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III: royal princess

It was now in the morning. Willow had hunted after playing with Yuri and lulling her to sleep. Her wolf felt happy that she was in control, hunting them a deer which they finished easily. After having nothing to eat for days, the deer was what they really needed.

There were paper works that she was going over, a list of what is being requested to do in the tribe. Around seven, she heard the high-pitched laughter that came from the kids, the teens that talked among themselves about their homework, and the adults that discussed trivial things.

Russel had come by to help her decide on things which was very much helpful. By the time it was almost lunch, they finished everything and sat back at their wooden chairs, relaxing for a little while. The man inhaled strongly and his face contorted with disgust. “It smells like a carcass around here.”

While werewolves were used to the scent of blood, the scent of death was alike a putrid scent. It lingered around the place. After hunting, her wolf came straight to the cabin, paying no mind if there were blood dripping down its snout.

It was a good thing that vampires didn’t smelled like death or else Willow would not be able to stand so close and linger long among the vampires in the tribe. They smelled like flowers unlike werewolves who smelled like the earth, or witches who smelled of garden sage, or fairies who smelled of sandalwood.

“Yeah, blood dripped around the wooden floors,” she glanced at floor by the doorway, noticing the little droplets of red on the maroon colored wood. “I haven’t cleaned. I got too tired after I ate. You just smelled it now?”

The man shrugged, bringing the glass of water to his beard-coated lips. “Wasn’t really paying attention.”

“So, I was thinking that we should—” her lips closed. She was in her feet in a second with her Beta following her. She turned to the man and asked, “did you hear that?”

He looked at her as if she had gone crazy. “Hear what?”

The scream ripped through the forest again. No one had heard it. Only her. She took a sharp intake of breath; the smell of the vampire blood was faint. It was enough for her to catch but not enough for the other werewolves to. The cries of what belonged to a girl were harsh, asking for help, wishing for someone to come get her.

Cursing to herself, she glanced back at Russel who was watching her. “Vampire. It’s miles away from here that’s why you can’t hear it. I’m going to go alone.”

“What? You can’t.”

She shook her head. “No protesting. Just take care of everything while I’m gone. Do you hear me? The girl probably got lost and I’ll have to take her back where she came from. As beta, it’s your job to act as alpha while I’m gone. Don’t alert anyone yet. I don’t want panic to rise.”

The old man wanted to speak more, to tell her that she needed to stay but Willow could tell that he understood why she needed to go alone. So, he nodded. “I’ll take care of it.”

“Remember, if anything happens…”

“Don’t talk like that kid,” He stared at her with such hatred to the words that she was about to speak, she just nodded.

Rouge Peace Tribe had been living, as it said in the name, for peace. There were no conflicts to be associated with and so, she had made it a rule that if anything happened to her, everyone has to move on. No one should look for her. It is not for her to be seen as a hero, but it is a sacrifice for those who live in the tribe, to continue living without fear.

Not a second longer, she bolted towards the deep woods, following the fresh scent of vampire blood and cries of the girl. It didn’t take too long for her to each there given that she was using the full strength of her speed.

The girl was about twelve by the height and features. She had a long brunette hair, dark eyes trained at the arrow stuck to her leg, sitting on a log, and clutching her thigh in pain. The English words that left her lips were gone and another language was replaced. Willow could understand what language it was, causing her to be confused.

Because she never really learned any type of language other than basic Spanish in her pack’s school. This one was a much different one. The attenuation of the words was rough. Possibly German? Russian? She didn’t know. She didn’t have much education with different languages, only history of the supernatural creatures and abilities each creature held.

As Willow got close, the girl’s eyes widened. The heart-shaped lips of the girl quivered, tears streaming down her pale face. The blood soaked her jeans and further inspection, Willow saw one of the sleeves of the flannel that the little girl was wearing was torn and there were blotches of blood on it but there was no sign of a wound, only redness.


“Well, I got you now, princess!”

Spinning around, she saw a speeding vampire to them. He wore a cap, plain shirt, and an ugly looking cargo shorts. The man had a long, blonde hair with dark eyes narrowing at her while he raised her bow and arrow at the little girl. Willow stood in front of the girl, blocking his line of sight.

“Werewolf,” the man sneered.

“Leech,” Willow greeted with a smile.

That seemed to set him off quickly. He released the arrow, aiming for her eye. Willow caught it in a flash, staring at the silver tip inches away from her eyeball. The silver caused for her palm to feel like it was being tickled by a feather. It did not hurt her.

