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IV: nadia

Vampire clans had been ruled over by kings and queens just like werewolf and lycan packs would with their own alphas and lunas. The difference between it was that the vampire clans spoke to one superior that ruled over each country. Every supernatural creature had a different approach to the hierarchy of their kind.

“Do-does that make y-you want to ran-ransom me?”

It was obvious that the girl was still frightened from her experience. There was no doubt in her mind that she would have nightmares of that, haunting her each night until she finally felt safe in her mind.

She cocked a brow at her. “If I wanted to kidnap you for ransom, I would have never pulled the arrow out of your leg with the knowledge that you’ll heal in a couple hours. I would have also tied your hands and gagged your mouth so that you wouldn’t be able to make such crazy accusations towards the person who helped you.”

“But you’re a rogue.”

“And rogues are the evilest people on the planet?” She countered, the irritation of being assumed that rogues were the enemies was getting to her. It had always been like that. Everybody looked down on them, not bothering to know if they were evil or not.

The Princess closed her mouth, embarrassed that she had been told off. Willow could only sigh and run her hand through her long hair. “We’re all bad people. It’s just the matter of whether or not you’ll hold prejudice over the ranking of a creature or not. Just answer the question on whether or not you’re staying at King Silas Griffin’s castle?”

“How did you know?”

“You’re the future leader of all vampires in Russia,” she answered easily. “It’s no brainer that you would be staying in the ruler of all vampires in America. Just needed confirmation.”

King Silas Griffin was a famous person in every part of the world—not just in the vampire world. He was claimed to be the calm and collected type of King. There were books about his succession that Willow read at one time because she got curious about him.

There were no pictures of him but there were descriptions of his features. They only stated that he was as handsome as everybody said and that the rumors of him being a fair ruler were true. The books told a tale where his father was the cruelest and crazy ruler there ever was and everybody was fearful of the boy that was only growing up in a world that hated his father but loved his mother.

He proved them all wrong just a year after taking the oath and accepting the crown. Willow had always felt compelled to read about him, his ventures towards the vampire clans, how he ruled, the laws he agreed on, and the punishments he issued towards those who created unspeakable crimes. It made her curious as to how he really looked, it made her want to at least reach the kingdom and meet her even if it was a dream.

Adelaide nodded, back on picking her manicure piece by piece. “Sorry for calling you bad.”

Willow didn’t say anything. Rogues always did have a bad reputation; she could never tell them the opposite. There were more crazy rogues than the peaceful ones in their tribe. She just wished that no one ever assumed that they’re bad people just because of their rank in the world. They were members of their clans, packs, or covens at one point.

“Well, the more we spend here is another second for your family to come to the conclusion that I was the one that shot you in the leg.” Grabbing the girl’s arm, she placed it around her shoulder and wrapped her own arms around her back and the back of her knees, carrying her up without breaking a sweat. “I’ll bring you back to King Silas’ kingdom, Adelaide. You just have to point me in the direction where we won’t be seen.”

Adelaide agreed. “It’s weird to hear someone call me by my name without ‘Princess’ in it. The only person that did that is Uncle Silas.”

Uncle?” She questioned, her curiosity piqued. The history books never talked about him and King Adrik or Queen Sasha being related to King Silas.

“Oh, Uncle Silas isn’t really my uncle,” the Princess explained. “He and papa are best friends. He’s my godfather. We’re actually here because he’s having his birthday in a month and since papa and mama wanted to spend some time with him, we went, before all the other snobby royals came.”

Snobby royals. Willow’s lips curled. She was beginning to like the girl.


It has been about four hours. Even with her speed, the way towards the far west kingdom where King Silas lived was taxing. Her exhaustion was seeping through her but she controlled it, knowing that if she forced the princess to walk, her leg wouldn’t heal as fast as it should. Thankfully, Adelaide was talkative and she made sure to entertain her as much as she could.

The thirteen-year-old was witty and pretty funny. It only took her about an hour and a half before she made Willow laugh and participate in a banter with her. The two got along well. They talked as if they were long lost friends. It didn’t matter that she was thirteen and Willow was nineteen. Their age, their ranking, or their kind didn’t bother them.

Willow had told her about her life as a rogue, making sure to leave out that she had a pack to go back to or her past. Adelaide never caught on to the secrets she held and changed the subject fast by asking if she could just shift and ride her like she was human and Willow was a horse. Her wolf shook her head at the suggestion, not wanting to participate in such childish action.

When Adelaide was sure that she would not budge, they began talking about what she was educated on. The werewolf just scoffed at the lessons that she was given. Sure, the lessons were fit for a princess, an heiress, but Willow could never get over the fact that she was not taught how to defend herself.

She was a princess, for the Moon Goddess’s sake! She needed to be taught how to protect herself if she faced another danger.

By the fifth hour, they finally arrived in the kingdom. Willow reveled in taking in the huge castle in front of her. The brick walls were white and the roofs were painted with navy blue—the kingdom’s signature color. It was quite beautiful and it was definitely surrounded by hundreds of guards who wore navy blue uniforms with medals pinned.

“Put your hands up, werewolf!” One of the guards had yelled, each one of them pointing their guns straight at her.

She took a whiff of the air, noticing that they were all vampires and they all had silver bullets. Nevertheless, she did not comply. “If I put my hands up, I drop the princess and then, you’ll be shot because she’s still injured, you donut.”

The Princess laughed.

Willow just glared at her. “You want to help me out here? Maybe ask the guards to drop their guns?”

“Sorry,” she shook her head. “You’re all alone in this one.”

With a roll of her eyes, she countered with, “I’ll throw your ass up in the sky, you’ll be the one that’s alone.”

“At least, I’ll be flying like a fairy.”

“No, you’ll be a bird squawking all over the place. Don’t embarrass fairies by saying you’ll be like them. They’re prettier than you.”

She gasped, hitting her shoulder with all her might. It was only a playful slap from what Willow felt. “I am the fairest of them all!”

“Correction: you’re the palest of them all,” she retorted, looking back at her injured leg and smelled that there was no more blood dripping at her wound. “Can I drop you now, kid? It really just feels like you want witnesses to attest that you got carried by a werewolf.”

“I asked for a ride from your wolf, not you in your human form,” she scoffed. “I mean, we’re already here but can I still request—”


“Damn it!”

“Your parents would definitely be proud of your sailor mouth.”

The guards were terribly confused as they stared at the scene in front of them. The disbelief that a rogue werewolf and a Princess vampire were talking as if they had known each other all their lives.

Adelaide looked like she was about to protest and beg when the huge blue-colored doors were opened. The couple that came out were wearing a pale green dress and suit. Their eyes landed on Adelaide, relief washing over their faces, and shock coming through the second that they glanced up towards the werewolf that carried her.

From the scent alone, Willow knew that the woman who looked too much like her was a werewolf too.

The King and Queen of all vampire kings and queens of Russia had their jaws open.

“Na-Nadia?” Sasha Petrov had stuttered.


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