

He could feel the gears in her head turning, overthinking everything. He knew that she was thinking how they were going to seal it because she was a werewolf, it was part of them to do such a thing. So, for the first time, he leaned down and gave a soft kiss at the top of her head.

Almost immediately, he no longer felt her confusion.

“Don’t worry, ma chérie,” he told her. “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

“You look like a tomato, honey.”

“Yvonne!” She wanted to hit this woman.

The three of them laughed with Yuri asking what was the matebond.

“You can’t leave. How the hell are we—”

Willow shook her head, already knowing what her beta, or soon-to-be alpha of the Rouge Peace Pack, Russel, was going to say. Pointing at the stacks of paper at her small table, she smiled. “It’s labeled and organized. I’ve already placed several things that should be approved this month. You can go over it since it will be your choice, Russel. You’ll be leading the pack so now, it’s going to be your call. Not mine.”

Juno and Yvonne could only stare at the vampire king standing at the other corner of the room, who was there just to give them space. He couldn’t go out, his bond towards her was fresh and new and even though logic told him that she was safe to be left alone with them as they were her family, he couldn’t. It was the purest instinct he had ever felt. To be with her and to stay by her side.

The information of who he was and who she was to be was disclosed once they arrived. Willow had been straight to the point, wanting to go over with everything that needed to be discussed before she would leave. Silas watched his future queen navigate through everything with confidence and he couldn’t help but feel pride for her. She truly was a born royal, a born leader. They were shocked to hear Silas was the King just like Willow predicted but Russel didn’t seem to care. It was expected of him not to. He was a werewolf and even if he lived with vampires, he didn’t care about royalty.

All he cared about was that his alpha was stepping down and he would be the one taking over.

“Selene, strike me down,” he cursed, shaking his head. “You’re leaving because of the matebond. Why can’t you just stay and be alpha? Just because you’re going to be the Queen or are you just going to be the princess for the Russian King and Queen?”

Silas was mad. Though he knew that the man didn’t intentionally insult the crown, he still said it. It felt as if he was demeaning the role that he and his friends had, holding the title alpha more important. “Russel, you know it’s more than that,” she explained, causing Silas to calm slightly, not wanting to speak and start stepping on anyone’s toes. “If you couldn’t stay in your pack after the death of yourmate, what makes you think that I can be separated from him? Our circumstances are different now that I’m bonded to a vampire king.”

He sighed, clearly defeated. “I know, kid. I just don’t want to lose you. You’re our Alpha and me stepping in...”

She shook her head. “It’s going to be great. You’re going to do great, probably even better than me. You’ve been here longer than anyone else. You know what the pack needs. That’s why you were beta and that’s why you’ll be alpha.”

“You sure?”


“Will you visit?”

“She will,” Silas answered as soon as she felt her conflict. They haven’t talked about visitations but they didn’t need to. It was clear to him that she would disagree with anything about her staying there and neither did he ever want to control her or take away her freedom. He understood that she was already giving up a lot and visitations anytime she wanted was a little thing he could give. “You guys are her family. She’s my beloved and I can’t leave without her but I can be with her when she wants to visit. Anytime.”

Stepping up to the tip of her toes, she pressed a kiss on his cheek, and Silas turned away, pressing his face to the top of her head so that no one could see the pink tints on his face. It was embarrassing to say the least. It was the first time she had ever willingly kissed him. the first time that she had ever shown him through her actions that she liked him as well as he did. To him, it was a big deal.

“Y-you’re the king,” Juno finally spoke, stuttering with shock.

Yvonne, with Yuri sitting on her lap napping peacefully on her mother’s shoulder, pointed at her. “And you were the missing Princess heir of Russia.”

Russel could only shake his head. “Are we still on that? Can we go back to the part where we’re rogues and it doesn’t matter what title they have because Willow is still our little girl.”

“I’m nineteen.”

The new alpha only cocked a brow at her. “You’re a baby alpha. I’m at least 5 decades older than you.”

“Try ten,” Juno mumbled, which caused Russel to hit him on the back of his head, making me yelp. “Ow! Willow!”

She only waved at them dismissively and Silas felt that she was inching closer to him. He wrapped his arm around her waist, feeling the uneasiness that she was still feeling. it wasn’t because he was there with them, but because in a few hours, she’d announce that she would be leaving and Beta Russel would be the alpha.

“Hit him back,” she shrugged. “I’m technically still your alpha and he just insulted me so that gives you a right.”

“Please, as your acting parent all this time, I have that privilege,” Russel snorted, placing his fists up when Juno bolted up from his seat to try and hit the soon-to-be former beta.

“Hey now,” Yvonne spoke, narrowing her eyes at Russel. “I’m her acting parent.”

Thus, they started arguing while fighting. Somehow, Yuri hadn’t woken up by the commotion. It was amazing that even though vampires were considered light sleepers, the kid was the opposite. Leaning in to his beloved, he whispered with a smile on his face. “Your family is crazy.”

“All fifty-seven of them,” she agreed, chuckling when Juno went down on the ground with Russel practically on top of him like a professional wrestler and Yvonne’s just chastising them to stop while rocking Yuri back and forth so as to not wake her up.

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