The man was caught off guard and because of this, she had the advantageous opportunity to run to him, snapping his neck. The girl screamed in fear of her as the man landed down on the ground with a thud. Afterwards, she held up the arrow and hit him straight at his chest.

He knew as she walked away that the man was seizing and given by the girl’s reaction, it looked like that he was going to seize for a few minutes before dying.

The girl, a princess, just continued staring and staring at the dying man in front of her. It didn’t surprise Willow that she was a princess. Vampire skin was always pale but when it came to royal vampires, their skin is white as snow just like the girl’s.

Willow knelt down right in front of her. The Princess tried to move away but only stopped from the pain that was searing her leg. “Don’t kill me, please. I’m-I’m a princess! My family—”

“Your family isn’t around and neither are your guards,” Willow felt the back of her leg, sighing in relief to know that the arrow didn’t push through. “Before I ask which kingdom were you’re from and take you back there, I’ll need you to give me your arm.”

“What? Why?”

“When I take out the silver arrow, you’ll start to bleed and it’ll need a makeshift bandage which your torn sleeve will provide. Now,” the Princess gave her arm freely and Willow tore her sleeve up. After placing it on the Princess’ hand for safe keeping, she gripped on the arrow lightly but even that made the Princess cry even more. “this will hurt and I will move quick to tie your leg up. It’s going to hurt like hell but you’ll heal quicker than most vampires because you’re a royal. Do you understand, Princess?”

Giving a solemn nod, she didn’t waste any time to pull it out. The Princess released a huge cry of pain, tears streaming down her face as Willow tied the cloth around her leg as tight as she could.

“Блядь!” The Princess cursed. Willow understood it perfectly as ’fuck.’

Willow furrowed her brows at the girl and shook her head lightly. “Pretty sure that Royals aren’t supposed to speak that kind of language. Especially a twelve-year-old.”

“I’m thirteen,” the girl corrected. Then, her brows knitted. “Wait, you speak Russian?”

Oh, so she was right. It was Russian. She shrugged, ignoring the question that was asked. “Still young.”

“Why did that arrow hurt too much? And if you already snapped the guy’s neck, why did you have to kill him? Why did he start shaking like that after you hit him with the arrow?”

Willow merely blinked at her.


“You don’t know?” The girl shook her head. “Wow, guess they don’t teach much on weaknesses and strengths. The arrow, starting from the tip to the shaft, was pure silver. People like us—werewolves, lycans, and vampires have a weakness to silver. That’s why it hurts too much. You’re lucky he aimed for your leg, not your heart. The way he handled the bow and arrow, and manage to almost shoot me in the eye, I’m guessing he never missed.”

“And the shaking stuff?”

“Breaking necks only renders you unconscious,” she explained. “Waking up from it will feel like you just had a massive migraine with your senses going haywire. The only way to really kill them is a silver to the heart. Now, tell me why you were being hunted by a rogue.”

She played with her manicured nails. “I just wanted to explore the place without guards! It was the first time since I came out of that stupid castle. I never have freedom in Russia but here in America, I can blend in. So, I requested to go to the town and escaped the guards.”

Willow sighed. She understood well why the girl escaped. Though it was a different circumstance for her, she understood the need for freedom, to make her own choices.

“Okay, next time you want to escape, don’t go in the forest.”

“I didn’t! That guy recognized me and backed me into a corner.”

“Right,” she drawled, unbelieving the girl. With a bow and arrow in hand? The man would clearly be arrested for handling weapons that are coated with silver. “Next time, run in a direction and ask for somebody’s help. It doesn’t matter if they’re human, werewolf, or vampire, you tell them that you’re being followed and you’ll be protected. Being in public is the safest bet if you’re being hunted.”

Every warning that she wanted to give the girl died down the second her eyes landed on the brooch that she sported. It was a jade gemstone carved into a cobra.

Her eyes glanced up to dark ones. “Please tell me you’re not Princess Adelaide Petrov.”

The girl stayed quiet.

Princess Adelaide Petrov was the daughter of King Adrik Petrov and Queen Sasha Petrov. The King and Queen were both the superior rulers of all the other vampire kings and queens of Russia. It meant that if they were in town, then other superior rulers would be in the country too and if they see the precious Princess injured, they will surely kill her without questions asked.

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